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  1. Ha crazy I have the exact same cracks in my SIM that start at the speed pocket and work out towards the face. Almost the exact same location. Taylormade is in the process now of sending me a replacement. You might honestly try talking to them on it. Their warranty policy seems to be pretty robust.
  2. Check your AoA too. First time hitting in soft mats like CCE I took a huge hit on carry. On real turf I think I get away with being a bit steep. But I think some turfs just kill steep attacks
  3. I literally went to Home Depot and got their “putting turf” back in the carpet section. Was pretty cheap, and I slapped it right on top of some gym foam. Check my post history for some pics
  4. Does anybody know if Foresight posts any info/release notes on their FW updates anywhere?
  5. Blue Bayou definitely has some very interesting holes
  6. I run mine in 4x3 just fine. I just adjusted the Windows display setting, then run FSX in full screen mode. I didn't mess with the FSX window size settings.
  7. 100% of the cases were the mat moving in the weight shift/transition of the swing. I think the small movement of the ball within the hitting area tells the GC3 to recalibrate the starting position. We started to notice it after awhile and could even tell based on the mat moving if the shot was going to read or not, before they even hit the ball. It makes sense to me, the unit is rightfully sensitive to ball movement. Just need to a bit of adjustment on the turf setup.
  8. Had the first Thursday night sim game tonight. Everything went pretty smoothly. Other guys all were pretty jacked on the accuracy of it. The one thing I will say is if you’re placing the unit on a different surface than the hitting mat you’re on, make sure the matt isn’t moving when you swing. We noticed anytime the matt moved during the swing, the unit wouldn’t read the shot. It makes sense logistically, but easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.
  9. I feel you on this one for sure. Super frustrating when there really isn't too many updates. Especially when you fork over $7k and wait for over a month. My GC3 is supposed to arrive today. I will say as a tip, make sure you sign up for UPS My Choice or the equivalent of what Fedex offers. I got no shipping info from Foresight, but signing up for the UPS My Choice allows me to see anything being shipped to my house. Also, a signature is required on delivery here, so knowing what day it's supposed to arrive is helpful.
  10. TXG just posted a video reviewing the new Titleist RCT balls, and in the second half of the video, they talk about the exact subject of GCQ and how it overestimates carry on low spin shots. Results clearly show that.
  11. Got my software email today too. Went ahead and installed FSX on my machine and ran some test shots. (FYI, you can play around on FSX by pressing spacebar to simulate shots. No Launch Monitor needed.) I bought a $500 used rig off FB that is running an i5-4460(came out in 2014) with a GTX 1060(6GB RAM), and 16GB of RAM. Lol. So pretty low on the FSX required spec list. No liquid cooling or anything. Seemed to handle everything fine and was actually surprised how smooth it ran at 1080p on the projector. I messed around running things like dual screen setup, and played with the FSX graphics modes. I pulled up Resource Monitor and the Windows gaming overlay (Windows Key + G) to kind of monitor resource usage, and didn't really get close to hitting any limits on the GPU or any temps. The one thing I did notice that kind of sputtered was when you pull up the green contour and it drops all the simulated golf balls on the green. It chopped a few frames doing that. But besides that bit, I'm stoked.
  12. Yep. Same boat. Coming up on almost a month now. I see they removed the GC3 from their estimated shipping updates page too. Kind of frustrating.
  13. The fine print on the Bushnell email is interesting in regards to bots: Limit 1 order per customer. Limit 1 unit per order. Available to U.S. located customers and shipping address only. No P.O. boxes. No rainchecks. Bushnell Golf & Vista Outdoor reserve the right to cancel any order at any time. We will cancel any order in which we suspect bot software has been used to automatically checkout or allow a customer an unfair advantage in checkout speed. We may cancel an order before we have accepted it and we may rescind our acceptance and cancel any order, or any portion thereof at our discretion, even after your receipt of an order confirmation or after your credit card has been charged. Any orders cancelled by our staff will be refunded if your card was authorized or charged.
  14. Good luck to all those trying to get in on the next Launch Pro Sale today! May your mouse clicks be swift.
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