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  1. Ah, you're right. I read that the 2nd shot was lost so S&D was necessary.
  2. Sounds to me like they played it right but counted it wrong, and the applicable rule is 17.2b. First shot in the penalty area, 2nd shot lost, 2 penalty strokes to get out of the penalty area, then hitting 5th shot
  3. Same as the rule on deflating the football if you're playing in January in Boston. Some say it's cheating. Some say if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.
  4. Wait, are you saying that replay is available on the line? Like instantaneously on the line?
  5. My first travel bag was a hard case. Used it twice. First time, one of the clips that keep the case closed came back broken (there were 3). Got that one fixed, and the 2nd time, another one was broken. Sheared completely off the case and couldn't be repaired. Got a Club Glove after that (in 2012). Zero issues since then. I just wrap a towel around the clubheads and unscrew the driver head.
  6. I wouldn't necessarily call an 80s shooter a mid-capper. They're probably better than 90% of the golfers out there. That said, nothing wrong with an 80s shooter playing a ProV1. I think the distance you get from a tour quality ball these days is probably only marginally less than a non-urethane ball. And the benefit from added spin around the greens more than offsets any loss of distance off the tee. The only question becomes do you want to pay for the tour ball over the non-tour.
  7. I was able to put a SL2 Americana and a headcover in my cart and get the 40% off discount. But I use the push cart and rarely carry, so the Vessel does suit my needs better.
  8. I kinda wish I hadn't just bought a Vessel - this would've swayed me to Stitch!
  9. Where were you 2 weeks ago when I bought the 8*? haha. I'll try this in low/upright this weekend if no one buys it before then.
  10. SIM2 9* driver head only. I played it for 2 months - probably 10 rounds. I hit it too high. Tried lofting down a notch, but I lose it right. SOLD
  11. If you put all your weight on it, it's a bonehead move. But I'll often step on the clubhead with just enough pressure to get the grip off the ground, then I can get the head of the putter under the grip and pick it up that way. No dents in the green that I've ever seen.
  12. Ugh, FiNe! I still lump them and ebay together and consider them to have taken enough from us over the years. But you're right
  13. Can you do this and then both cancel the sale and return the funds after the items arrive? Or would paypal keep the fees even if you cancel?
  14. I always check the UPS and FedEx rates when shipping ebay items. 9 times outta 10, one of them is cheaper or within $1 of the USPS price. I've also found, if I open an investigation with USPS for an item that hasn't moved in a while, it either moves or is delivered the next day.
  15. Because you're not seeking free relief from the tree
  16. At the risk of putting words in their mouths, I read their replies as they don't think it would be unreasonable to try and bank the ball off the tree, and in that case, you'd get cartpath relief. But you said you wouldn't try that - you would take unplayable lie relief. In that case, you don't get cartpath relief. I think what fairway14 was saying is, once you've determined that banking it off the tree is a reasonable option, you don't have to consider whether unplayable is the better option.
  17. Yes. You said in the 5th post if the cartpath wasn't there, you'd take an unplayable. You'd only try to bank it off the tree if forced to try and hit it.
  18. I had the same results with a similar swing speed. I think the cord flopping around forced me to slow down my swing, so they recommended DGR300 shafts. I think it can be a useful tool as a starting point, but nowadays, I wouldn't get new shafts without seeing them on a launch monitor and/or outside first.
  19. SIM 2 9 deg driver with Aldila XTorsion Copper 60 stiff shaft. Shaft measures 43 7/8" uninstalled. Plays right at or just under 45". Club is 2 months old. Asking $425 shipped to continental US. Willing to separate. $350 shipped for head. $50 shipped for shaft. Will also trade for an 8 deg SIM 2 in similar condition.
  20. Maybe they didn't have time to make him a custom sized hat because he took so long to decide whether to play for Ireland or UK (or to play at all).
  21. Well obviously if I didn't see a rules violation, I can't enforce it. But that's not what happened here. In this case, the rule violation was noticed. Under the honor system, the guy who intended to cheat and gain an unfair advantage gets no penalty. I think the reason there's no attempt to add intent into this rule is that it's so easy to not violate it, you almost have to assume someone who does violate it intended to do so.
  22. How do you differentiate between the guy who accidentally had an extra club and the guy who intended to break the rules? Both of them will tell you it was an accident.
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