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  1. Take both for $old pp and shipping included Brand new w/tags and in bag navy Zero Restriction size Medium rain pants. They weight about 2ozs so throw them in your bag for those chilly mornings around the corner and forget they are there! Or use them as rain gear... If you arent too familiar with Zero Restriction, its really some of the best gear money can buy. Retail on ZRs website is $215+ tax so lets say $old Also a brand new w/tags and in the bag pair of navy Nike Flex Standard Fit 32x32 pants. Retail on these are $95+tax so lets say $old.
  2. I recently heard the term in the book "The Infinite Game" by Simon Sinek. Think he was referring to the price gouging by Mylan for the Epipen in 2016 and ALL the nonsense with Wells Fargo also in 2016 when he mentioned it. If you like reading nonfiction/business i 100% recommend it. Great audio book too bc he reads it himself. Its a very thought provoking book.
  3. Prime example of ethical fading This is wrong on every conceivable level its almost impossible to see it from their point of view. The fact “leaders” of the PGA even allow this is embarrassing. This is EXACTLY how you alienate your loyal following which drives your annual revenue.... I would guess at least 3/4 of the guys on tour have good morals and couldnt actually accept the cash for themselves. Whats Tiger going to do with an extra $5-8mil??? I dont know his current net worth but id guess thats like someone making $100k/year getting a $200 bonus.
  4. You need to mention this post is NSFW!! My wife would probably be convinced i was cheating on her if i had these. For multiple reasons 1. Id have to hide the fact i spent $4k+ on a set of irons 2. Id contantly be sneaking away to hold/look at them 3. Pretty sure id end up literally sleeping with a few of them. As amazing as these are I dont want to know what that kind of awkward feels like
  5. Avon Chamois. They are a little different in that they have ribs inside that dampen vibrations. AWESOME feel! I live in probably one of the most humid places in America and they have just as much tackiness as any rubber grip out there. Dont even need a glove with them. I got a couple from Golf Works a couple years ago and put one on my range 7 iron. Ive hit enough balls with that club to wear a brown spot on face with 1 of those grips. Think they are like $4.25/ea. When it does get a tad slick a quick wipe with a damp towel and its like brand new grip.
  6. Ohh man kudos to you SPIF for handling this with tact! ”Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions!” -Big Worm in Friday Sounds like corporate ethical fading/blindness at its best. They charge you $135 for an honest mistake (congratulations on being human! Btw) they also got paid for the correct $450 transaction... Im not putting words into paypals mouth but it sounds like according to them if i: -walked into GolfGalaxy -grabbed a new Sim2 -paid for it -then on my way to the car realized i grabbed the wrong flex shaft or loft. -instantly turned around at that moment and went back into the store. -They would then charge me ~$15-20 to swap it out? AND after they charged me to swap i would happily buy a few dozen pro-Vs from them??? No... Just NO! Little bit of irony, Elon Musk last week made a comment how great companies focus on making a better prod/service for the customer vs all the arbitrary b.s. that goes on in the corporate world. Think he is still a big share holder in PP though i doubt he has much involvement. IMO Paypal fees are too high for the service they provide. Specially since neither one of you are able to speak with someone that can help. BUT on a positive note continued actions such as this create new opportunities for the next guy...
  7. They also tear up the floorboards of the carts. Another big expense for golf courses eliminated. Every car we had growing up the rear bumper was destroyed from my dad putting on his golf shoes. I have a couple sets of the Champ metal Stingers. LOVE them when its real damp/soggy out. I actually didnt use them last year at all since i feel like a complete criminal sneaking them out past the first tee. I 100% agree they do less damage to greens compared to a Black widow or Pulsar (IF you pick your feet up). Some soft spikes destroy greens even if you walk properly. When i first got a set of the metal stingers i did a little comparison between them in wet conditions and it was nearly impossible to tell where the metal spike was whereas the Pulsars left marks everywhere. Again it all comes down to picking your feet up properly. Some people just cant handle that task specially if they are more of a drinker than a golfer. I remember when soft spikes came out and my dad telling me “ohh these new softspikes are supposed to have better traction”. That never made sense to me and the concept “planned obsolescence” is very much a real thing....
  8. Haha lots of great ideas in this thread! Reminds me of when i was little. My dad (who too was OBSESSED w/golf and why im here) had to collect a urine sample of our 110lb golden retriever. Now how is one supposed to do that?? EASY! Tape the cup to the end of an old wedge and follow the dog around the yard of course! Also wedges are a fantastic tool for picking up the huge messes toddlers/small children can leave behind.
  9. I didnt even know the orig rev33 had tungsten in them. I glanced at them on cobras site when they released. After a bit of drool looking at the pictures i noticed the price. Closed out that tab quicker than a teenager getting busted on the skin sites! Also seems like Rickie has been experimenting with too many things at one time. Cant imagine its helping his game much at all. I do remember seeing a “day in Rickies life” video a couple years ago and one clip showed him on his laptop and it was 100% the WRX forum he was scrolling through. Maybe hes been on here more and we have been a bad influence on him causing him to tinker more
  10. Are you referring to the C-Taper lite? I always thought the X flex C-Taper was the 130. X-flex C-Tapers are no joke! They arent too far behind a PX 7.0 or the X7s. x100=130gr KBS: (per golfworks) C Taper x flex=130gr C TAPER Lite x flex= 115gr Tour V x flex=115gr Tour 105 x flex=115gr Tour x flex= 130gr Tour s flex= 120 It sounds like you are very much a feel guy and already know what results you are looking for. You will be best served by going to your local fitter and testing what works/feels the best to you. If you like the x100 but are looking to step down in weight and keep the X flex id suggest demoing the KBS Tour Velvet. Also try the normal KBS Tours in 120gr. Personally i think the Tours play very close to the X100 just a tad smoother and maybe a tiny bit more height. Usually when you go down in weight the ball will go up. Prob mostly due to a slight speed increase. Despite the marketing talk there really is only so much that can be tweaked on a straight hollow piece of metal. Also i highly suggest getting something like pro soft inserts. I go to Home Depot and get “backer rod” it should be in bath area. Little WD40 and shove those down the butt end of shaft. Makes a HUGE difference in helping elbows/joints.
  11. I dont watch much tv but Schitts Creek is a good one. Its a little different specially at first but after a few episodes it finds its stride and its HILARIOUS!
  12. My guess would be it was to smooth off the tungsten plugs they added to them. Why they didnt figure that part out on the first 32 go arounds is beyond me. The tungsten has been a part of their mb/cb clubs the last 4 years
  13. Cant wait to see what the putter line up will consist of! Definitely cool idea using 3d printing. The possibilities are endless with it. Would/will be a strange day in the future when you can get online, design your own 1 off putter in the morning and have it at your door before your league tee time that afternoon.
  14. What about doing something like getting an old food truck and setting up a shop in it, traveling around to mini tour/am or even good size charity events in your area? Unless someone is already doing it? Might be a decent way to MVP your idea and build a client list pretty quick. Could do it mostly on the weekends while you hold down your finance job. Completely random guess numbers: GC2/Trackman or even Skytrak $1,500-15,000 Last years model ipad $500 Older yet decent truck-$5-10k Club building/repair supplies- $1-3k Tools/misc operating costs $1-5k (probably forgetting something) Seems like you could be up and running for $9k-33.5k I wouldnt exactly call the launch monitor and truck an asset but you could potentially get a decent chunk of that change back if you dont see any potential by the end of the summer. Heck the club building stuff like grips go in a heart beat on the BST here. Heck that would position you in the convenience category and that my friend you can charge extra for!!
  15. Better sit down for this one... Do you have the resources to do this? If not no big deal but you will need to find them. Are you a pretty creative person? Business isnt a one size fits all kinda deal. Each one has its own unique problems. Is there room in your market? Is golf equipment/indoor sims in your area underserved and projected min 5-10% growth the next 5 years? Next id suggest taking the class through Golfworks/Maltby on club building and repair. Next is first and foremost its a small business NOT A HOBBY! (unless you have enough cash stashed to live out life) . -DO NOT “hook up friends” just bc you can. That crap will eat away at your money AND more importantly your time! Entrepreneurs DONT DO MOST OF THE WORK! They identify the problems, figure out the solutions, create the systems and hire other people to do the work. -READ READ READ the books! -7 Havits of Highly Effective People -Dale Carnagie- Win Friends -1 Page Marketing Plan -Pumpkin Plan -Go-Giver series -Plus many more. Dont ever stop reading/learning. If Warren Buffet still does it a min of 8 hours a day than you should do a min of 1-2 hours a day GET A MENTOR!!!! or 3 Preferably a successful one with retail experience. You could even start doing that today! Also cultivate relationships w/other businesses and influential people that serve your same target market. All in all its business. Its pretty easy bc its all about people. Take care of the right people and the numbers will take care of themselves. Numbers are important but in todays culture too much stress is put on the numbers. Your numbers are like the gauges in your car. They will let you know where things are and if anything needs fixing. Other than that dont waste too much time on them. Keep your eyes on the road always looking for new ways to better serve your top customers. Are you going to be price, quality or convenience?? Lastly its a business. It can be challenging and you WILL have 100+ hour weeks unless you already have endless resources. Specially if this is your first go around with owning/operating a business. -You will fall down and get hurt. -You will have many sleepless nights But like a child it has the potential to give you the most satisfying feeling ever if done right. While a bit morbid you just have to ask yourself “If i were on my death bed today would i regret not opening up that shop?” NOW lastly and most importantly take everything i just typed and forget it. It was free advise so you probably wont do much with it. “We only pay attention to what we pay for”. Where the term “my 2 cents came from” bc thats about the value people put on it. Hopefully im wrong bc more than anything in the world i HATE seeing business owners struggle more than anything and it really isnt that difficult. FWIW Im currently working on business number #5 and #6 at the ripe age of 36. #1,2,3 i learned many lessons.. #4 had some pretty good success and bigger lessons #5,6 ill probably learn more lessons each one was a big improvement over the last Its only a failure if you didnt learn anything... You can ALWAYS make more money but you cant get back your time. The goal is NOT to serve everyone. You cant be friends with everyone. No deal is better than a bad deal. When those situations arise tell them your comp might be able to better serve them and let them deal with the grumpy [email protected]$tard!!
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