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  1. I’ve played in many scramble tournaments and none have ever had a rule requiring the team to use the put that is closest to the hole. My answer is your partner’s shot can be used for the closest to the pin contest even if you used your put. In the unlikely event the tournament actually had a rule that said the team had to use the put in order for it to qualify for the closest to the pin contest, then you would have to use your partner’s ball.
  2. We vacationed at Windsor Hills 3 years in a row. It’s a great property. It is adjacent to Mystic Dunes golf course. We loved the course. I believe that recently there was a lot of construction around the course and the course was not in great shape. Do some research. If the course is back to normal, I highly recommend it. I would also recommend Celebration, Falcon’s Fire, and the Disney courses. All are close to Windsor Hills. You would have to check their rates for the time you will be there.
  3. In their second year, they are no longer rookies!!
  4. Thinking of a golf trip the end of August or early September. 17 courses market themselves as a group. Has anyone been there? Any courses we should definitely play and any we should avoid? Any hotel or restaurants we should consider? Thanks.
  5. Sorry Mr. golfandfishing, but you are wrong. in 1943 32 year old Clarence Stagemyer died after being hit by a ball at a game in Washington. in 1970 14 year old Alan Fish died after being hit by a ball in Dodger stadium in 2018 79 year old Linda Goldbloom died after being hit by a ball in Dodger stadium FYI in 2002 13 year old Brittanie Nichole Cecil died after being hit by a puck during an NHL game in Columbus between the Blue Jackets and the Calgary Flames.
  6. I’m picking 4 people as my foursome plus myself. I am a huge fan of actors so here is my foursome: Minnie DRIVER James WOODS Jeremy IRONS And my childhood friend Manny PUTTER
  7. I turned on the tv 30 minutes ago to watch some of the tournament. Wie is 8 over par yet they have shown more of her shots than any other player. I HATE that. I haven’t seen any shot from any player who was 4, 5, 6 or 7 over par.
  8. In my 15 trips to Scottsdale, I have played approximately 150 rounds. I have NEVER seen a rattlesnake. Have seen coyotes, bobcats, javelinas. The most dangerous thing I have encountered were jumping cholla bushes. I once backed into one while trying to retrieve a $1.00 golf ball. My wife spent 30 minutes with tweezers pulling needles out of my back. Most pain I have ever been in!
  9. No debate. No discussion. It’s Scottsdale/Phoenix. I’ve been going there every October for the last 15 years. The most beautiful courses in the world.
  10. PXG has signed Luke List. FINALLY! I’m going out this afternoon to buy a full set of PXG clubs.
  11. Congratulations. Coincidentally, two days ago I was even par for the front nine at King’s Riding, a Clublink course just north of Toronto. It was the first time I ever shot par for a nine. Probably won’t ever happen again.
  12. Not really weird but unusual. A couple of years ago my wife and I are on the 14th tee at our golf club. It is a par three that runs downhill from the tee and there is a pond in front of the green. My wife asks what club she should hit and I tell her to use her 5 hybrid. She says it’s too much club and says she should hit her 6 hybrid. I say no-she won’t clear the pond with the 6. So she hits the 5 but since she thinks it’s too much club, she slows her downswing. Of course, the ball goes into the pond. I tell her to hit again but take a full swing. Naturally, the ball goes into the hole for a par. Since that time she has made 2 legitimate holes-in-one. She now usually listens to me.
  13. Last week there was a discussion started with the title “Beginner’s Questions”. The poster indicated that he was a new golfer, playing with an old cheap set of clubs. In the post he described is swing speed and carry distances with some of his clubs. Amazingly, his swing speeds and distances exceeded those of most pga tour pros. While other members on this site treated the post as being legitimate and provided the OP with intelligent advice, I responded by expressing my skepticism. Apart from the ridiculous claims of distances and swing speeds, there was something “off” with the style of the OP’s writing. In any event, I went to look today to see if there were new posts on this thread, and the whole thread has disappeared. Does anyone know how this would have happened? while I was writing this post I remembered a similar situation a few months ago. A person had posted that he was a new golfer, and while he was driving the ball over 300 yards, he was wild, and asked for advice about straightening out his drives. As above, several members posted advice while I expressed extreme skepticism about the OP’s claims. Again, when I went to see a few days later if there were any further posts, the entire thread was gone. I am starting to believe both OP’s were the same person.
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