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  1. Same story here. Have a good 75+ rounds on mine now. 4/5 are standard & 6-PW 2* weak as well. love the way they look, feel & the turf interaction. Overall a fantastic set of irons in my hands..
  2. THIS I would recommend this before anything.. Sounds silly but will make it harder for him to turn the club over.
  3. Crazy.. I cracked the face on a 410 LST 3wood out toward the toe. Ping had me a 425 replacement in a week.
  4. According to this the Lie angle was adjusted 2 degrees flat (opposite of what you need). I would account the huge difference in shafts to the ball striking though (a ctaper and S300 are like night and day)
  5. This would be my guess. Previous owner probably had the lofts weakened 2 degrees to a more traditional loft & Shaft is probably the cause of the ballooning shots.
  6. He recommended a 1 degree upright LIE ANGLE, not loft... If the majority of your strikes were toe strikes that would be the reason for the extra length.. The LIE ANGLE is what you checked on the lie board. Obviously you were coming thru toe down which is where the 1 degree upright lie suggestion came from..
  7. Been Rolling a Byron 350g DH89 with welded pipe neck for over 3 years now. Nothing i've tried has came close to knocking it out of the bag..
  8. I would recommend going somewhere and getting numbers on both of them before betting on a recommendation.. In my experience there was a sizable difference between the two.. When fit last year SIM 10.5 turned down to 8.5 put me @ 12 launch/2200 spin and almost eliminated that left miss.. Max spun well over 3000.. This year the SIM2 Max was my fit
  9. 425 all day.. Cracked the face on a 410, Ping had a new 425 in the bag in under 2 weeks.. The 425 is Unbelievably easier to launch and just wants to go straight. I really liked my 410 but this 425 is better all around. Oh & no turbulators Had the G400 when they came out & it left my bag quickly.
  10. Decreasing loft will open the face
  11. I sure thought so.. my son outgrew them so they are just sitting.. just looking to help another WRX’r get there kiddo a great set of clubs without having to spend $580 plus tax like I did
  12. Couple things today. 1. New unused Truestrike mat.. This is their top of the line academy mat with their gel insert center to better simulate turf interaction and reduce impact on wrists/ elbows.. Very Hard mat to get ahold of with long lead times. I went a different route while waiting and it won’t interchange easily after setting up my room so figured I would help someone else out rather than redoing my setup.. $old to your door 2. Cobra speedzone Extreme (10.5) pars & stripes Edition (Head only) headcover,wrench,manual,ect.. $200 shipped
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