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  1. Very nice set of Hogan woods there Foozle, those are perfection. According to the golf club identification guide the insert was only offered for the one year, 1992.
  2. Here is my recent acquisition. Since I am not tied to any one manufacturer, I tend to look for clubs that are in real good condition. I recently found this one on facebook marketplace. I've never been a big fan of the look of the Hogan woods, but when I saw this one it changed my mind. I love the insert and the color of the stain, to me it's just beautiful. I believe this is a 92 model year and I don't think it's ever been used, looks like brand new. The last picture shows you how not to ship a golf club. It's amazing that there wasn't any damage to the club.
  3. The Warbird performed so well at the range I had to play a round or two with it this year. I can consistently hit 250 yards with it at about 80% power. In comparison I played a Cleveland Classic TC15 persimmon, most of the year, and hit that around 220 yards. If I was to go with another metal driver I would love to try a Titleist 975D. I was close to pulling the trigger on one about 2 weeks ago, but found a nice Hogan Apex persimmon driver I liked better.
  4. I am strictly persimmon except for one metal driver. I bought this at a Goodwill store for $7, it's sole purpose was to take to the driving range to hit the range rocks. Not a fan of hitting the rocks with persimmon. Turns out I love this club, maybe my favorite one of all the ones I have hit. It just fits and feels perfect. Here are a few pics of my range club. Enjoy!
  5. Here's a few pics of my recent acquisition. Found this on the local craigslist, new in box, from the original owner. The date on the box is stamped 1983. The book that came with the cart has a list of parts. What's interesting is the parts list for the different size wheels and color of the tires help to identify what year the cart was manufactured. Some of the years overlap, but it gives you the range and type of cart. Enjoy the pics.
  6. All persimmons are not created equal, and there are no two golfers who are alike. What works for one won't work for another. I would take it out and play a few rounds with it. If you hit it well, and you like it, then play it. If you don't then find another one to try. I wouldn't get hung up on what clubs were the best, but work at finding one that works best for you. IMHO
  7. I built a rack in the basement for storage. It's heated in the winter and the humidity is under control so no issues with keeping them there. One problem is the rack is full and I have no room for my latest acquisitions, so it looks like I am going to have to expand the rack.
  8. That makes sense it being a missing putter. I'm surprised he didn't keep it with the set though. Thanks
  9. Jiggered - I agree, so far it seems to be working! russad - The box is was caught my eye. There is one open slot, so I wonder what else came with the set? No_Catchy_Nickname - Yes you are correct, they have the aluminum shafts, original grips.
  10. Got bored the other night and decided to check the local craigslist for vintage clubs. Ran across these and decided to make an offer. Walter Hagen, Haig Ultra's - 71-72 model year I believe. Includes 1-9 irons, pitching wedge, sand iron, and an all purpose wedge. Plus the original box. Will look pretty nice once they are cleaned up. After I arrived he started pulling out more clubs. We made a deal and I brought the rest home. Walter Hagen, Lady Ultra's. And finally 4 putters. Two Otey Chrisman's, a Matzie Velvet Touch Old Hickory, and an Acushnet Bullseye Wideflange. Enjoy t
  11. Yep, those are some real beauties there. Nice find!
  12. Stephen8802 Thanks for posting those pics. I can definitely see the difference in the stain colors, mine are brown no hint of red at all. Looks like you have a nice collection of clubs there. Thanks again for posting.
  13. I agree, I love the history of golf and that's one of the reasons I love to play them. I am glad you liked the story, even though it's not 100% accurate, I guess it does have some merit to it. It's pretty rare to talk with the original owner of a set of clubs this old. I really enjoyed the short conversation we had. Thanks again for sharing your some of your knowledge and helping to shed some light on the Macgregor side of the history. Some day I may want to have these refinished to more their original color and correct whipping, but for now the plan is to enjoy them and play some golf. Thank
  14. Well, now I see why you said "that's a nice story". Haha! I guess the memory at 86 isn't what is used to be. I can clearly see the difference in the whipping. These do not have the waxed twine for sure, but the more modern nylon whipping. I have a set of the 50's 653's which would have also been black. They were restored at some point and are now a brown stain. But looking at the clubs you can still see some of the black color in the grain. I don't see any black in the grain on these so they must be 50 - 52's. Thanks for the great info, it is very helpful. Funny thing is I had the Macgregor
  15. After looking them over again, I have to say you are correct. We talked about the the reg. number not being there when I first posted. The reg numbers are completely gone, no sign of them. It's a shame that the registration numbers usually don't survive when clubs are worked on. Also the condition of the shafts don't seem to fit either. I would think the condition of the heads and the shafts would be similar, these shafts are little rough in comparison. If you don't mind answering, I have a couple of questions. What is it about the whipping that tells you it's not original? Not questioning
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