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  1. I had my order cancelled and refunded for my victory tour nrgs. Then 3 weeks later the shoes showed up. I like free things.
  2. FedEx has recently updated their ground service tracking system. That's why the last 2 weeks have been hell. I had a package hit my local fed ex last Wednesday, I rerouted it to FedEx office last Friday due to signature and me not wanting to take a week or more off to be there to sign for it. It arrived at fed ex office on Wednesday and sat there. I went Thursday and they said it wasn't there, I went back today and spoke with someone else and low and behold it was there. If it's something important I might try to reroute it to a FedEx office and when it says tendered at FedEx office it's there, even though delivery will say pending.
  3. You'll get em. Tgw types in an order, sends to Titleist. They're done. Tgw probably gets a monthly / quarterly bill and does the math then.
  4. Looks like they switched the driver back to full price but the fairways still available. Get on it fellas!
  5. Unless something wild happens, everyone who ordered the Sim Hybrid last year got it with the shaft they ordered. Wait your time it'll show.
  6. Did I miss these being posted before? I like them, I'm not sure why I buy I do .looks like a promo only on the bay?
  7. You could have just answered his question instead of being condescending. Helps the community a little more. There's 68 pages in this thread. The search function is less than friendly on mobile.
  8. Either I'm becoming a baby or my feet are getting fatter as my body gets skinnier. My crimson ZIT wide boas used to be my favorite shoe but they seem to be squeezing my toes. Same with the tour premieres, they're getting smaller or something. I tossed on a pair of lunar control vapor 2 and my react vapors and they seemed to not suffocate my feet. What's wide out there right now? Are the victory tour 2s in wide roomy? The 2021 zit in wide get any wider?
  9. What is up with the lack of Classic 99 hats EVERYWHERE. Dicks, Carl's, nike, tgw etc etc. No classic 99 hats unless I want the concord or black? I want a dang white classic 99. I'll buy 4 of em right now. Did they fall into the sea in a shipping container?
  10. If you're in their top 50 customers they send you a gift card around Christmas. Ask me how I know.
  11. They're the best. Best golf shop in the Midwest. They were the first range in america with trackman for the public.
  12. I don't believe the integrity would be deminished at all. .02 vs .015 isn't gonna make a difference in the strength of a shaft. That's a scratch essentially
  13. I tried a 7x ventus black in my m5 last year and it was just way too much for me. I was using a gp7x. Went into pro white 70tx Just got a tensei pro white 1k 70tx and it's exactly what I was looking. Id definitely try to swing it!
  14. Just got cancellation email. No big deal as I have enough balls for the next 5 years.
  15. Are you opposed to shipping ups or fedex? If so interested in 3w.
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