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  1. more crazy the color, the better!! full set preferred , but could even do just 3 if thats all you had. Thanks
  2. Quick post! 1) Brand new in plastic TEE CBx Hybrid 20* 85h X flex shaft. Never seen a ball. $110 (or trade for something cool!! 2) Scotty shaft pull. Looks to be mint. Not sure what it came out of but has scotty band and got it off here assuming i would use it lol. Had Super stroke grip and weight (no tool) which looks to be new. $45 (or trade for whatever) **LOVE TRADES** could use a 50* vokey, or a set of wedge heads 50,54,60; cool driver heads, iron heads, bb&f ferrules, hats.. just try me !! :) MSG me with any Qs, i
  3. i am trying to msg about the brown ferrules..but i think your inbox is full. im super interested! please msg me when you can!!:)
  4. I guess faster and evenly , will playing them be the best way to get a consistent look and rust ?
  5. Got them a week ago and this is how they look one week just sitting in my room. Maybe I'll just assemble and let rust naturally, I dont think itll take long?
  6. Thanks, do i soak the whole club in a bath of it or wrap a paper towel that was soaked in coke? or either? Also, if it rusts too much do i just rub down with a brillo pad or scotch brite?
  7. Just got my Bridgestone j15cb heads back from the strippers and they are bare metal. Do i assemble these the same as normal clubs?? And also any way to make them rust faster? Anything i need to be cautious about or any upkeep??
  8. Would be open to trading. I am in the market for a 50* Vokey (head only ok), Hybrid X flex(head ok) or maybe something else you may have LOL If not, I will sell as a lot. You will receive the 10 sleeves in the pic! Thank you, all are new!!! $50 shipped $50
  9. Hello, I have a set of Bridgestone j15 heads, 4-PW. I purchased a new set of KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts. Lengths are as followed.. Inches - Club 39.5 (5i) 39 (6i) 38.5 (7i) 38 (8i) 37.5 (9i/W) 37.5 (9i/W) 37.5 (9i/W) Can i make these work in a 4- Pw set and just cut the length i like in my current set up? Now my real questions.. They are new shafts, I have built a set of irons but a few years back; I know i don't just throw them in the heads and cut dow correct? I have to trim the tip first 'X' amount ? then ins
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