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  1. I typically begin warm up with half swing 7 irons until I feel comfortable (usually 5-7 shots) thinking about three things: * getting loose: priority #1, I’ve been sitting all day and am not the most flexible to begin with * tempo: I find it easier to groove a smooth tempo by not trying to hit to a certain number * hand path / start line: helps me feel the in/out path and see the lines my shots should be starting on An accidental benefit- I now have a repeatable 100/125 yrd 7 iron punch that I can move both ways, which is useful for a guy on the east coast with a wayward driver !
  2. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes! Black 7X in my driver - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 8X - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? A New 3 wood! Have had my OG Diamana Blue 95x in my 3woods for 11 years, and would love to finally upgrade!
  3. I don't think he's wearing an all-white ZG21, it's looked more to me like the EQT spiked: https://www.function18.com/collections/adidas/products/copy-of-adidas-eqt-golf-shoes-fw6256 Not sure I love the sole on those, but would to at least have the option to try them on in the US!
  4. Thanks! Any thoughts on heavier shafts or higher lofted woods? Even if they don't have to be in all 80 stores at the same time?
  5. It'd be helpful to provide a link with the question to who you do actually carry. Without it, somebody has to have already thought through this question, or have to do a bunch of work to figure it out. That said, what would be helpful to have some more options in 1) the heavier X flex shafts, and 2) fairway woods. When I went for my driver fitting and then refitting in 2 locations, and then used my trackman time at a third location, there was maybe 2-3 7X shafts, and none above that to try for fairway woods. And, at least in the first locations, there were zero 5 woods, so I was told I should hit a driving iron instead. I know you can't have everything in stock everywhere all the time, but if there are things that could be ordered for fittings (like a 7X Ventus Red or literally any 5 wood), that would be the more the merrier!
  6. To echo the last two posts: played two rounds in ZG21 in good socks with tabs (Bombas and Balega), and had no issue. However: 1) I was riding, lessening the rub on the heel 2) Midway though both rounds, the very padded tongue had packed out a bit, and I retied both shoes a bit tighter. Prior to that, had felt my feet slipping simply from being sweaty and looser then when I first tied them. So, 100% believe they could easily cause blisters, especially walking in less than ideal socks, and without maintaining the lace lightness throughout the round. For me though, I loved them- feels like a bit less cushion than Code Chaos / full boost, but the lighter weight and traction definitely made a difference.
  7. Just to get this thread back on track, as per the title of the thread... I asked for what others would do in the actual situation I had on weds. Literally zero people on this thread or message board either 1) care that I got an ace, or 2) care to know what your opinion of said ace was. So, are you in the, pretend it never happened camp? And, re: the idea kipping down the fairway and it making you laugh... good! Celebrating and acting ridiculous for a fun achievement are good and healthy things. I genuinely hope everyone has moments of unbridled joy in their life, and doesn't take themselves that seriously as to worry about the opinion of strangers. If it's more your thing to post cynical/ironic gifs on message boards and try to pick & somehow win message board battles, best of luck with that!
  8. Thank you for this piece of searing insight, about a game that is entirely regulated by the players words and honor system! You're entirely correct that third party proof doesn't exist, and for some things in golf, like a paper certificate from my regional PGA section, or establishing a handicap, that's crucial. For getting to have a special moment with my 77 yr old dad thanks to the magic of FaceTime, it's thankfully not!
  9. I'm usually in DC, but right now down in the South Outer Banks in NC. I was playing at a semi-private course called Star Hill. Super fun 27 hole track, the biggest challenge is usually the wind being sneaky above the pine trees. It can get a bit slow with the vacationers during the summer (and toasty when the sun goes up), so I just go out as a single right when they open- with a cart can get around 18 in <2 hours, back home by 9:30. Wish that was possible in DC!!
  10. Love this story, and you should count it! The unique thing to me about aces is that they aren't actually a real validator of actual golf skill or even a perfect shot most times, they're just rare... and in 99.9% of cases, lucky. I certainly didn't intend to back up an 8 iron towards the hole (and obviously wasn't intending it to land 18 inches from the hole)- I was just going trying to fade it into the middle of the green & have it land softly. I personally think the cheesiness of the story is what makes it awesome, and worth celebrating, especially in light of some of the folks who would apparently do nothing . TBH, I think anyone who thinks someone else's ace doesn't count(!) outside of the context of teasing a buddy, probably needs to think hard about why they care so much. Good bounces, bad bounces, random luck with the wind- it's all part of the game. Case in point: whenever I've seen a pro make one in a tournament, they always, always laugh and smile, versus the kind of intense celebrations after a made putt or something. That said, I fully expect to be teased by my buddies about it not counting, forever. That "*" is just too easy.
  11. So, got my first hole in one Weds morning. But, not only was I solo, I was the first out on the course, so didn’t even have anyone within three holes. I had always assumed I’d just scream to the guys on the next hole, but didn’t even have that option! So, I started FaceTiming from the tee box, to have somebody in the moment with me. First- best friend and golf buddy. No answer. Next- wife. No answer. Next- older brother. No answer. Finally- my dad, who would pick up a phone call from me or my brother in any circumstance. Gave him some context, flipped the camera around, and took off down the fairway on a jog. Got to the hole, flipped it around, and had as best a moment as we could manage! Wouldn’t change celebrating it on FT with him for the world. But it got me thinking- what would you do if you hit a solo ace??? And- 1) pic for proof. Ballmark past the hole, one hopped an 8 iron back in. 2) as a odd kicker: finished my round before the 19th hole even opened, so had to wait 15 minutes to find three guys to buy a random beer for. Literally had to ask them if it was cool for me to buy a round. Definitely the cheapest ace I’ve ever heard about.
  12. A bit more on the shoe, plus the non-limited colorways: https://news.adidas.com/golf/solarthon-footwear-inspired-by-longest-day-of-the-year/s/d5fd98d4-8900-4fce-a19d-9c98ebafe3cf The speckle on the boost is looking pretty good:
  13. Small PSA: Adidas.com is running a 30% off sale of full price items for the long weekend, so I just picked up the ZG21 for $126. I didn't see any golf shoes on sale to compound the discount, but still is better than any other deal for the ZG21 I've seen so far.
  14. Btw- here is the link to the full set of photos: https://www.amazon.com/adidas-Codechaos-Primeblue-Spikeless-Shoes/dp/B08NXBKMD8 I saw these IRL a month or two ago by accident when the adidas rep was bringing them by my local indy golf shop. In my memory, they look better IRL than they do in the pictures, but I’m excited to see what a non-knit version looks like. I also saw a more running shoe like boost shoe, and a knit spiked shoe but didn’t get names to look for early photos. Anybody have any info of either of those?
  15. I like my T20's, but can't say that I'm the pickiest about extreme grinds or head shape. Rather, the difference maker for me is the no-upcharge shaft and grip options. Adding a KBS shaft, MCC grip, custom stamping, and preferred swing weight is $276*, while the T20 stays at $149. I know budget and pricing is a personal thing and subjective, but double the price is double the price. * I realize you can order custom options from retail accounts like Global Golf @ $159 a wedge, but felt like direct from Titleist is the most relevant comparison. That's still $50 more per club for (what for me is) identical performance.
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