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  1. 18th on the brabazon course you are hitting across the fairway, the hole stretches diagonally away from you bottom right to top left from the tee. So his tee shot was worse on his final hole but he hit it more left therefore cutting more of the corner off. He hit it better but was more right so had 200+ yards in on the playoff, he's also not the longest hitter so I think he had to hit a fairway wood to clear the water.
  2. I am in the UK and can watch each shot on the masters app
  3. Doesn't appear so. You can see his ball hit the green when DJ and Na are putting out but that's it. You also lost the context of the match when Long and MacIntyre were putting out, after missing his birdie Long conceded and I thought given the circumstances of the match it was a very generous concession, not realising at the time Bob's putt was for eagle not biride.
  4. Bob MacIntyre HAS to win the final hole to progress to the knockouts at the WGC matchplay, if he halves or loses it Adam Long progresses, and he drives the green 371 yards to 2 feet and wins with a conceded eagle putt. One of the shots of the year and we don't see it on the broadcast even though it was a group deciding hole. Shocking coverage. If it was DJ doing this on the final hole to win the group they'd be milking it for weeks across the media. Not seeing enough appreciation out there for Bob's shot, probably due to the appalling coverage, so thought I'
  5. Hmm removing loose impediments is one thing and ok, but to me that is improving his lie but no one called it out on commentary so I'm not sure
  6. VID_20210124_105600(1)(2).mp4 He hits the ball against a tree stump just in front of him and is clearly unplayable, as he gets to his ball he smooths out the dirt to the right, and then appears to have dropped the ball in the area he has smoothed out? That can't be allowed surely? See the video, I think the white pole cannot be used as a reference point as that gets moved to the left before he drops the ball.
  7. For some reason it really tickled me that in his SkySports animation DJ forgets to actually look at his yardage book, then realises and corrects himself ?
  8. You can play PGA courses from the rough, but you can't play this course from the rough and the Americans don't seem to have grasped that yet
  9. His weakness has always been putting. Tee to green he is as good as anyone in world golf.
  10. Greens right on the edge going to be unplayable soon
  11. Like a cartoon sound effect... unnecessarily loud..
  12. Anyone know how many water balls at 17 there were this year at the players? Can't seem to find this info! Thanks
  13. The Impact Bag provides a snapshot of actual impact position. It's the best training aid out there IMO. I very much disagree. 9 times out of 10 the issue with "my practice swing is great" is that the clubface is wide open. So in a real swing you need to manufacture something to attempt to square the face. The impact of an impact bag basically forces you into a good impact position in terms of face and wrist angles. It provides no feedback to help you do the same in a real swing. This x1000 I went through the exact same practice swing Vs real swing and its because there is no consequen
  14. Hi everyone Just wondered if people out there use different putting techniques/setups for different situations? We all hit different kinds of shots in other areas of the game and would never address the ball in the same way for each, but I noticed recently that I use the same putting setup whether it’s trying to hole out from a few feet, 60 ft lag putt or 15ft left to righter etc. I suppose my technique has evolved from trying to putt along my intended line, and I consider myself a good putter from close range, but it seems to be at the expense of good lag putting which is what I struggle
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