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  1. Selling my beloved driving iron. I found a new girlfriend. Split the fairways with this puppy. VDR grip. Used 1 year. $130 plus shipping.
  2. Barely hit Mitsubishi Diamana BF 70 3 wood shaft Play 43" - STIFF flexPlayed for 4 monthsHas PING G tip installedMint - grip is pretty newAm original order, was purchased at Club ChampionPaid $400. Will take $175
  3. I currently have a Ping g400 4 hybrid with a VA Raijin shaft at 39.75"(total length). The shaft is tipped at .5" per a clubfitters recommendation after fitting. I just received a Ping g410 2 hybrid. I want it to match the playing characteristics of the 4 hybrid. I also want it to play at 40.5". The problem is that the g410 has an adjustable hosel that is 1" long (I think). My question for the club fitters: with the 1" adapter and the 3/4" increase in length, what should I tip the shaft at?
  4. So the current list of registered GOLFWRX'ers is: [email protected] (me) @TW13 @Bragger84 @GQ0208 @bdt Is this all so far?
  5. TW13 - we are not playing Sheep Ranch on Monday but would love to have you at 7am on Sunday when we are playing it. I am worried about our itinerary leading up to Solstice. Saturday: Pac Dunes (warm up) Sunday: Sheep Ranch AM / Trails PM / Ban Dunes Late PM (we will either play 45 or 54 depending how we feel) Monday: Old Mac mid day (this is our recovery day) Tuesday: Solstice plus ??? I feel good about fitness level. Monday will give me time to sleep in and take it easy after Sunday which will be a big day. I've been playing 27/36 a day for the past 10 days so I feel confident the walking won
  6. Hey all - trying to get a roll call going for Solstice next week. First, we have some bad news. Jarrod (bragger84) can't make it because of the border closure, which really sucks. Who is going to be there? Also, I am going to start posting some tips and tricks learned and put them in this thread. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Punchbowl on the 22nd. Last, does anyone know when we find out who is rounding out our foursome and routing of courses?
  7. TW13 - love the questions. Here is what I've decided to do under the idea of an idea that most wouldn't think of. It might be random but wanted to share. I personally struggle when caddies double bag since I am typically a faster golfer than the caddie. And my partner is crooked off the tee. I hate having all of my stuff in my bag on my caddies shoulder and having the caddie helping my playing partner and me waiting. Also, I really hate loading down my bag for a caddie. He shouldn't have to carry a dozen balls, a bunch of food, my flask, my speaker and lots of stuff. So I came up with havi
  8. I want to know how the drive went. I would love to drive from Alabama to Bandon. Would be beautiful.
  9. We are headed up in two weeks for solstice. 18 on Saturday, 54 on Sunday, 18 on Monday, 72 on Tuesday (plus preserve!). You got really lucky on weather. A couple of questions: 1) Was the halfway houses open? 2) What caddies did you have? Any suggestions? You are are similar players and similar ages And we both suffer from the AAI. Looking for fun caddies who are really funny but also good players. 3) Why were PacDunes greens so bad? Did you find out?
  10. Paderson Ballistic KG70-D30 (driver) - Stiff Shaft (D30 for 100-107 swing speeds) - 45.5" playing length - Callaway Epic tip - Golf Pride VDR grip - Bought new myself - $175 ($275 new): OR BEST OFFER - 9.5/10 condition (super clean)
  11. IamRyanFrank - itin looks good. But on the 7th you should go for 18. And then play Preserve as a third round on the 8th or 9th. You can tee off at 8pm on Preserve and still finish before dark. Sheep ranch in the pm is going to be WINDY. Maybe flip SR and Trails?
  12. Plus flying private is so much shorter and efficient. No check in. No circling. Just in and out. It my preferred way to fly to Bandon.
  13. The benefit of flying into north bend is that you can play the same day you arrive without the hassle of the POS united puddle jumper getting cancelled into north bend. Call Terra at Aviation Transportation and she will transport you to Bandon Dunes plus do a shopping list for you on the way. You will have beers on the shuttle. The drive is a PAIN in the butt from Portland.
  14. All shafts ready to go. PM for more details. All prices exclude shipping. Diamana BF70 shaft from Mitsubishi (3 wood) - Stiff Shaft - 43" long (playing length) - Ping G Tip - Golf Pride VDR grip - Bought new from Club Champion - $250 or best offer ($400 new) - 9/10 condition Paderson Ballistic KG70-D30 (driver) - Stiff Shaft - 45.5" playing length - Callaway Epic tip - Golf Pride VDR grip - Bought new myself - $175 ($275 new) - 9/10 condition Fujikura Speeder Pro XLRD 63G (driver) - X Stiff - 44.5" playing length - Callaway Epic Tip - Golf Pride Grip - 8/10 condition (bought used) just
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