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  1. Yep I read about that too. I'm talking about effective bounce. Just curious if bending it weaker would change how a grind functions through turf. Also seems possible the 2 degree of additional bounce could be much less noticable, given the narrow sole
  2. Def leaning this way. I just need more time with the 60.04 to figure out if its too unforgiving. Figured, bending a 58 to a 60 (with the same grind) would add some bounce and maybe a marginal level of forgiveness without sacrificing the grind I like. Just tryna figure out if this theory is even valid
  3. TL;DR does bending a wedge effect the grind? I realize it will effect bounce, hence why I'm thinking about bending it.
  4. I'm on the look out for a new 60 degree and recently bought a 60.04 L Vokey on the cheap to do some testing. I much prefer the way the ball comes off the face, how it goes through the turf, and the overall confidence it gives me when hitting a flop when compared to my HiToe ATV. Only downside is the bounce might be on the low side for me, as I tend to be steep. My chipping action is pretty simple with relatively minimal wrist action, and I never hit my 60 in a full swing unless I need to. Its more of a specialty club for green side, tight lies, and when I need to stop it quick (min
  5. I still game this shaft and realized I had a second one collecting dust. So this was essentially my backup lol. No need for it, so here it is
  6. For sale is a Tensei Pro Orange 70TX with a Titleist Driver tip. White Golf Pride BCT Cord grip. Measures 43.5 Grip to tip. Untipped. Shaft is in great condition, small scratch on orange band (as seen in photos) which isn't visible at address, hardly visible in any position. Asking SOLD shipped. CONUS only. Feel free to message me with any questions or offers
  7. Definitely pretty foggy. Makes me wonder why they didn't go the Pro and "non-pro" route like they did with the Tensei CK line. Would allow clear distinction between the materials used and easier justification for an upcharge. Maybe the AV Raw is more of a complement to the current Tensei products than a gen 2.
  8. Where is this documented? MCA's website doesn't mention any of these materials for the AV Raw. I feel like it would be well documented if it was used, for marketing sake.
  9. Up for grabs are a couple of MCA bruisers. Both have a Titleist driver adaptor installed. Both grips are installed with logo down. Both shafts are in great cosmetic shape. The Kuro Kage shows its age a bit more but the wear isn't noticeable unless brought up close, even then the wear is minimal. Small scratch on the orange band of the Tensei, not visible at address. Both absolutely sweet shafts and each beautiful in their own right. Please excuse the dog hair on the carpet, Millie doesn't know any better. CONUS ONLY. Message with any questions 1.) Tensei Pro Orange 70TX Titleist Tip. White G
  10. From my experience, you're most likely giving up a fair amount of forgiveness vs most other heads. This is the least forgiving head on the market to my knowledge. There's maybe a handful of players on tour that use it. I still toy around with the idea of putting it in the bag even though I know it would be a bad idea. So I find it hard to believe you wouldn't be able to get those #s with a TS3. But being new to the game and improving quickly, I'd recommend some sort of fitting before tinkering around too much.
  11. I always view my 100% swing as my "stock" swing. That's not the hardest I can swing but its my standard full swing. Personally I don't like the feeling of relying on a 80% swing unless I'm trying to flight it or shape a which way. The fraction swings tend to rely a bit more on timing and I would rather have a full "100%" swing than club up and swing 80%. Being between clubs is a different story and more dependent on environmental factors and where the most room for error is
  12. Haha I get that, wasn't looking for driving nirvana just more fairways. Seems we may have gotten a bit off topic but by original post is about success using a 3 wood more off the tee, but got more suggestions to go shorter with the driver than bother with a 3 wood. Actually was really happy with my driving and scored really well, just had 3 really bad ones and 2 were a miss I hardly experience. But I disagree on the noticing a playing length change sentiment. I feel like its pretty easy to notice a 1/4 inch difference in playing length when you are used to something else. Now whether or not th
  13. Got 18 in yesterday with the shorter playing length driver. Didn't notice any real difference in accuracy off the tee. Hit some really good drives then 3 really bad ones that utlimately cost me 5 strokes. 2 of those drives were pull hooks, hardly ever miss left so this was unusual. Did notice a strike pattern much lower on the face. Late in the back 9 I noticed the lead tape was no longer on the head but didn't know when it came off. Some of my better drives were on the back 9 so I'm not sure it made that much of a difference. Couple things worth noting: Head is a TS3 with about 3-4 grams of
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