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  1. Have gen 3 proto hybrids. Looking for weights for them.
  2. Would prefer a callaway tip but must not be overly tipped or too short. Let me know what you've got!
  3. I think your point about pace of play is spot on. I've noticed that in my more recent trips, pace of play has slowed significantly. I remember rangers out there in the early days making sure you were on pace of play. Not so much at the moment. If you can't play in under four hours, you should be asked to leave the course.
  4. That's interesting. So difference between Ping and Titleist is 2 swing weights. Always weigh with the adapter on!
  5. Looking for adapter weights of PIng g410/425 driver/fairway and Titleist TSI3 adapters. I am trying to do the math of swing weights before I change shafts. FWIW, the callaway is 8 grams. Thanks!
  6. I am switching out my hybrids. - PING g400 22* hybrid with VA Composites Raijin 84 Hybrid shaft. Stiffness is "FOUR (stiff)". Plays 39.75" long. Built by club champion. This is used but I take care of my clubs. $old - PING g410 17* hybrid with Alta CB 70 stiff shaft. Used but in very good condition. Only used a few rounds and practice. plays 40.75" $old - Shafts for the 17* hybrid ---- VA Composites Raijin 84 Hybrid shaft. Plays 40.75". Has ping hybrid adapter $old If you want a certain combo - ping me. Discount for the whole lot.
  7. Must be minimum 44” shaft length with no tipping. Needs to okay 45”.
  8. Few comments on this. I hate to say this because sometime when you show up with PXG in our bag on the first tee, people think you are an a**hole. 1) PXG does the best demo day / fitting in the business. They have all the shafts ready for you. The guys are knowledgable without being pushy. You hit a TM or PING deal and they have about 1/3 the line ready for you with many of the shafts NOT interchangeable. 2) The PROTO HYBRID is insane. I hit a pxg day and walked away with one. Maybe the best club that I've hit from any manufacturer these past two seasons. I've tried al
  9. That is the most corporate bullsh** response from Club Champion that I’ve ever heard. I own a consumer products company and my response would have been a direct message with my phone number asking me to call me so I can make it more than right vs a bullxxxx “consumer you are wrong” answer. @Club Champion you can do so much better than that. original poster - I would cancel your order right now and take your specs directly to ping. I would tel them what club champion told you and ask them to help. You will get so much better service from ping (who has the ceo building cl
  10. Hi - I am diving deep into hybrids to round out my bag. Can someone help me compare and contrast the following shafts? note: I really like two of these and trying to understand why. Hoping to understand what they have in common and why they are different. - KBS proto hybrid 85 - VA Raijin 84 - Graphite Design Hybrid DI 85 I would love to see the ei profiles of these to understand what the differences are. I own all 3 and really love two of them but trying to understand what appeals to me and why. Thanks!
  11. Welcome - cleaning out the closet. If you like something, ping me. Ping G400 3 wood (14.5*) head; head only, well worn with one small mark on top of head. $old Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero 9* head; really good condition (like new). $old Project X Evenflow Black Driver Shaft 6.0 Stiff, 75g: stock take off from Ping g410 driver. plays 45.5" with ping g410 tip (included), tour velvet grip, $75 shipped Aldila Rogue White MSI 130 3 wood shaft 70 S: stock take off from Ping g410 3 wood. plays 43" with ping g410 tip (included) , tour velvet full cord grip, $105 shipped
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