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  1. It's pitiful. My sim last year came at c9 in stock form. Hybrid .5 in short came in at d5.
  2. Got the Scotty email and snagged blade cover, pivot and t-shirt. I was shocked but I just pressed buy. Glad I did, wasn't sure it would be limited or not.
  3. So a company who sold 0 clubs by summer of 2015 had an effect on the pricing of clubs in 2016? You don't think TM, ping and Titleist had pricing plans for their new driver more than 6 months prior to release??? How can you believe that?
  4. Do you honestly think the big guys thought hey, this company with probably 3 percent market share is doing something, we should raise prices? Lolol
  5. We could have said the same about the opposites of Rahm. Out of shape golfer in the most hideous clothes adidas ever made. No one thought hey this guy looks great, yet he just got a new apparel deal..
  6. It's fricken sweet. I got one, would buy another.
  7. I'm glad I don't like the infared ZIT. I definitely don't need another pair. Have 3 that I haven't even worn yet. Ugh
  8. Sure does look like an epon 302....
  9. Looks like a B is stamped on the size tag on the tongue. Think a stamp for your hand for reentry into cedar point. That kinda stamp
  10. I love my mp18 mmc.i actually prefer them to the 20. The 20 seems a bit smaller, and obviously different finish. Didn't suit my eyes. I don't think you can go wrong with the mmc straight through or the hmb in long irons. My 5 iron is easy to get up in the air, the mp20mmc 4iron I have doesn't work as well for me.
  11. I would be willing to bet if you emailed Callaway and showed them your setup and pics they would definitely do something for you. That's crazy to me. I've played my share of winter golf and never seen that happen.
  12. Aeroloft jacket was my best cold weather golf purchase outside of the heater.....
  13. I'm pumped for some bright colors. Pinks. Oranges. Woohoo!!!!
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