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  1. I'm looking for some extra players irons with Kbs $taper 120 stiff shafts. I'd be happy with just a couple irons, like 4, 6, 8 or something like that. Don't want anything super old or anything brand new.
  2. For anyone interested, I ended up going with Green Brook. Can’t beat the price plus $0 initiation means im not leaving money on the table if I end up moving further away.
  3. Selling a basically new callaway apex 21 3 hybrid with 2 shafts: 1 - Graphite design Ad-di 85S tipped 0.5” and plays 0.5” short (ie 4H length). I loved the combo of the stiffer shorter shaft. 2 - stock catalyst 70g 6.0 tipped 0.5”. Plays at stock 3H length I got this and the epic max 5w and they are both rockets. I just like the 5w a bit more and I don’t need multiple 225 yard clubs in my bag. Used for 2 rounds, 1 round with each shaft. Asking 260obo. $420 direct from callaway with just the addi shaft. SOLD
  4. I’m wondering the same thing. I have a mevo+ and I thought it was just 1 metal dot.
  5. That was mid year discount and and under 35.
  6. Yeah, 25k initiation is steep since I don’t know exactly where I’m going to move to but the annual dues are very reasonable.
  7. For now, on the low side. Probably want to wait a few more years before I decide to splurge on something.
  8. Awesome, will do. Thanks so much!
  9. This is awesome, thanks for the info. Hadn't even heard of most of these! $15k was my yearly dues not including f&b and/or carts/caddies but I also don't want a course that requires caddies. I'm thinking Greenbrook might be the play for now esp since they have no initiation and then reassess if/when they sell.
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