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  1. I have this beautiful silver bag! Has a couple very small tears, and a couple of small scuffs. Other then that this bag is awesome! All zippers work as they should! Stands up no issue! Rain hood is in great condition!! I am located in Orange County CA. Pick up for $120. I will ship, but need full cost paid Can send more pics if needed! Open to fun trades , cash is king!
  2. I did not hit the woods, i was scared they would break but i REALLY want too. I do have a higher swing speed, will they be ok?
  3. Thanks! I just hit one of the irons at the range for fun and WOW these things are still amazing! Thanks!!
  4. This set is extremely clean for their age! I do not know too much about them, but they are great eye candy!! If you know something about these, feel free to PM me -Irons: 3-PW, in fantastic condition for their age! $120 -Woods: 1,3,4 These show a little more wear then the irons $50 $150 takes the set! *bag not included, will sell the bag for local pick up (Huntington Beach, CA)
  5. Quick post! 1) Brand new in plastic TEE CBx Hybrid 20* 85h X flex shaft. Never seen a ball. $110 (or trade for something cool!! ***TRADED!!!!!*** 2) Scotty shaft pull. Looks to be mint. Not sure what it came out of but has scotty band and got it off here assuming i would use it lol. Had Super stroke grip and weight (no tool) which looks to be new. $45 (or trade for whatever) **LOVE TRADES** could use a 50* vokey, or a set of wedge heads 50,54,60; cool driver heads, iron heads, bb&f ferrules, hats.. just try me !! :) MSG me with any Qs, i have perfect feedback on ebay and before they changed here!!
  6. i am trying to msg about the brown ferrules..but i think your inbox is full. im super interested! please msg me when you can!!:)
  7. I guess faster and evenly , will playing them be the best way to get a consistent look and rust ?
  8. Got them a week ago and this is how they look one week just sitting in my room. Maybe I'll just assemble and let rust naturally, I dont think itll take long?
  9. Thanks, do i soak the whole club in a bath of it or wrap a paper towel that was soaked in coke? or either? Also, if it rusts too much do i just rub down with a brillo pad or scotch brite?
  10. Just got my Bridgestone j15cb heads back from the strippers and they are bare metal. Do i assemble these the same as normal clubs?? And also any way to make them rust faster? Anything i need to be cautious about or any upkeep??
  11. Would be open to trading. I am in the market for a 50* Vokey (head only ok), Hybrid X flex(head ok) or maybe something else you may have LOL If not, I will sell as a lot. You will receive the 10 sleeves in the pic! Thank you, all are new!!! $50 shipped $50
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