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  1. New 35 inches still have sole tape, face insert tape and plastic on the grip. Trades are other Cameron putters, betti, swag, custom flat sticks etc. Sold
  2. Hey all I found a center shaft I really want so this has to go. Has COA but no headcover was made for the tour. recently came back from custom shop but has been gamed 3 rounds. 34 inches has red pistolero grip but not circle t. circle t shaft band sold! 5.5 phantom MOTO blue and white paint fill blue matador grip blue shaft band 34 inches Sold! Newport 2.6 with naked circle t weights 33 inches Traded! 11.5 weld neck done by royal payne comes with kbs black shaft or scotty shaft. 550.00 with lagp shaft 800.00 shipped some paint fill burned out on face from weld job everything is best reasonable offer and also will do trades but need cash mainly for the circle t center shaft I found.
  3. 3 Sunday tickets up for sale 125.00 each. I’ll 2 day ship the tickets.
  4. I have this putter I’m looking to trade. If it interests you let me know. Eric
  5. Jp wedge sold! all that’s left is the astronaut!!! Let’s move this beautiful putter guys!!!
  6. Wedge and putter are only thing left!! Make offers guys! the putter is milled from 316 so it’s unlike anything you guys are used to rolling! Just sticking with my plumbers neck setup so this has to go!
  7. All stuff is best reasonable offer. re vamping the entire set. Come and get it. I will trade. autoflex rainbow sf505 xx ping tip plays 46” Sold!!!!! Head sold with shaft! ventus blue velocore sold! Dancing astronaut flow neck hand hammered bumpers, 1 of 1 turquoise stone inlay. Putter is 2750.00 new 1600.00 obro 316 steel. this putter is unlike any carbon, sss or gss putter you’ve rolled. I just can’t for the life of me putt with a flow neck. Open to all trades just send me my way. small nick on cavity but can’t see at address. Comes with sweet headcover Jp premier alligator back. This thing is insanely cool 58 with modus 105 tour 6 rounds sold!!! pin 9/5
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