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  1. Y'all can have all the low 1's. I'll stick with my cement 3s. Flipped my Concords on here for 275 after release.(cause it ain't about money) be kind to your fellow golfers.
  2. These are gonna tank in price as soon as they release at 176 different retailers.
  3. You may want to get the Maxx. A 12 is a pretty solid golfer, repeatable swing. Your dad will get shovels and love em!
  4. Dig. Or look to the right of your Shopping cart .
  5. Club Cameron and 8 degree stealth. The pressure was too much.
  6. As you can tell by my message board post, I am extremely worked up over such shenanigans. Thank you for making me realize I need to "relax" because I have an opinion on horribly ugly shoes. They do 1 or 2 outlandish packs that end up at Burlington and Marshalls.
  7. Nike has jumped the shark. There have been some ones that are close but wtf is this?
  8. Its a perfect Xmas sweater. It's incredibly thick compared to the sweater that came out this year.
  9. I had my order cancelled and refunded for my victory tour nrgs. Then 3 weeks later the shoes showed up. I like free things.
  10. FedEx has recently updated their ground service tracking system. That's why the last 2 weeks have been hell. I had a package hit my local fed ex last Wednesday, I rerouted it to FedEx office last Friday due to signature and me not wanting to take a week or more off to be there to sign for it. It arrived at fed ex office on Wednesday and sat there. I went Thursday and they said it wasn't there, I went back today and spoke with someone else and low and behold it was there. If it's something important I might try to reroute it to a FedEx office and when it says tendered at FedEx office it's there, even though delivery will say pending.
  11. You'll get em. Tgw types in an order, sends to Titleist. They're done. Tgw probably gets a monthly / quarterly bill and does the math then.
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