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  1. Too many good options out there at a lower cost. Ping is becoming what PXG use to be. I am a fan of Ping and I hope they remain a strong brand. But, the cost of these irons (even as a fickle wrx’r) has me passing on these irons.
  2. Left hand Callaway Apex 21 mixed combo set 5-AW w/ c-taper light stiff shafts. They were used for 6 rounds. Golf pride MCC+4 grips. Standard lie and loft. No trades.
  3. Left hand Callaway Apex 4-AW Triple Play set with MMT 95 stiff shafts. Standard loft and lie with GP MMC +4 grips. They are in great condition. $850
  4. how long is taking to get the zx5 and zx7 irons? Are they delayed like a lot of the other oem's?
  5. Did Max Homa have a Black and White Titleist staff bag (no red)? If so, will they be available to the public? Anyone know.
  6. What is the flight characteristics of the MMT 90/95 standard shaft with the apex? Is it a mid spin mid launch shaft?
  7. Has anyone hit the Apex pro against the T100? I am interested in how they compare.
  8. I received my Apex DCB 5 iron (that I mixing in with the regular Apex) on Saturday. I am hoping the rest of the set isn’t too far behind. It was strange to get just 1 iron.
  9. Where are the apex 21 going to fit into the ‘forgiveness’ spectrum? Because they are hollow body, will they be more down the lines of 770?
  10. Thanks for the reply on weights. I need to order additional weights for the TSi.
  11. Does titleist no longer send a wrench with a driver order? I ordered a driver, three, and five ... I got all three and no wrench.
  12. I would like a deep face and an easier option to adjust the swing weight. I didn’t like having to do a work around on keeping the swing weight standard with a 45 inch left handed Max.
  13. I know it was one of the hottest drivers in 2020, but I didn't like the shallow face on the the standard and the Max. I agree ... I would love to see a deep face SIM.
  14. It is so unfortunate for Ping. Not only are they pushing back their releases, but they are having long delays in their existing older sets of irons. I would order a set of i210's if I didn't have to wait 4-6 weeks to get them (they are not new releases .. I can understand delays in new releases). I am a big fan of the brand and I like to support that company. I hope they are able to catch up and start getting their inventory and product cycles back on track (assuming they want to).
  15. How long are the ping i210 orders taking with Ping right now?
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