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  1. Looking for a 50° , +.5" a must, steel shaft stiff or x. Mid grip a big plus. Thanks. Really would like an sm6 or sm5, but other vokeys ok but on a budget for sure
  2. Prefer a sigma t, but an 8802 is just as good with me! Or any other putter with that same "blade" design. Thanks just lmk
  3. Thanks!^ it's just sitting in my room idk what to do with it either lol
  4. I have this Scotty cameron shaft I got in a trade but no idea for what putter? If you can tell from a pic that would be awesome! I was just going to hit Ebay or something to get a head for this and maybe have a scotty on the cheap lol. Thanks everyone !
  5. HELLO, I have one club up here for you guys to check out. ** I prefer tho to trade this for a 50* Vokey, model not too important, mid grip is a plus! Condition used is ok. *Would really need to be 37" tho!!!* ----- Hi Toe ------ Condition: Excellent! Grip: New, used one range session. GP Tour Wrap Shaft: KBS Hi Rev 2.0 120 36" PRICE: $90 free shipping in 48 US
  6. only warrior set left!! THANK YOU EVERYONE SO FAR!! LETS GET THIS SOLD ! WRX community is the best!!!
  7. Hello, to start I wanted everyone reading this to know these clubs were sent to me free of charge from a fellow member Andrew 'chetterchez'. He also sent me pictures of his house in Tennessee, which was completely flattened by recent tornadoes. Obviously, his hands are busy right now and needed me to list his items for him to help him raise a little money and also pay it forward to a fellow WRX'r. As you will see below, prices are way more then fair; and he made it clear to me to lower the prices to pay it forward to a fellow member here, and he also gave me a link to his GoFundMe account that
  8. 1. I just re gripped for my first time during the holidays in my dads garage, solvent stains on the carpet below (woops) and logos are all crooked but live and learn !:) now I do friends and family I'm getting better lol. 2. I try to regri every year! 3. I'm obsessed with the mmc align , midsize 4. Tour tradition .. I'm simple !
  9. Hello, a few odds and ends. Sorry pics are not perfect but if you need more or different angles please let me know! I will do my best to describe them as well! Prices do include shipping, bag cost a tad more to ship for me but is still included in price! ~~ I do love trades, nothing real specific but i LOVE cool irons like Bridgestone J15s, Mizzys, Srixons, any real CB or MB blades im sure i can't hit anyways lol. Scotty Putters and memorabilia is also a favorite! just let me know, i like cash a little more but worst i say is no thanks! 1) Augusta Travel Bag BRAND NEW in box. I will pro
  10. Hello. If you have ANY questions please dont hesitate. Open to some trades just ask , I do really like Bridgestone irons (J15 cbs) and open to other clean looking CBs, condition doesn't need to be nice for me. I usually can ship within 24 hours, but if not will get it out shortly after that! Feedback is perfect here and ebay and offerup 1) Odyssey White Hot Pro V Line Won it in a tournament , my putter is very similar so I dont need another lol . BRAND NEW IN WRAPPER! 35". White hot putter imho are the best feeling putters! $150 2) Warrior Driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood. Regular flex shafts.
  11. All for sale, shipping is included in the price , I usually ship within 24 hours. I will entertain trades but cash is king :) I know I'm not a pro photographer so sorry , but can send more pics no problem !! Please ask Top trade items.. J15s, MB2s, CB/MB titleist Ok heres what I got ... 1) Scotty Cameron Catalina Has an awesome patina to it, definalty my favorite blade I've ever played! Has a few knicks and scratches but nothing major at all. It will NOT come with the headcover shown...I'm thinking it could be a fake :,( if anyone has info on it they can comment or pm me about it .
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