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  1. A smooth 8 on a par 5. Hit the Driver unplayable and the second shot couldn't find. Opponent was in the trap long of the green in 3. He proceeded to go long into a bunker in front, left in in the sand, fatted it into the next sand trap, on the green and a two putt 9.
  2. I don't think you can go wrong with any generation, but I picked the current. Well they were all athletes in they're time we are seeing both physical and mental approach pushed as far as possible with most pros. It would be a treat to play them and also to pick their brain on the new athlete age we're in (mostly)
  3. Two come to mind and it was on the same day: Company event and I roll in early to warm up. A couple local police blow by me. I walk into the club house to check in and offer my usual smart response " who died?" Well someone older person died on hole 7 taking a pre dawn walk. Usually that joke works. So the outing begins and my group is assign 16A so we got a crowd watching on a simple par 3 elevated a bit, dead short left and a 4 lane road to the right. I also miss left this hole for some reason, so I adjust my aim and grip and hosel one onto the road square on the door
  4. I think this just goes to the saying' An empty barrel makes the loudest noise'
  5. I haven't read through the entire post but I would say I don't have animosity to the rules them self, but to the idea it's the only way to play. If I'm in an event or counting a round to my HC then yep following them 100%. But if this is a casual round with friends just trying to get like 12 or more holes in after work ect. who cares.
  6. 1. know your miss and how to play for it on a particular hole. 2. on all shots but in particular approaches take a real assessment. Is short, or long a real bad spot to be? Is the pin tight to the left or right? ect and play the shot that gives you the best next one. I'd rather be short and have a 20 yd uphill chip then be 10 yards off short-sided flop over a trap. 3. Bad holes happen don't turn a 5 into a 7 forcing the issue
  7. I checked urban dictionary, it's blank......for now
  8. the 12 players is the overall teams in the whole 3 day event. my question is on how to make a 2 v 1 match up on one day for one match work. I'm an engineer so I confuse people daily
  9. @david.c.w two 6 person teams so 3 matches on this day @Mr. Bean Just changing up formats day 1 is individual stroke play 1 v 1 with each hole worth a point. With the high range of handicaps alternate shot was a no go. Also hoping the match play keeps everything tight into day 3.
  10. just to answer some questions raised the handicap for the player still playing is 15 is missing partner is a 35. who they're playing is unknown that's decided after round 1 and the captains rematch the teams but the other team ranges from 5-45. As for the full format it is a match play scramble with each hole worth 1 point and each 9 hole mini match worth 2 points. so 22 in total can go from the match to the overall team.
  11. So I'm running a golf trip coming up this weekend, while there is some cash on the line, but it is mostly a fun trip. On one day is a 2 v 2 scramble match. One player had a family issue come up on this day and likely can not make it. Any suggestions how how to play the match with as 1 v2? the two Ideas I have are the single goes and plays a 2 ball scramble until getting to the green then just one putt since I'd think putting will be a big advantage being able to hit it twice. The other thought I had was the single playing both shots all the way (putting included) and subtract somet
  12. Best way to picture keep the club from closing down in my mind is thinking of an open right hand or palm facing the target at impact if you're a RH player. I tend to play a normal sized fade but if I start closing the club to quick I get the double cross and will start yanking the ball.
  13. Honestly depends on my mood during a bad casual round. Sometimes I will work on more aggressive shots and see what I can and can not pull off. Other times I'll intentionally grind and see where I can keep the score at when the A and B game have taken a vacation. Both are useful and can be fun IMO.
  14. just to answer everyone questions, it's in two weeks now. Also yes a buggy/cart will be used. I walk occasionally in the winter here in FL, but any other time, especially with our afternoon tee times in this thing that's just a no go on walking in the heat.
  15. Over the last couple months, I've realized the mental game is such an important aspect, especially with course management. I'm a bogey golfer, but until recently I always was playing for bogey even when out of position, this lead to compounding errors and big numbers that ruin your score. I took a look back at my stats and realized I make 3-5 pars a round. Realizing this I can then make 3-5 double bogeys a round a still shoot a bogey golf 90. So I went on an adventure to take out the big numbers and see what would happen. I saw three things happen: My variability in sco
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