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  1. 255, 290, and 335 grams with a 45" shaft length. Find some cheap used but stable stiff golf shafts and use a combination of metal or lead washers and shaft epoxy to get to the weight you need
  2. The higher the loft the more likely you will get a "glancing blow" from less than perfect contact. It's worth a try, but hitting a 68° wedge requires precision and a very confident swing. So when you do start practicing it, just remember you cannot be timid with it.
  3. Nice post. There are so many factors that go into some of the better GI irons these days, if someone just looks at one number then they are missing the big picture.
  4. I got mine at TPC Scottsdale while playing golf with and entertaining business clients. The owner of the company I was working for at the time told me to go with the tradition of buying everyone in the bar a drink and to put it on my expense account. My hole-in-one ended up costing my company over $700 just for the drinks.
  5. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I know it is not the end of the world, and I know there are people in a lot worse shape than I am. So I am very thankful that the long-term outlook looks positive. My boredom level right now is just through the roof due to all of the other restrictions. My next hurdle is to be released to physical therapy. Then the therapist will make a determination after some therapy sessions as to how stable my spine is after the infection and surgery. If it is stable enough I will be slowly working my way back to the course, and if it is not stable enough, then I may
  6. They still do not know how I got it. Usually it stems from a traumatic injury, but I don't recall anything like that occurring around the time it started. I am lucky I finally found the right doctor and surgeon, because it was misdiagnosed and treated wrongly by several other doctors before I found one that knew what was going on. I live in Phoenix so we have golf year round. I think right now everything is just compounded, because I have so many "limitations" during this first phase of recovery that it seems like I am not allowed do anything at all. The boredom is becoming overwhe
  7. I have not played golf since the middle of May due to a bone infection in my spine. I ended up having to have a laminectomy along with other treatments and my surgeon is saying no full swings until at least March. As someone who normally plays 2-3 times a week, not being able to play is really getting to me.. At this point I would be happy with the surgeon releasing me to do short game work. Right now I am not even allowed to putt on the putting green in my back yard. In my younger days I might have tried to do more than "allowed", but now I am listening to the surgeon because I don't want to
  8. The casual approach is not related specifically to golf....look at the business world. A lot of office jobs and even sales jobs required a coat and jacket 20-30 years ago. A lot of those positions now are business casual dress. In general our society has become more relaxed when it comes to the rules of dressing, so if golf did not adapt it risked getting left behind. Individuality is very important to the younger generation. Personally I don't have a problem with the more casual approach to golf as long as people are considerate and still show respect for each other......These ar
  9. If they test anywhere near the performance of the big name brands they could make a pretty big wave in wedge sales. the last 5 wedges I have purchased(PING Glide 3.0 and Callaway PM Grind 19) were all $159 each.....Look at what the KS1 Signature putter has done at $149. At $159 for 3 wedges they could be a big hit if they get a couple of positive Youtube personality reviews.
  10. I am sure Titleist has their engineers cutting them apart right now to see if they can file some more lawsuits.
  11. Depending on your budget, the Oban Tour Limited, Kiyoshi Purple and Kiyoshi Gold shafts can be found pre-owned for under $200 now. The Oban Tour Limited has an amazing feel and kick to it. If you need low spin and use a driver with weighting similar to the SLDR or Sub Zeros, go with the Tour Limited. If you use something more like a PING GMax then you may want to look at the others. I have still yet to find a more accurate shaft for me then the Tour Limited. If you need a little more launch and a touch more spin, then go with the Oban Kyoshi Gold. If you use
  12. It is really all dependent on what shaft you are talking about. But there are some high end shafts can show significant benefits for moderate and lower SS players. The Oban Kiyoshi Purple can be a great shaft for slow to moderate SS players and for high SS players with a negative AoA. The Oban Tour Limited shaft is an amazing and accurate shaft for moderate and high SS players. Swings are so different from person to person, what could be optimal for one person may not work for another. High end aftermarket shafts vs stock shafts is all about whether or not it is the right fit for
  13. I would have preferred the TS grind but since it was not available on the 56° I went with the SS grind trying to get away from the "high toe" design(because with the PM Grind I found myself trying the difficult shots even when they were not necessary). But after a couple of months I switched to the Eye2 because I just get better results with less bounce. My 60° is the TS grind and I love it.
  14. Trial and error, but in general leaving it out to the right may indicate that the ball is too far back in your stance.
  15. If you e-mail PING directly or submit a repair request online they will usually give you a quote.
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