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  1. If your a TM guy get the original SIM. Virtually zero performance gains over the SIM2.. I'd go for the Diamana limited over the made for ventus though..
  2. Performance wise, NO... Now 2021 "The year of Best marketing" absolutely.. From my experience having hit 100's of balls on my GC2 with the Tsi2, Tsi3 ,Sim2 & Sim2 max, Performance gains simply aren't noticeable over their predecessors (TS series & SIM). However, when comparing Sound, feel & aesthetics the 2021 releases will take the prize there.. Now the new G425 hybrid, that was a significant improvement. looks,sound,feel and performance
  3. Not doubting anyone could eventually get used to added length in any club and produce somewhat descent shots consistently after thousands of shots but at what cost? Adjusting setup, swing, ect for 1 club affecting your entire bags consistency? A 45.5-45.75 (OEM standards now) length driver is extremely long when you consider the average 3 wood is only 43". That's a big length change between clubs, especially considering an entire iron set of 4-PW is only separated by 3 inches (35.5" PW &to 38.5" 4i). I'd venture a guess that if you were to ask 100 people that struggle off the
  4. Simply put, forgiveness on off center strikes is key for golfers that struggle to find the center of the clubface consistently. Meaning the higher MOI drivers are going to be the better clubs (producing more consistent #'s) for hitting descent drives on off center hits. Low spin drivers like Tsi4, LST,ect are designed with the perimeter weighing forward resulting in a lower MOI. The Tsi4 when struck off center will undoubtedly be more damaging to your ball speed, launch/spin than say a G425 max (just using as an example as they are a high MOI driver that seems to produ
  5. Agree'd, I would say 90% of the average male golfers play a driver that is too long for them.. Having most all big box manufacturers producing them @ 45.5 and 45.75 off the rack people seem to think this must be what i need or they wouldn't sell them this length which simply isn't the case.. Drivers are sold that length to sell drivers IMO.. Guy goes in and rips 2 out of 10 and he's sold as the extra length does in fact increase swing speed but at the expense of consistency/ accuracy (hence inconsistent contact all over the face). Same golfer fit into the correct length & shaf
  6. This alone would be a strong NO on the the Tsi4..
  7. Am I the only one who finds this comical?? Hell I’ve hit a ball in thick rough and been nearly standing on it before I found it I could get within 60feet of my ball without assistance
  8. The T100 line awesome. Size is perfect and forgiveness is awesome for a players iron.. I kept going back and forth between my T100 and my Srixon 785's for a while mainly because i had gotten my distances dialed in where i liked with the 785's (785's were about a 1/2 club longer the the T100 for me).. Went out and got a set of T100S and the srixons went in the closet. Probably the best set of irons i have had and i've been thru alot (i'm a ho as well LOL)
  9. Jace_bkr

    TSi3 or TSi2

    Sound and feel have to go to the TSi3 for sure. Tsi2 has more tinny sound and less feedback in my opinion. setting up to the ball I preferred the look of the TSi3 as well.. The 2 seemed almost oddshaped to my eye if that makes sense.. Saw almost identical numbers in both With the IZ shaft. Tsi3 spinning about 400 less than the 2.. with the exception of a slightly higher ball speed I just didn’t see anything to justify replacing my SIM..
  10. I can see an adjustment period of a range session or 2, getting an eye for how they sit behind the ball & the weight differences but shouldn't take more than that.. You have made 2 drastic changes 1. Going from the larger more forgiving game improvement head to the smaller less forgiving players iron where missing the center is a lot more punishing.. 2. Going into the PX shaft (I'm assuming 6.0 stiff 120G ?) especially having coming from the lighter shaft.. The PX shafts are quite a bit stiffer profile than most & very boardy IMO.. The fades are more than likely
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