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  1. sold! Selling my Mevo since I’m getting a skytrak. I just tested it against trackman and it is just as accurate as it was when I first got it. Comes with a roll of silver stickers for balls plus the original packaging, bag, and charging cord. $400
  2. Looking for a mp 20 hmb 2 iron ideally with a kbs $taper 120s shaft.
  3. You were right, Mizuno is replacing it for me! Thanks for the help!
  4. Yeah they do and I registered them. I had them custom built by a fitter so I’d be very surprised if they were fakes. Do you know if I would just contact mizuno directly? Unfortunately I had these built while in Australia and now I’m in NYC.
  5. Honestly I have no idea how this could have happened. Do you know if there any way to have it fixed?
  6. I was hitting my pw today and noticed that the top corner had some damage I’d never seen before. It looks like a scrape and some of the silver cover is chipping off. I have no idea how it happened as I am rather protective of my clubs and I never saw it before today. It is an MP20 MB iron. I asked the guy in the pro shop (who said he is a mizuno rep) and at first he said he thought I hit it against the stall at the range. Once he looked closely he agreed that wasn’t it and he started asking where I got the irons and who made them. I asked if he thought there was an issue bu
  7. Thanks, I will pull the grip off and take a look!
  8. So I just picked up the same shaft and from comparing your pictures, I think one of us has a fake (and I am afraid it is me). If you look at my pictures, there are a few differences I see: 1. The letter "o" in "Tour" - In your shaft, the left inside edge has a bit of the silver band before the black band. On mine, it starts with the black band, no silver band. 2. Where the right tip to the "T" arrow meets the "A" of "AD", your shaft has the tip of the "T" meeting a black band. My shaft doesn't really have that same black band. 3. This one is a bit more difficult to tell w
  9. Thanks. I was hoping someone had something specific to the black ad di as their logos are pretty different.
  10. Are there any specs out on how to spot a fake black ad di shaft? I just picked one up and I wanted to be sure it isn’t fake. edit: I’ve seen lots on the Orange but nothing on the black shaft.
  11. Two items up for sale today: 1. SOLD - Evnroll ER5B Putter, 34.25" with a brand new SuperStroke Traxion 2.0 Grip. Bought directly from Evnroll last fall, used for about 15 rounds and the rolled indoors during the winter. Has some wear on the toe edge which probably means my stroke is not great. $225 2. SOLD - Fujikura Pro 2.0 7S 3W shaft with a cobra tip 42.25" - $60
  12. Looking for a MP20 MMC 7i with a $taper s120 shaft. I have a mixed set and my 7i is MB and my ball striking is quite where I need it to be!
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