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  1. I have the ZX 2 iron. Only have 1 round and two range sessions. So far I love it off the tee. Off the ground I really haven't tried much except the range. Not bad there either IMO
  2. Were there any catches like fittings took priority or issues with multiple people showing up at the same time? That sounds like an amazing deal
  3. I use the grint so our data is slightly different but I used 3 main statistics to focus on what to work on or change strategy with. First, I looked at my driving accuracy per club, as you would guess driver was wildest and accuracy got better the shorter the club. In my case I've started using my 2/ driving iron more and saw immediate improvement no work needed. Next I looked at my approach accuracy on par 3s vs overall GIR. I was only hitting 1 of 4 par 3s a round and a little over 4 GIRs per round. (mostly par 5s) so that as led me to first work on my iron play, and also course management wise play for the safer shot on approaches until I can improve. Basically, you might want to see if there are any patterns. Are those toughest holes just tight holes with penalties area everywhere, are they long and require 3 good shots strung together? If you can find any correlation then you can start to work on changing strategy, practice etc to see if it helps.
  4. two reasons 1. a fade or power fade for us mortals put there is a swipe-y out to in hit. Because of this it is hit less square then a power draw haha where you tend to compress the ball more so it's hit well but off line. 2. And this goes back to number 1 but a fade tend to have more backspin than a hook. As a ball rotates or spins the more backspin you have the less side spin or off axis rotation you have therefore limiting sidespin. Think of a pop up drive those things are usually dead straight because there's too much back spin for anything else to tak over and force curve.
  5. Interesting add on question here: Does the type of grass change the slope at all? I know down here in FL tight bermuda lies especially around the green are the norm. When I go back home (New England) and bent grass I always shoot better even on a tighter course with similar slope +/- 3. I tend to think it's just getting that little more forgiveness. Does this make sense?
  6. whoa whoa whoa, I think emotional support cart girls is something we all can get behind. Cart Girls for all 2024
  7. At least for myself the technology helps. Now me and my teacher do not rely on it solely, but being able to equate what a slight in to out path is, or a downward iron strike is and then knowing what that feels/looks like really helps. Especially on course, you can eliminate things when a round turns south. Also, I'll use my lesson this evening as a great example. Working on that downward Iron strike and weight transfer along with the path. I hit some good shots, I also hit some 'bad' shots, but I was able to see with technology that my path and strike were fine it was a face issue. Point being I was able to keep working on the focus of that lesson and not start trying to do crazy things thinking I'm not doing it right.
  8. Anyone have the ratio of shots by others vs shots by the poster? I assume 90 -10 being golfwrx and all
  9. Had an "interesting" round yesterday. Got paired with another single. Seems nice enough, is taking a lot of mulligans but were waiting on the group in front anyways so to each their own. Then on hole 8 his second shot goes clearly OB (picture below for reference). I figure he's just going the drop on the boundary so I'm over on the right side hitting my ball when I hear some yelling. This yahoo went I'd say 50-70 yards into OB land, which is clearly people lawns in his cart. The when the neighbors said something started a verbal argument with them with the usual name calling cussing etc. It was awkward as I'm walking up for to the hole and he rejoined complaining about them. They were threatening to call the club house and get him booted, I kinda wish they followed through, he legitimately thought it was fine to not only get him ball that far OB but to play it. The kicker was he was a lawyer and was trying to use that as a deterrent to them being "mean" to him Red dot is the ball
  10. I'm not advocating heavy weight for it. That why I tend to say compound lifts, often olympic is equated with lots of weight. Even as a big guy I'll do lightweight dumbbell snatches as an example. Just getting all the muscle groups firing is what I am attempting. Also yes you need proper form. I remember back in the day was at a football combine (American) and some kid was bouncing the weights on a Bench off is sternum. Cracked it right then and there and lost all his offers.
  11. I see what you are saying. I equate Olympic lifts to compound movements. For golf I think those lifts where upper body, core, and lower body are all activated really relate to the golf swing
  12. Clubs here (FL) seem to be a bit ahead of the curb. Perhaps they're already used to the aging population as FL is well older in general. They started to cater to younger demographics already. Some offer daycare/camps during the weekends for those with kids. Also I've seen multiple tiers of membership like weekends only or 72 rounds are year etc. Overall I think it's up to the individual club. Times change that's a fact, a well run club will think not only of the next year, but the next 5 years, 10 years etc.
  13. I think any combo above is decent. The one thing I always add to any fitness question is compound lifting. Weight doesn't matter but getting your muscles to fire in those compounds is similar to a swing in that you have different parts firing at different speeds doing different things.
  14. I'm a big fan of the habitat, fun design and many of the holes are by themselves which is nice. Everyone says Duran has the nicest conditions but the course is boring to me Holes 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 (kinda) 14, 15 are all the same The majors I love the layout, conditions are really hit or miss Viera East, kind of boring at times but large and very fast greens to really test your putting Sand Ridge is in Vero Beach - 2 courses, I love the place just wish it was closer to me Spessard Holland is a par 67 I think really fun course and good conditions
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