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  1. My manual doesn't even list a tolerance for horizontal LA so I have no idea on that one.
  2. I agree with the latter part of your post, I didn't list all the technical improvements but the overall package is significantly better/newer. Disagree with this part though, as far as I know the tolerances are exactly the same. Vertical Launch Angle Ball Speed: Back Spin: Side Spin: Azimuth: +/- 0.2 degrees +/- 0.5 mph +/- 50 rpm +/- 50 rpm +/- 1.0 degrees
  3. Yes. And the main difference here isn't the LM results but rather the bundled tech. Quad has WiFi and USB-C, GC2 is stuck with mini USB and bluetooth only.
  4. To @andygg1986 (for those who don't know he fixes them NOW for cheaper than Foresight would. He's the man)
  5. As expected. It's just a GC2 refresh with one-dot club data to move more software sales. You'll have to purchase with FSX +$3,000. It'll be nice to get a GC2 with modern connections like WiFi/USB-C for those who don't already have one. But GC2+HMT is still better. Foresight is kind of a victim of their own success in this regard. GC2+HMT is simply too good. They can't unlock full club data on the GC3 without neutering Quad sales. A refresh is literally all they can do without breaking new ground.
  6. I think Model E-5 goes a long way towards alleviating your example, even if it's not tournament friendly? My vote isn't a rule, but rather a lack of one. Relief for hitting out of divots in the fairway!
  7. I'll keep it real with you. I'm pretty shallow as well, rarely more than 3 or 4 down. But every once in a while I'll take a picturesque divot completely by accident and I L-O-V-E the way it feels. Ball... ground... club holding up slightly in the follow-through. Completely different feeling than my normal mowing and it takes every fiber of my being NOT to chase it straight through to chunksville.
  8. Taking a trip to the Rockies, coming from sea level. Any guidance for the elevation's effect on distances? I googled and read "Every 1,000 feet above sea level a golf course sits, a golfer can expect their ball to travel approximately 2 percent farther".. so going 0 -> 8000feet would be 16%. So... -1 club wedges through 9 iron, -2 clubs for the remaining irons, -3 for the woods? Is that how people do it?
  9. I would have thought it'd be their marketing department ruining the company!
  10. Couple posts above my reply has the information and source linked.
  11. It was an exciting product until you realize Spin Rate/Spin Axis are calculated instead of measured. Still has the potential to be a good for the price.. but is no longer game-changing like I thought it could be. Shame!
  12. Is this for real? It's the exact opposite, in my experience. "Elite ams or pros" don't need to be told their distances if they strike the club. "Elite ams or pros" don't need to be told that their hook was a result of swing path as opposed to just a face closed to the target. "Elite ams or pros" aren't wondering if they topped that shot because they swung down over the top of the ball, or if they fell back and missed it on the way up. It's the weekend guys who benefit MOST from having this information fed to them. In regards to OPs original question: I care much more about ball speed and launch conditions and not so much about the carry (which can vary greatly, like Foresight being in love with low spin as an example).
  13. I am currently on team two hybrid. I tend to play the shot I am most confident in if there is an option, even if it is less than ideal. For example: 225 to the pin? Unless I am forced by the layout, I'd probably try to run up a 4i rather than hit a proper 3H. The 3W loses that mental battle every time and often remain in the bag, but if I'm choosing between two hybrids I am more likely to go for it.
  14. It sounds like you're asking for an interpretation regarding what Ernie says he does (feel) versus what he actually does (real). We all know the saying, yeah? I don't know if anyone can answer that for you. That being said, you'd struggle to find many professionals with an actual flat left wrist approaching impact. Just put your hands in that position and imagine the move you'd have to make in the downswing to get there... not really a desirable place to be at all.
  15. I sold my SkyTrak on eBay to someone that just registered... AND their initial PayPal payment was rejected because it was larger than the amount they usually send (or something). I sent them a message, they apologized and fixed it, and everything was fine. And I was happy to leave feedback that this "first time e-bayer" was a trustworthy buyer of an expensive item. This guy has EBAY THEMSELVES say everything is fine and makes a thread asking "How Screwed am I". Geez!
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