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  1. Hi all - looking for a set of iron pulls - either KBS $ Taper or Modus 105. Thanks
  2. Very clean looking - barely used. 9.5/10 $150 obo. IMG_0336 (1).HEIC IMG_0337 (1).HEIC IMG_0338 (1).HEIC IMG_0339 (1).HEIC
  3. Callaway Epic Flash 3W 15* HZDRS Smoke Shaft 6.0 Stiff (stock) MCC Align Grip This is in great shape. No scratches other than what you see on sole. $SOLD Callaway GBB Epic 9* Head This is super minty. Slight wear on sole. $SOLD
  4. Do you mean favorite courses at Bandon? And favorite holes #1 through #18 at Bandon? Funny, Bob and I just spent an hour of the phone ranking our favorite First hole, second hole, by course. We should have recorded it.
  5. 36 a day at Bandon is easy for multiple days, even without a caddy. You are so excited by good golf, the scenery and the experience that you forget you are walking. Personally, I think it is a waste to go to bandon and not play at least 36 a day. The most walkable courses in the US. As for caddies. No one mentioned the experience of having a caddie. A caddie is part comic, part historian, part tour guide, part shrink. They are part of the bandon experience. Carrying a bag is only 20% of what they do and how they add to your experience. We always have at least one cadd
  6. We kept score. 72 hole birdie pool. Might do stableford quota this year. Or 2 on 2 match play for 72 holes with auto presses. Imagine each 9, each 18, 36 and 72. That 14 ways without auto presses. You can do whatever you want on tees. I plan on not going for 90 this year and play the tips. Yes, paired up according to survey.
  7. @lefty_89 Give us some show ideas! We are thinking about auctioning off our 4th slot for charity or do a big break like competition for the 4th spot
  8. The ceremonies were pretty low key due to Covid. Had the punchbowl putter gathering but most people stayed distant and wore masks. The dinner didn't happen because of covid.
  9. I think every group is different. The staff just said to keep moving. We routinely had balls going everywhere all the time. But we played probably in top 10% of speed. Quick story - we teed off Old Mac first. We played with two guys we kind of knew but had never played golf before with. My playing partner took off like a jack rabbit and set the pace. The two other guys had the "holy sh*t, what did we get into?" look on their faces. In our group, people putted when ready and hit when ready. Again, we were moving, playing Old Mac in 2:30. I remember several times when people were al
  10. Trying to understand if a shaft could work for two heads. I just got fitted and really loved the new TSI3 from Titleist. But I already have a ping g410lst head. I was thinking of getting new shaft fitted to Ping and then waiting until I could get a tsi3. Was wondering if the adapters added the same to the playing length of the club or if one was longer than the other. Thanks!
  11. We are in again. Had a twosome in 2020. Now we have a foursome. We played 90 in 2020, completed the sheep ranch in the dark. 37miles total and I carried my own bag for most of it. It wasn't that bad. My best advice for anyone is to just play a a few times a week before the event carrying your own bag. I remember that a couple of weeks before I went out late and played 36 in 4:30 carrying my bag. That stuff helps you the most for solstice. Commit to 10-15k steps a day for a few months before the event. Just walk, walk, and walk. But the big surprise is pac
  12. Almost new condition. $175 shipped obo. IMG_0339.HEIC IMG_0338.HEIC IMG_0337.HEIC IMG_0335.HEIC IMG_0336.HEIC
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