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  1. Got fitted for a new driver. Landed on the TSi3. Should’ve paid the up-charge for this shaft, but didn’t. So, naturally, I’m now having regrets. Looking for standard length for this one. Anyone looking to unload one from their setup/collection? Let me know. Thanks!
  2. What are the odds this pops up today after I just ripped $150 on a new CBX2 50* last night. GLWS!
  3. Let’s hear it. Your opinions on what the best fairway woods of 2020 are and why? What was your experience? What differs one from another in your opinion? Go!
  4. Loving all of the discussion. Getting cabin fever not being able to go out and do much. Itching to get to a fitter and test some clubs. Keep it coming!
  5. I can’t wait for this shutdown to be over. Doesn’t seem to be anytime soon here in NY but I want to get to the local shop to test some of these out!
  6. I may go this route. I’ve just done some research on them and everyone raves about them. Can’t beat that price tag either...
  7. Been kicking the tires on getting a driving iron for a while now. In your opinion, which do you think is the best and why? Which is your favorite?
  8. These are PERFECT. Wish that I could find an excuse to buy. GLWS!
  9. First up: Mizuno MP-54 iron set 4-PW. Mizuno standard L/L/L. DG S300 shafts. Golf Pride NDMC Midsize grips with some life left, though could be replaced soon. Normal bag chatter but overall very nice shape. There is a rock mark on the bottom of the 5 iron. Cannot be seen at address and does not effect play. Price is $old shipped CONUS OBO. Please add $5 for shipping west of Mississippi. Next is a set of game improvement irons.. Callaway XR 5-AW. Great for anyone that needs extra distance. Stock True Temper Speedstep 80 shafts in stiff flex. Like-new Golf Pride NDMC +4 midsize grips +2 wraps. P
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