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  1. I have two $50 Adidas gift cards. They don't have shorts in my size, and the pants are too tight for my liking. Selling the cards for SOLD.
  2. I feel like Stitch is ever so slightly larger than Peter Millar. In the golf shirts, maybe only the sleeves are a little longer. In the quarter zip, these sleeves are definitely longer than PM but everything else fits comparably. I haven't worn any FJ quarter zips, but the Stitch shirts are definitely smaller than FJ.
  3. Stitch Golf Speedster stripe quarter zip pullover. Medium, Black. New with tags. Asking $60 shipped to Con US.
  4. Why pay the $105 upcharge for graphite if you're just gonna pull them and install Padersons? Is it b/c you can sell graphite for a bigger profit than steel? Then you should factor that in. Also, I let CC talk me into Paderson shafts ~3 years ago. The numbers may be better, but I question whether they're SO much better to warrant another $580. I'd compare the numbers on the Padersons to some of the stock Callaway offerings and see if it's worth the extra money. And, Paderson's website says their shafts don't need to be pured, just installed logo down. Maybe they pure before they paint?
  5. I think the OP is right about a groove rule controversy about a decade ago - when the USGA issued the current groove rule that was initially only applicable to pros and elite amateurs. Some of the pros reasoned that, because of the settlement between Ping and the PGA Tour in the 90s, the original Eye2 grooves would be grandfathered in and always legal, so they could use the Eye2 wedges to get around the new groove rule. I don't remember exactly how, but it was squashed pretty quickly and not much ever came of it.
  6. Ah, you're right. I read that the 2nd shot was lost so S&D was necessary.
  7. Sounds to me like they played it right but counted it wrong, and the applicable rule is 17.2b. First shot in the penalty area, 2nd shot lost, 2 penalty strokes to get out of the penalty area, then hitting 5th shot
  8. Same as the rule on deflating the football if you're playing in January in Boston. Some say it's cheating. Some say if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.
  9. Wait, are you saying that replay is available on the line? Like instantaneously on the line?
  10. My first travel bag was a hard case. Used it twice. First time, one of the clips that keep the case closed came back broken (there were 3). Got that one fixed, and the 2nd time, another one was broken. Sheared completely off the case and couldn't be repaired. Got a Club Glove after that (in 2012). Zero issues since then. I just wrap a towel around the clubheads and unscrew the driver head.
  11. I wouldn't necessarily call an 80s shooter a mid-capper. They're probably better than 90% of the golfers out there. That said, nothing wrong with an 80s shooter playing a ProV1. I think the distance you get from a tour quality ball these days is probably only marginally less than a non-urethane ball. And the benefit from added spin around the greens more than offsets any loss of distance off the tee. The only question becomes do you want to pay for the tour ball over the non-tour.
  12. I was able to put a SL2 Americana and a headcover in my cart and get the 40% off discount. But I use the push cart and rarely carry, so the Vessel does suit my needs better.
  13. I kinda wish I hadn't just bought a Vessel - this would've swayed me to Stitch!
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