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  1. I play this combo in the 9 degree head. Hard to beat.. good deal for someone here
  2. $395 w/ free shipping unless they’ve changed recently. I signed up for a 10% off coupon they had thrown out & got one personalized with name for $388 if I remember correctly
  3. LOL.. I just bought some on Monday and stumbled onto this thread.. was wondering how they would turn out on the new T100’s and there they are..
  4. I went with Carl’s premium impact screen when I built mine. They are great and will be replacing it with another when the time comes.. I’d guess it’s seen upwards of 7500 shots so far and I still in really good shape.. what size area you are working with determine what resolution is going to work best.. I went 4:3 because of with restrictions to get more height.
  5. Driver: Been bouncing back and forth between my Sim2 and Tsi3, both with Ventus black. Both great drivers but Seem to prefer the tsi3 lately. Wood: Tsi2 with AD DI. Possibly the best 3 wood I’ve ever owned.
  6. He was messing with you, this wasn't meant to be advice. was simply hinting that your takeaway is very disconnected (way outside).
  7. I dunno, i'm gonna go with those mind boggling holes when you crush a tee shot on a short par 4 end up with something between 30 & 50 yards in and miss the green on approach.. add another bad chip and a 2 or 3 putt to that and MIND BLOWN
  8. Good job on the clean up/paintfill on that DH11, looks great.
  9. I among others would love to hear some sort of explanation as to what made them "not a great iron" to you. What had you came from prior to the i59? I have 0 interest in these so my question is purely out of curiosity.
  10. I have had them all and the titleist T100S seem to always wind up back in my bag.. At first I didnt really care for the 21 version over my 19's but after a few rounds i'm loving them.. They definitely feel better than the 19's, launch a touch higher and the long irons seem easier to hit.. The 921 Forged were very close to making it in the bag but the T100S ended up taking them on feel and look behind the ball. The 921 Forged are just a touch long heel to toe for my liking and had a tad more offset which i didnt care for.
  11. Might look at that a little closer but definitely appears to be cracked..
  12. The Sole and lie angle of the mizzy’s probably just fit you better. (Mizunos are flatter) If your like me a 2 degree difference in lie angle is the difference between clean center strikes vs slight toe strikes.
  13. The Sim2 w/ Ventus black is much more point & shoot for me than my Tsi3. My miss is slightly toe side & the sim2 takes it much better than the TSi.. I can only assume it’s the twist face..
  14. I had a combo set of the new T100s w/ T200 in the long irons & I have to agree. while easy to hit, The T200 sound terrible & the hollow/clicky feel is awful. couldn’t make myself like them regardless of performance.. The T100s were very nice though.. Ended up going back to my 2019 T100S in the end though.. they just feel better and much better turf interaction with the pre worn edge..
  15. I prefer my 2019 model. Turf interaction for me is much better with the pre worn leading edge.. distances are the same, the 21’s do launch a little higher.. Bag appeal though the new 21’s beat the 19’s all day
  16. that is the old epoxy. Just needs to be cleaned out.
  17. Tsi3 is about as good as they come.. I didn’t care for the TS3 either. Performs extremely well on toe strikes as that’s my miss as well.. Weight is adjustable.
  18. They performed worse for me as well. Going to give them a couple rounds but hopes aren’t high.
  19. Too early to say for sure but 1st impressions have me thinking I’ll be sticking with the old T100’s. looks wise I prefer the new over the old.. (the new model are simply stunning) but Don’t love the higher launch or the new sole design. The turf interaction on the new are night and day difference. I find the old to work much better for me.. going to give them a few rounds and see if they grow on me
  20. This ^^^ Granted I only watched the 1st video but this was almost exactly my 1st thought. He will have to learn to rotate correctly and use the ground to create a repeatable/powerful swing.
  21. Mine delivered.. talk about an awesome looking club.. the black AD-DI with new graphics and gray mcc+4 really pop on the TSI head.. best looking combo in my bag
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