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  1. I think there has been only 6 ever, atleast according to the article below. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2021/01/13/what-is-a-condor-in-golf-we-explain-the-rarest-of-birds-in-golf-121666/
  2. If I'm looking for a chuckle and some salty butter for my popcorn I just look up paddy 2 iron
  3. I also voted with other. I do not have a home course so I play around my area. Not thinking in general of my personal game but the average golfer: I think playing the appropriate tees is a factor. Also considering that most golfers can't break 100 is another big factor, making the game much more difficult for the majority who struggle anyways to appease the 10% who maybe can bomb it up or over hazards seems like it would cause issue with pace among other things. The foot print can be mitigated, at least for the average hack like me with tighter wooded designs. doglegs
  4. Only thing 100% golf specific and it's still a big maybe is a fist bump instead of handshake and I'd say that would be golf only and not the real world. I think there could be some general things that cross over. Like more spaced out lines (honestly I hated people breathing down my neck pre Covid). Maybe if someone has a cold or is a little under the weather; we'll see them masked up indoors so that could translate in the club house as well.
  5. I'd have to check into that, but I have posted in earlier months from the same course so I'm inclined to believe so
  6. No my GHIN is through the app. I couldn't manually post either just at this course. played 2 days later at another course an no issues. Here in Florida posting season is year round. been using the app for a couple years now first time I've seen it happen. Overall, I think it was a course decision since the clubhouse knew about it.
  7. Was not sure about which forum but since it involved HC I figured here is the best bet. So here in Florida posting is year round. One course by me a couple weeks ago was not accepting rounds for our HC, at least it said so per my app the grint. Now I understand a course can make decision when it deems fit, however, I've only really seen it for abnormal course conditions that would change the rating. As far as I could tell we were playing the normal tees and greens, and there were no um different aspects to the course that day. It was windy steady 20MPH with gusts to 30, but if that
  8. Good to hear, but my guess is it was the abuse, NCAA and HIPPA violations got them in hot water. I can't speak for golf but I'm sure with your daughter you can. But in my case scholarships were year to year. So unless you were a starter you could lose it the next year and they can just say they think the guy they recruited has a better chance at playing. Also reflecting back, I get why coaches do it. They're trying to get a return on their investment and they worry about players leaving the team. Hell, I ended up at a D III Engineering school instead and I still left the team bef
  9. I've had a soft cover bag boy bag for over 10 years. I think it was around $150 when I got it. As mentioned you want quality material and hardware i.e zippers. I pair it with a broom handle and tennis ball sticking out the top to protect the heads. I have not had a problem yet in my 10 years traveling about as much as you.
  10. Great answer from @ChipNRun. I played football in college and unless you're some 4-5 star recruit coaches want players they can develop and not worry about off the field. In addition to time management and outside activities, coaches will look at what you want to major in. They want 1. players who will have the time to practice and travel and 2. players to graduate as it makes them look good as well.
  11. Honestly, only 1 time in 20+ years of playing has it come remotely close; On a frequent course the Green, cart part tee box from 16 to 17 is really tight and shot just pulled a bit should get a fore call to be safe. So my group has finished and has driven up to 17th tee. All of the sudden wham balls hits another players cart. So my buddy collects himself and waits for the group to drive up. Now if your playing the tips you would be blind to us but any other tee you could see us. Buddy is just holding the ball and in a nice put joking term says pulled that what just a bit eh? Guy:
  12. So they're doing some work on a course my group frequents and this scenario came up which got my group talking on what was proper. Luckily the match was over by this hole, but I can see it coming up again and want to get it right. So hole 18 has water up the whole right side by the green. They are working on all the bulkheads and land around it. So the area about 5 yards before to water is all marked as ground under repair and is all hard packed sand and dirt for the construction they're doing. Also there's a tarp barrier about 1ft into the water which in this area is no longer mar
  13. My go to is a full shot 56*. Why? at my level I'm just a bit better at taking a full swing over a choke down 3/4. Can I do it, at times sure, but I'm more consistent with the full swing.
  14. I've played in a few leagues here (US) with modified handicaps for the league only. There were gimmies, and since it was stroke play but every hole was also an individual match you's see giving someone a 20 footer for a triple when they have a 5 foot par putt. So that would throw averages off.
  15. I've seen this a decent amount while coaching football. Our league has the basic rule that whatever town / city you start playing on that's the team you continue on until HS unless you move. OF course there are caveats and they get used not as intended. One of the biggest loopholes I've seen is that if a town/city can't field a team in that age group the kids can move to any other team in the langue...fair enough... However there's also the grandfather clause that a player can go back to their original team if enough players are available or stay with their current team. You can also play for
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