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  1. Forgot to mention it was 153 adjusted.
  2. I’d say I usually hit a 9i 155ish
  3. I forgot to mention that 153 was the adjusted distance with the laser.
  4. Like the title says, I feel I hit my 790s too far, and when it’s on the screws it’s just gone. Example: I hit a 9i on a down hill par 3 153 par3 and flew it by 15 yards. Standard L/L/L with kbs c-tapers. Flex 4-8 R+ and 9-pw is S. Bought them used and the guy said the shafts were hardstepped (I don’t know what that means). I used to play a decent amount but can’t as much lately. I’m a 12hdcp and have played probably 10 or less rounds this year. Could I have them bent weaker and solve my issues? Or should I explore other options?
  5. I’d like to see a fully fleshed out app, as well as in the Bst forum, take me back to where I was reading when I clicked the link
  6. Hello (first post here), I'm currently gaming 2017 p790s with KBS c-taper tour R+ 115grams and superstroke traxion wrap grips (i think they are midsize). I bought these clubs used, and have gotten used to the grips. However they are due to be replaced. If I switch into some golfpride CP2 wrap/pros, they are roughly 13.5g heavier than the current ones. I am curious how that will affect the way I feel the club head and the swing weight. Thanks!
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