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  1. Thanks for that. They are certainly an unusual find and it's nice to have them all wrapped and in the 'seasons greetings' box.
  2. I couldn't see if there was a vintage section or somewhere more appropriate, so feel free to move. Going through the garage I found some of my father's old shop stock and a box of Silver King balls in an original box containing six balls, still wrapped and with 'seasons greetings'. I wondered what the history of these would be and if anyone collects this sort of thing (and if they do then the likely value). I don't think they are ancient but certainly before my time and interesting to me. There's a funny little putter with a split grip still in it's original wrapper as w
  3. Any feedback on these yet?
  4. Nice! Do you happen to know the weight of the shaft? I've no idea, but I'd guess perhaps 110g? It's not heavy but not excessively light (I tend to favour heavier shafts, although that often seemed to go with the lower torque that I prefer and modern material are changing that relationship), so I guess mid-weight. It was already installed in the club so I didn't have the chance to check the weight. It's a very smooth shaft and first impressions were good. It's a soft X flex and probably does equate to a Modus 120.
  5. I've got no numbers but I tried it on the course today and it's a good shaft. It's got a nice feel to it - not at all boardy. Only the first time out with it but loving it so far and also enjoyed the X Forged UT - such an easy club to hit, which is handy with the way I'm swinging at the moment.
  6. No special source - just a find on eBay that I'd been watching for ages. Finally got a decent price for the club plus a discount code so I thought I might as well give it a go as I fancied trying the X Forged UT anyway.
  7. Couldn't help myself... :swoon: I won't be able to try it for a while but it looks pretty and the balance feels nice.
  8. If it's that profile and plays similar then it could be interesting. I still haven't seen any put in play though.
  9. Interesting, although I haven't noticed anyone playing them and they've been available for a while. Did you get any idea about profile, etc?
  10. Could you clarify why the price of £399 increases to £490.77 when selecting UK, yet VAT is 20% in the UK. Quite a high additional cost for shipping as well, which makes the headline price a little bit misleading.
  11. Which C-Taper did you transition from?
  12. Capital Golf are ok and I'm fairly certain they have a sim there. Mostly clothing the last time I was there.
  13. Don't forget to update!
  14. Still no information about this shaft? I've seen nothing so I guess it didn't perform as desired.
  15. Has anyone compared them in different weights?
  16. I'm tempted to try the 130 S Taper but the thing that's stopping me is that I am not sure it is really actually much different to a 130 Tour apart from the price tag.
  17. Anything more on this? I've seen a driving iron with this shaft in it and I'd be interested to know if anyone has any information on it or has hit it?
  18. I didn't find the S Taper to be significantly different to the Tour - if there is less spin then it's marginal. I tried the 120 though and perhaps the heavier 130 would have been better for me. Personally, I don't think they are worth the additional money, although they look nice in black. I've still got them in some of my irons but I'm currently playing around with alternatives and I'll probably end up back in C Taper.
  19. It's odd to have stopped the T wedges if they aren't bringing out the new version for ages.
  20. Pure - are you not sure enough about the 919 to update your signature or have you given up as it changes so often? ;)
  21. Mizuno never had a great PW reputation but I don't mind the 919 and I've got to say that the picture you posted of the S18 wedge looked great. Posting while drinking as requested. :drinks:
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