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  1. Had my fit today. First off, I liked the sound of the 425 Max over my 400 Max. It was definitely more muted, so if that's peoples complaint then sure. But I preferred it myself so make sure you give it a go in person. Numbers wise I didn't see any appreciable difference, but I was pretty disappointed with club champion as they didn't even have my shaft to use as a starting point so who knows. The "final" fit recommendation ended up being an Epic Max and Hzrdus Smoke($415 yikes), but there's no chance I was buying anything on that session so I passed. This is the last time I do a Ja
  2. Huh? I've never heard of anybody getting fit to optimize their roll out lol.
  3. Geez.. imagine actually believing this lol. Foresight might over exaggerate low spin, but it's across the board and definitely translates to "real" golf. What's the point in getting fit if you don't think the numbers improvement is "real"?
  4. I agree but I'm not going to kill them for it.. it was just the first look livestream. TXGs actual review will be top notch like they always are.
  5. Really interesting tidbit (shocking really) from the site that shall not be mentioned: "Here where things get particularly interesting. I’ve mentioned that moving weights to the draw position almost invariably means giving up some MOI. That’s not the case with the PING G425 MAX driver. Because of the shape and placement of the weight track, MOI is actually at its highest when the weight is in the draw position."
  6. I Huh? It's not a byproduct of anything that Ping did. Ian replied to me on YouTube regarding the swing weight, and he was using a 46 inch Ventus shaft to make the swing weight that heavy. That was his call, and yeah I agree it's a bit questionable at best. I'd wait for the fits.
  7. I assume you mean besides the fact that Callaway just released new drivers in September, and Ping hasn't released anything since February 2019? Because that's the difference.
  8. Followed up with my local club champion again to try to get the official OK: "From what we are being told is that we should have these to demo in "right around" the release date so I can't say for certain you can demo them on the 11th but it should be that week. Orders will be filled for pre-orders and are not shipping orders out until the 5th of February barring no delays from Ping." Good enough for me! Scheduling this bad boy.
  9. I wish they would just freaking say it, there's like a 2 week lead time to schedule a fitting here... what's with the mystery!
  10. Do fitters usually have the product available for testing by the pre-sale date (1/11), or the launch date (2/4)?
  11. Hoping to remove it from the bag next month! G425 max finally beats it MOI.. if I can get the ball speed back (G400 was always slightly lower for me) its an easy decision! We'll see though, you never know how a fitting is going to go.
  12. Called my local place to try to get an early fitting day based on that chart, but they still didn't have a specific date they could give me for availability.
  13. Is there a set date for US market yet? I thought I remembered hearing January which is getting close enough to get myself on a fitting schedule
  14. Never heard of Pete's Golf so I'll put it on my radar, thanks! Keep em coming
  15. Any recommendations? I've been fit for clubs a couple of times and always walked away disenchanted with the process. I've never gone to a "real" place that actually charged for it. Always Dicks, South Shore Golf once, etc. Last time was for my Cobra One Lengths (sig) and the guy literally didn't even have the stock shaft for me to try, and it's always up to me to push it forward. But I'm a bonehead and want someone telling ME what I should try. Club Champion in Syosset? Golftec Lake Grove/Carle Place? Smaller place I havent heard of? Fly to TXG? Hit me
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