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  1. Would be open to trading. I am in the market for a 50* Vokey (head only ok), Hybrid X flex(head ok) or maybe something else you may have LOL If not, I will sell as a lot. You will receive the 10 sleeves in the pic! Thank you, all are new!!! $50 shipped $50
  2. BB&F Co would be preferred, but open to other quality ones too. Send a quick pic, brighter and crazier the better. Must fit .355
  3. Hello, I have a set of Bridgestone j15 heads, 4-PW. I purchased a new set of KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts. Lengths are as followed.. Inches - Club 39.5 (5i) 39 (6i) 38.5 (7i) 38 (8i) 37.5 (9i/W) 37.5 (9i/W) 37.5 (9i/W) Can i make these work in a 4- Pw set and just cut the length i like in my current set up? Now my real questions.. They are new shafts, I have built a set of irons but a few years back; I know i don't just throw them in the heads and cut dow correct? I have to trim the tip first 'X' amount ? then ins
  4. How would i know for sure? Someone on the classifieds told me they looked fake and want to make sure!
  5. Really ? I promise I didnt have an idea. Can you pm me on why and I'll delete the ad !
  6. Looking to sell. Had perfect feedback here and also on eBay. 1) Titleist 718mb 3-PW Heads Only: PLEASE READ: 3-PW heads, all in good condition, they were used but not abused. Only mark I would point out would be on the 7i(top/toe area) These heads felt light to me when I hit them, not sure if that is normal or not but they were extremely fun to hit, just could not kick the Bridgestones out $460 *** I HAVE BEEN TOLD THESE ARE MOST LIKELY FAKE, MAKE ME AN OFFER AND I WILL SELL AS IS ASSUMING THESE ARE FAKES! THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP PEOPLE!!!*** 2) Bri
  7. Looking for a set of Stiff or X Stiff steel iron shafts and a set of 4-PW for a set of Bridgestone j15 heads Also would be looking for BB&F Ferrules Really would need to be +.5" or 1" .355 tips, no grips are ok, but if they are Mid Size maybe ill keep them on... Stiff or X Stiff I am on a bit of a budget so cant do anything crazy, so let me know what you have and ill check it out and see if they fit my swing.
  8. thank you for that! professionals will handle this from all this info! Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info! Appreciate it! I know alot of people dont like the idea of doing that but to me I know I'm not a professional golfer so mind as well have fun and enjoy a project with my dad and go hitem! But I hope I dont regret it, I've wanted to do this for years and finally got a set
  10. I have a set of J15cb iron heads on their way to me. I am determined to strip them raw. I have seen a few videos online with some mixed results and I was curious if anyone has any input, any at all on what to do; where to start, and upkeep on them... ( also are j15s plated?) ANY info would be very helpful!! Thank you!
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