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  1. Dick's had a huge honma display for 2019
  2. I've worn my white and crimson at least a dozen times and they're as white as they were on day 1. I actually stepped in about 3 inches of mud next to a water hazard and they are still crispy.
  3. I usually spend thousands on ndc on clothes. I think I bought maybe 2 pants 2 shorts and maybe 1 shirt this year. Rest of the purchases were zoom infinity tours. The apparel was lacking this year. No aeroreact like you said, nothing modern fit. All the special shirts are the nike polo. Yuck.
  4. I got my pair yesterday. They got boxed back up within 30s of trying to put them on. Felt like putting my foot into a neoprene boot that was a size too small. The ankles were crazy tight. I wish I wouldn't have missed the wides, maybe they would have worked.
  5. True to size. I comfortably wear L in everything nike. 5'10 175. I'm able to wear it with a polo and base layer under it and not feel restricted. It's a hard pill to swallow but I feel it's worth it. Not sure about this year's but I can't see it going in the opposite direction.
  6. The nike aeroloft jacket is almost too warm with a base layer on. It's pricey but well worth it imo.
  7. This times 1000. Shoe stretchers make these shoes pre broken in.
  8. Ebay South Korea has lots of wides. I have 2 pairs of wides. One is awesome, the other is like the regular width. I have shoe stretched them all to make sure they don't suffocate my feet. Small price to pay.
  9. The one in the bottom right little picture? When the lcv came out those were the goat shoe. Except for greens keepers
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