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  1. Morning, Anyone have any good tips about club cleaning before putting the clubs in storage during Winter? Does anyone do anything special before putting them away or is it just water and a little bit of soap. Any tips is appreciated Thanks
  2. I'm with you. Great to golf because its so pretty and the course traffic is significantly lower. The sad part is that the dread of winter is right around the corner
  3. Been almost a month and its really helped out on my short irons but having a little trouble with irons 4-6. Its a low draw most of the time but no where near what I am accomplishing with the short irons. Is anyone struggling with the same issue? Any tips?
  4. Showtime9

    2020 US Open

    Probroley not the best idea to turn it into a Shinnecock situation. That didn't go well the last time the USGA did it....
  5. Showtime9

    2020 US Open

    He might feel it in the morning. Take 2 Advil and he will be fine
  6. Showtime9

    2020 US Open

    Rising star...wont say boo about him right now
  7. If they were going to change the format then make it a match play event at the end. Winner take all
  8. Forgot to add that the information is well worth the price. Very clear and concise information that you wont find if you go down the YouTube rabbit hole.
  9. Finally bit the bullet and purchased it last week (Ive also brought the efficient swing and drive 4 dough). I find that it reinforces a lot of the concepts founds in the efficient swing and has really helped develop a very consistent takeaway. I am still struggling with the downswing and the 2 casts as I find myself hooking the ball when focusing on the ulner deviation down to 8 (or 4 in my case since I'm a lefty) but its a work in progress. Has anyone else found themselves coming off with a hook or a draw out of this?
  10. This may be a dumb question but is there any explanation for Left handed golfers in the video or it is just expected to do the opposite?
  11. Nice clean look. When I go back it takes me to the exact spot instead of back to the top of the previous page
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