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  1. Greenwood CC is public. I grew up playing there. I'm not too familiar with Greenville public courses, so i don't have any contribution on that. Sorry!
  2. Stoney Point is a good option that's generally well kept, but the layout is funky imo. Greenwood Country Club is in good condition sometimes, but the layout is so much better. I'm admittedly biased though. If you're going to be able to get a full round in, Grand Harbour is probably the best option locally.
  3. I’m fairly new to the area in Clayton . Played Brasstown Valley a few weeks ago and enjoyed the views, but the greens were pretty bad. I’d be interested in a private membership if y’all know any clubs that do super executive membership options. I talked with Waterfall and the initiation was wayyy outside of my 22 year old budget unfortunately
  4. Beautiful stick here! Does anyone happen to know the story about the Allendale name? There's a small town in South Carolina of the same name and I'm wondering if that's pure coincidence.
  5. PM sent on the 6.5 X. Trying to get my flight from ballooning so badly
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