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  1. does the shaft have much to do with spin or more so the head?
  2. I was thinking about making the move to a larger iron a la AP3, apex, 919 forged, .... But I don't spin the ball enough for these irons. Not good enough for players irons but don't get enough spin from GI irons. Any GI or semi GI irons that Spin quit a bit? Which would launch the highest?
  3. I use it to my advantage - I hit the low almost thin 3 iron that rolls forever. I never hit the 3 iron outside of a tee ball.
  4. I'll admit I had a small mental block bending irons. I dont know why years ago I was fitted for irons off the rack specs and 2 deg flat. I played them off the rack and got around just fine. I did get fitted again last year as a much better golf and was fit into ap2 with 1 deg weaker loft standard otherwise. The 1 deg weaker increased my launch and spin a bit as I'm a low spin player. I played them stock but again realized I don't spin my irons enough as I hit these ugly low draws that spin left off the green. Now I"m in the market to move to a "players distance iron" a la PXG 031
  5. looking as well. might be the set for 2019
  6. hows the spin on thsde bad boys?? Had a hard time adjusting going from Old Grove SM2 to SM6.
  7. I will be playing Z785 irons this season and I'm tempted to pull the trigger on the hybrids as well. Ive been looking for a 2/4 16-17 and 21-22 ish combo for years. The 816H1 was good and I've been using them since launch but looking for a replacement. The Srixon checks all the boxes in the specs / looks dept but I haven't hit them yet! Anyone??
  8. just an update - ive been using this bag and it's been amazing all year
  9. If contental golf doesn't rechrome irons what can thye do with my Nike VR Blades?
  10. i hit some pure irons today. So good!
  11. 10 Rounds or so should give me an idea if somebody likes it or not.
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