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  1. The P770s are slightly weaker lofts than your i210s w/ power spec lofts, but not enough to make them 1-1 1/2 clubs shorter based on loft alone. Maybe the P770s are spinning more for you causing a loss in distance? Is there anywhere you can go locally to check your spin and launch numbers?
  2. This ^^^^. Plus PXG is Parson's brainchild/passion and he has said it was never about making massive profits. They also do not spend what some of the other OEMs spend on endorsement deals, and they do not answer to Wall Street investors. There are a lot of reasons now that they have an established manufacturing process that they can offer clubs at a lower price.
  3. My buddy plays them and I played his wedges for 18 holes As a point of reference and comparison I play either Ping 3.0 or PM Grind Mack Daddy wedges depending on the course. If you do not try to hit hop and stop shots from close to the green, then the CG One will probably fine. when you hit them crisp they will still check up a bit, it is just harder to get that hop and stop action from close to the green, especially compared to the wedges in my bag. But on the fairly firm desert greens here in Phoenix I can still use his CG One 56 and throw a 15-30 yard chip 80-85% to the hole and it will ch
  4. For me the 811x is a little bit less spin. Personally I like the feel and sound of the 0811x better too, but the 0211 is still a great driver, and for the price it is hard to beat.
  5. Congrats on the new irons. "Feel" is so subjective, but now days almost OEM makes at least 1 club with a very soft feel/sound. And in the same regard even Mizuno has some clubs that don't have that soft feel(think MMC).
  6. 1Mordrid1

    GI Irons

    You could get the PXG 0211 DC 5-GW for $623 + tax brand new.
  7. To me it's not a question of whether you need one or not. It is a question of can you hit one well with any kind of consistency. If someone shanks/tops/duffs and hits more 3 woods out of play than they hit solid shots with it, then they do not "need" a 3 wood. Now I know there are some weekend hackers that this could be said about every club in their bag, those are not the people I am referencing.
  8. I used to update my bag just about every year, and sometimes even twice a year for the "latest and greatest". But several times in the past I had clubs that I was playing really well with at the time, and each time I ended up buying something new and shiny. After the equipment changes my overall game and consistency took a big step backwards, and it took some time and more equipment changes to get it back. This does not mean I would not make equipment changes now or in the future, it just means that after learning from those experiences I will be much more selective with any equip
  9. I don't carry a "desert" club any more, but I also don't play forged irons anymore. During league and tournament play I just hit it as it lies and take my medicine. During practice rounds if my ball is in a very rocky lie then I may clear the rocks and pebbles from the area before I play the shot. One reason I have quit playing forged irons and wedges is that the conditions here in Phoenix just beat up your clubs too much if they are soft forgings. Hitting off of a hardpan desert lie with tiny pebbles might scratch the sole or put a small chip on the leading edge of a solid cast cl
  10. Ever heard of a patent? They can cut and analyze another manufacturers club all they want but if the technology is protected as patented or proprietary they cannot duplicate certain aspects.
  11. both look sweet but I am always function over form for my clubs........so I say whichever you shoot more consistent with.
  12. Epic Flash driver is the oldest in my bag now. The last "forever" club before that was the nike sumo squared hybrids that were in my bag from release until summer of 2019 when the PXG hybrids nocked them out.
  13. That "ball lab" is a huge joke and waste of time IMO. Especially since in none of their "lab" tests do they quantify their findings with any type of real world performance differences(they do have their theoretical hypothesis on how some of the imperfections may affect a ball, but once again it is not backed by real world results). So essentially they are just a self appointed quality control lab that assigned their own parameters for what is and isn't a "quality" golf ball. So the real question to ask about their "ball lab" is that without any real world performance data do they really have
  14. As someone else already mentioned, people are not carrying 4 wedges that cover only 8° of loft. Most people carry wedges with between 4° and 6° of loft difference between them. With new technology a lot of irons are longer, and sometimes carrying 4 wedges is simply about proper gapping to get to your more versatile wedges. Plus you just contradicted your own original justification of only using one wedge because that is what Jack did. Yes Jack used a driver that was much smaller than todays drivers because that is all they had available to them. And they used steel shafts because t
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