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  1. I would like a deep face and an easier option to adjust the swing weight. I didn’t like having to do a work around on keeping the swing weight standard with a 45 inch left handed Max.
  2. I know it was one of the hottest drivers in 2020, but I didn't like the shallow face on the the standard and the Max. I agree ... I would love to see a deep face SIM.
  3. It is so unfortunate for Ping. Not only are they pushing back their releases, but they are having long delays in their existing older sets of irons. I would order a set of i210's if I didn't have to wait 4-6 weeks to get them (they are not new releases .. I can understand delays in new releases). I am a big fan of the brand and I like to support that company. I hope they are able to catch up and start getting their inventory and product cycles back on track (assuming they want to).
  4. How long are the ping i210 orders taking with Ping right now?
  5. I need to correct my listing on top ... the 5i and 6i are 790's. The 770's are 7-PW.
  6. The 5 and 6 iron are P790’s (1 degree weak). The were ordered with the 770’s. The 2020 P770’s are 6-PW standard loft. All are standard length and lie. They have project X LZ 5.5 shafts. The are in excellent condition with golf pride tour velvet chord grips. Left Hand $815.
  7. These two irons are probably in a bit of a different competitive set, but what iron stands out between these two. I own both sets. I keep going back and forth between the two. I love the feel of the 100s' but I find the 770's a touch more forgiving (especially in the long irons). I prefer the 100s' short irons over the 770's.
  8. I will buy the updated i500 if they improve the feel (sound) of the club. They are my favorite hollow club (looks, forgiveness, distance) but I could not take the sound. I hope Ping does something with the sound ...
  9. The 100’s were only more forgiving on thin shots. I felt the 770’s were overall more forgiving. I am going towards the 770’s because Of the playability in the 4,5,6 and 7. I think that is why I will blend in the MC’s in the lower send to give me more feel on those short irons. I also notice less distance gap between the two as I get to the 4,5, and 6 (lofts are closer). I will offer this disclaimer. There is a good chance I will keep both or get rid of the 100’s only to buy another set in 4-5 months when I miss them.
  10. Good to see a 7 wood in left hand. They didn’t offer that one with the TS2.
  11. Wam ...how did you fix the tinny sound of the TS3?
  12. Any news on what lofts will be offered in the FW woods? I hope there are good 7 wood options.
  13. I have played five rounds with the 770’s. I also have a set of 100’s. The. 770’s are about a half club shorter (makes sense with the loft differences ). The feel is solid. I feel like thin shots get punished a lot more than the 100’s. I had a hard time hitting low shots under a tree. The 8,9, and PW are a lot better than the 790’s. I didn’t like the feel of the 790 short irons. Overall. I see myself taking these over the 100’s. I will them even more blending the MC’s into the lower portion of the set.
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