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  1. Me too. There's a pic of them on page 16. I have i210,s and im looking for something a little thinner with forgiveness. New Ping i59 are the other frontrunner but are very exspensive
  2. .......and to think a I210 irons are $125 an iron. Seem like old PXG prices to me!
  3. Looks like there is a UW for the new i59! Hell yeah if there is for sure! Listed on pings site for Rob Oppenheim
  4. Yes, breaking in nicely. The putter has been even better for me. 2 rounds in the mid 70's with 3 birdies in each round. Not bad for February golf! Getting more and more confident. Very happy with the purchase.
  5. Hard to say. I have 3 headcovers now. My black cover that I gamed a year which must be a first gen and is built like a tank. The white seems stout. The american flag is really finely made and plush (gucci). Based on rubbing my fingers across the magnets I would say the white will last the longest, but who knows.
  6. Its about the same. The american flag reminds me of a new baseball glove. Its just going to take a little time to break in
  7. Check out this beaut! Just arrived today, which made my day after a rough work week. First 3 putts from 10 ft I made 2/3. After that I hit some putts with a closed and open face and so I just tried to forget what I had to do with previous putter and just aimed naturally with a smooth stroke. Ive always felt like I have had to tweak my stroke in one way or another with other putters to hit my my intended line, not any more. Make sure you get the right lie angle. Im very happy with my purchase and happy to support a business thats choosing to stay stateside while they're growing rapidly.
  8. Thanks. I looked for months trying to find my specs(32 in/72degree) on ebay, but nothing matched 100%. Let us know how your experience goes
  9. Thanks, ive seen those. I was just wondering if these posted on facebook are different than the ones I see on ebay.
  10. Whats the link or the facebook group thats selling them? Thank you.
  11. Agreed. Those apex pros are looking real nice to me, but im still going to wait for the i59. Dont want any buyer remorse.
  12. In a post below, answer the following questions 1. Sacramento, CA 2. HCP 2.3 3. Zx7 3. Absoulutely 4. Ping i210 4-GW TTDG 120 X-100 5. I love the shape at address, forging process, specs. I'm hoping I can hit flighty shots a little easier with them 6. You bet, my buddies will film and I will post!
  13. Dang that stinks! Not even a shipping notice? Its my B-day tmrw, but im waiting for a coupon and also more of an announcent on the t7 iteration. Might have to order one soon though so im ready to go before its gets warm. Good luck, hope u get it soon. Show pics when u get it
  14. Thanks for the response. I understand running a business is hard and tricky. Whats with the T7 head though?
  15. After investigating the site I realized that I have to pay an extra $74 to get the putter I wanted. $695 was extremely hard to swallow and now its $769. Wow!!
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