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  1. I believe it has partly gone silent because many feel there is no way Ping will get these into the hands of very many players (before the end of the summer golf season). It isn’t their fault, but Ping has hurt themselves a bit more than the other companies. Ping loyalists will always give them the benefit of the doubt, but others will be cautious. That is just my perspective from someone who has wanted to try PING products but just doesn’t trust they can deliver at this point (other than the I59’s). If PING is able to get these out over the spring, I will definitely order them. They look great (assuming they have fixed the sound/feel issue).
  2. I can’t get excited about new Ping irons anymore because I know they will take 8 months to get. I was looking forward to the new i210 and i525 but there is probably no chance they will have enough stock when they release (if they ever do release).
  3. Anyone out there with 90+ driver swing speed using TSi1 driver ?
  4. It seems with the strong lofts of irons, my long irons tend to bunch up (at my swing speed). How many people are seeing the same thing? I am considering going from 6 iron to a high trajectory 4 iron. I have a blended t200/t100s set. I am thinking 6 iron in t200 to a 4 iron 505 or t300
  5. Graphite Design DI-5 R1 with Titleist adapter set to play at 45.5 $185 Ventus Red 5 stiff with Titleist adapter set to play at 45.5 $185 - SOLD Left Hand TaylorMade Mini great condition, stock Mitsubishi stiff shaft -.25 inches. $285 - SOLD Shipping Free on all items
  6. Too many good options out there at a lower cost. Ping is becoming what PXG use to be. I am a fan of Ping and I hope they remain a strong brand. But, the cost of these irons (even as a fickle wrx’r) has me passing on these irons.
  7. Left hand Callaway Apex 21 mixed combo set 5-AW w/ c-taper light stiff shafts. They were used for 6 rounds. Golf pride MCC+4 grips. Standard lie and loft. No trades.
  8. Left hand Callaway Apex 4-AW Triple Play set with MMT 95 stiff shafts. Standard loft and lie with GP MMC +4 grips. They are in great condition. $850
  9. how long is taking to get the zx5 and zx7 irons? Are they delayed like a lot of the other oem's?
  10. Did Max Homa have a Black and White Titleist staff bag (no red)? If so, will they be available to the public? Anyone know.
  11. What is the flight characteristics of the MMT 90/95 standard shaft with the apex? Is it a mid spin mid launch shaft?
  12. Has anyone hit the Apex pro against the T100? I am interested in how they compare.
  13. I received my Apex DCB 5 iron (that I mixing in with the regular Apex) on Saturday. I am hoping the rest of the set isn’t too far behind. It was strange to get just 1 iron.
  14. Where are the apex 21 going to fit into the ‘forgiveness’ spectrum? Because they are hollow body, will they be more down the lines of 770?
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