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  1. That's hilarious. The longer I hold this the more I'll want to keep it. I played today and my average driving distance literally dipped from 274 with the autoflex to 261 with my fuji pro 2.0 and don't talk to me about my dispersion because I was all over the place. I guess it's the user after all, even though it's much easier to blame the shaft. Anyway, it's just one mortgage payment (or a half a payment for me) and my loss is your gain. If you send your zip I can get a shipping quote. Let me know and text anytime .
  2. I have an SF505 and it’s the only shaft on the planet that I’ve been able to high a high bombing draw with. I love that thing but sometimes it a high draw, sometimes it’s a straight stinger, sometimes it a fade and that is because my swing and tempo is inconsistent. For recreational rounds, I love everything about the 7 mph ball speed gains and the 15 yards of carry gains but for tournament play I’m not consistent enough to keep the shot shape the same and I get into trouble so I listed it on WRX for anyone who is interested. Naturally I’m taking a big loss but I can’t have one of the most expensive shaft on the market on a rotating schedule in my bag so I’m willing to cut my losses here. Hope the feedback helps and if your interested in the shaft check out my listing and send me a text at 416-434-7285.
  3. Hello WRXers, I went from an Accra TZ6 to the polar opposite Autoflex SF505 and now it looks like I may have found the happy medium for myself. Even in my most recent fitting the ball speed on the Autoflex is unmatched. The Autoflex averaged 7 mph faster ball speeds than the Accra FX3.0 and a Fuji Pro 2.0. I’ve even hit a draw with the Autoflex which is something I’ve never been able to do with any shaft but I play on one of the tightest and most punishing courses in my region and because my swing and tempo is not consistent, I’m going with the more stout Accra which generates a consistent fade for my swing, and although it’s 15 yards less, with my match play championships and club championships looming, I'm giving up the ball speed and distance for a the shot shape I’m used to. We all know what we pay for an Autoflex and I know that I am going to take a loss but I really want to keep it and give it a shot and work on my personal consistency but if the price is right, I'll let it go. The shaft plays to 46" with standard tipping and has an OEM Ping G425 LH tip in it but I can see if my professional club builder will put whatever tip you want on it. ITEM IS SOLD to another amazing WRXer!
  4. Hello WRXers,I decided that the only shaft that I could buy that is more expensive than this custom Accra TZ6 65 M4 CB is a rainbow Autoflex so I am putting this Accra up for sale. I was fit into this Accra but it's a little to stout for me when I am not swinging at a 100% speed, so that is why my fitter moved me to the polar opposite side of the shaft world and put me in an Autoflex.I custom ordered this beast Accra and waited on it for a while and as you can see have never used it. Unfortunately, you can't exchange a custom order so my loss is your gain. It's matte silver with green and black accents and it's beautiful. SOLD! Feel free to text at 416-434-7285 for an immediate response.
  5. This was sent to the custom shop Italian themed putter with the circles being coloured in green,white, red bumper stamping reads “Forza azzurri” face stamp is J.S currently is gripped with a super stroke flatso 1.0 but I will include the custom shop grip with the putter as well The head cover is a limited edition Las Vegas Scotty Cameron headcover condition of the putter is flawless but there is one slight knick on the hosel (can’t see from address) Super super small I tried to take a picture of it but I wanted to give full Disclosure 450 shipped trade interests: flow neck spider x flow neck Scotty Cameron x5 sim/Ventus for quick response text 416-576-1308
  6. Looking for a g410 lst 3 wood but open to other models 14.5 degree ideally with an upgraded shaft Ventus black diamana BF tensei white or orange X-stiff let me know what you have for sale
  7. As the title states a brand new 60* Hi-toe fully custom with the “drip” sand blasted in this wedge is gorgeous 10/10 condition shaft: tour issue S400 220$ head only 190$
  8. https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/accessories/headcovers/2019-friendly-fries/ Brand new in bag 100$ shipped
  9. > @mikehill06 said: > Still available? > Head is shaft is gone
  10. > @Gtyler14 said: > Shaft tipped any? Just standard 3 wood tipping nothing extra I believe it’s 1/2 inch
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