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  1. Those look similar to the ones I raved about. On the tag mine say 90% poly but those say 100% poly
  2. Sounds like youre on the verge of a great fitting. Be patient and get it right. I also don't believe PX is unavailable
  3. It's close between my putter and driver. They've both actually appreciated in value Cmon man your wife doesn't need carbon brakes! haha
  4. Ok so I did that, the problem is the CPM you have and the CPM S3 have are different. Longer clamp? Yours is 336 and theirs is 348. 12 CPM different. Just to see what popped out I used their 6 iron AMT CPM (338) and added 12 to your wedge CPM to get 370. That's probably the wrong way to adjust for a longer clamp but I did it anyway
  5. Poolparty

    2020 US Open

    I didn't see it. Thanks! I also thought it was Hatton
  6. Poolparty

    2020 US Open

    No one knows who that is? Cmon guys need help
  7. Can we do some algebra to get it? We know the CPM of the AMT wedge shaft and 6 iron right?
  8. Yeah I've been thinking something similar. A 1 iron shaft either a x100 AMT or DG 105 in my 3 hybrid. I've stuck out figuring if it will be too stiff or heavy. I have some data but I haven't figured out how to extrapolate it to the 1-iron. @Howard_Jones Do you have the CPM of a x100 amt 1-iron shaft in those spreadsheets?
  9. What are you guys using to film your swing? I saw Rickie had a little phone holder that he clipped to the grip of a shaft stuck in the ground. Looked to work well but I have no idea what to search for that. I was thinking maybe a tripod I could attach to my bag somehow. I'm sure someone here knows what I should do
  10. Poolparty

    2020 US Open

    Anyone know who this is?
  11. Best I've ever hit are Mizuno mp 37
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