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  1. Thanks! I did use a 1" belt sander with a 500 grit belt on some of the muscle back areas. The rest was done on the buffer though. That SS is nice when it comes to cleanup. You can make it look like chrome if you put in the effort.
  2. Omg, why did you tell me? I was blissfully ignorant. Nooooooooo!
  3. Warning, non-forged blades content. You have been warned! I was always intrigued with stainless blades. When I found a deal on these old Spaldings, I had to give them a try. I was surprised to find (despite having 3 sets of 1025 VIPs) that we got along very well. Problem was, they were pretty scratched up. I took the buffer to them, and was very pleased at how they turned out. Now I have my cheap car-bag ready in the trunk anytime! Who else has a cheap banger bag ready to go?
  4. Is there a way to remove some of the rust without messing up the club? Any guess on the type and age? Thanks for any help.
  5. Just picked up the Maxfli TM61 wedge and I'm loving the feel. Having a tough time finding other Maxfli matching wedges. I'd love to have the TM53 The Dunlop versions, and a few others are easier to find, but how do they compare to the Maxfli?
  6. I noticed on the mizuno spec chart from golfworks, that some clubs are listed as taper in the steel shafts, and parallel in the irons. I'm just curious if these are completely different heads, or are the .355 heads reamed after forging? Follow up question- If you pull the shafts, are the .370 heads weighted to get the SW up with the lighter graphite shafts or do they add weight to the shafts or just build them longer?
  7. With all the bad weather here in the mid east, I finally got to walk 9 yesterday. The last game I played was several weeks ago, and I logged a personal best 9 over (first time I was in single digits) Yesterday was muddy, nasty, frustrating- shots everywhere, first par 5 was OB right, OB right, OB left, OB left on a fairway that is 80 yards wide! Sad part is after my last round I went in with such high expectations, only to get ridiculously mad at myself over a game that such a trivial part of my actual life. I went from the number 9 tee directly to my car, right after hooking a hybrid into the water. This is a ranting, useless post I know, but if anyone else has multiple days like this, I feel for you! I hope you deal with it better than I did yesterday.
  8. Looking for shaft fit info. Thanks in advance.
  9. "Golf my Way" Back in the 80's About the only golf book my library had. The only thing I really remember was the slight tilt forward of the club to start the swing, and I still do it BTW, if you are looking for some cheap golf books, I've found several at Ollie's stores.
  10. I attempted to match them to a favorite macgregor 1025c 5 iron I had. I set the new 5 iron up to match and stepped the clubs 3/8 each way and used the MOI swing weight increments.
  11. Sounds like a good problem to have! I'd love to get to hit that often. I'd just smile and keep chasing those pure shots.
  12. I'm afraid this set was a bit of a Frankenstein project. My goals were to have a bladed set that was easy on my elbows, and 1/2" shorter than standard (33" to floor 5'10" monkey arms) The Macgregor 1025m heads are taper fit and the shafts I had on hand are NOT tapered. The original shafts were S300 I replaced the shafts with Graphite Miyazaki Jinsoku that I weighed at 78g Note these shafts had to be sanded to fit (done slowly on a 1" belt sander) but I did achieve a very good fit. The lighter shaft, in addition to the shorter length in several clubs with the MOI matching resulted in very light swingweights that had to be dealt with by using weights. I used 5g tip weights when needed (trimming shaft tips to compensate for the tip weight) and lead tape on the muscle to bring the set up to the desired SW. The first round I played went very well, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that the 4 iron felt heavy. I realize that with my changes in lengths, I may need to have the lie adjusted. Trying to get the 4 iron to sit flush at address is causing me to reach, and may be the reason for the heavy feeling.
  13. They are the same heads with a normal weight progression. I did run into some problems going from DG shafts to lighter graphite, along with a building them 1/2" short. They feel really good in the short irons but my 4 just feels "off". It's lead-taped to the correct weight, but I cut this set in 3/8 increments so I may just need more time to adjust. Not sure he remembers but Stuart helped me with the figures. I hope your build goes well. I was surprised at the difference in feel. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1798038/swingweight-probably-a-dumb-question-but#latest
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