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  1. That's certainly a way to go, but I feel like the main benefit of the weight is probably to encourage the head to open/close more easily. Like I myself would probably put it in the toe to slow down that section of the head and keep it open a little longer. Not because I'm worried about a toe strike. Also, MOI is maximized on this driver with the weight in the heel. And since MOI is a measure of a golf club's resistance to twisting at impact with the ball.. it's entirely possible that even toe strikes may benefit more from the weight in that heel position (depending how much it incr
  2. Weird that they list it as -1/2inch even though I'm pretty sure that's the standard length for that shaft. Looked a little short but I think that's just from the arccos grip being removed. Thanks again.
  3. Question for those who know more than I do: is it entirely stupid to use the F (Flat-neutral) setting in combination with the weight in the draw setting? The weight would encourage a draw obviously.. but wouldn't the F setting open the face the opposite direction and make the weight less effective? Friend had his driver set up this way and I told him I would ask on his behalf as I'm not 100% sure.
  4. I can't wait for someone, ANYONE, to take Faldo's job. I thought it was going to be Phil... but then he had to go ahead and turn back the clock.
  5. Arccos sensors are free with most of the clubs in my bag, and they're still not worth using in the slightest over something like Garmin. That should about sum it up.
  6. Where did you get those images from @north_east_pro? I'd like to look at all the models.
  7. That seems like an absurd calculation. So if you hit 6 greens your benchmark is 25 putts? And... the number goes down the less greens you hit?
  8. If nothing else, you guys are definitely making me self conscious about my chipping
  9. Wow I strongly disagree with this statement, however since words are meaningless coming from me personally I offer the following video as a counter to yours. It's not really "about" this topic and is pretty generic grip advice.. but I still think it pretty well counters the idea that the trigger finger "has no purpose" like you say. I think it's the most important part of the grip just as the title indicates.
  10. Very true and I think I did! Just inviting opinions as one does around here, but you're right I should probably stick to my guns. That would be a tough shot for me.
  11. Maybe? My odds of missing the green (24%) are higher than my odds of getting up and down (23%). And I was here-ish... like I said I didn't find the ball or assess the lie as I ran off the course. Here is the flyover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8Lh45FnvWw&t=399s I know you are advocating from a sandbagging perspective but given my own personal goals of lower my handicap I still think the high adjustment is correct. Happy to change it to bogey if that is the consensus from everybody else, though.
  12. Well that first part is semantics if I ever heard it haha. Your take seems to be that I am incorrectly lowering my handicap by posting it as an 18, but "lowering it less" (raising the differential) by using double instead of bogey? Agree to disagree I guess But yeah I think it would be a toss up regarding #14. I could make bogey... but "most likely" with the uphill chip? I honestly like double playing the odds. Garmin doesn't have a stat to tell me about my abilities to make doubles, but here it was it says about my up and downs.
  13. Because taking a double instead of the bogey would raise the differential... and the round itself being amongst my 8 best would be working to lower my handicap. Aren't those opposite intentions? Maybe I am crazy lol. If everyone thinks it should be a bogey I can make it a bogey... but the rule does say "3 or 4 strokes" and I went with the 4 knowing the situation. But I think the consensus so far is to make it the 18 hole score as opposed to the 9?
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