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  1. One CANNOT go wrong with a golden! They are 110% worth all the hair on everything you own. We got one when i was about 8-9 and he was truly one awesome best friend. I swear that dog was smarter and had better empathy/listening skills than lots of people. The amount of love and affection they give everyday could make the sourest of people happy.
  2. Looks like he missed that phone pole right next to the road! This couldve been a much worse situation. Its selfish at this moment to worry about seeing him play let alone win more majors. Lets just be grateful he is still with us and can share his knowledge of this game we all love! From the pictures we couldve been very easily singing a different tune at this moment. FWIW remember he has won with a broken leg before... maybe not compound fracture but screws/plates can fix those. Painful as a sum &!tch not to mention if they have to cut muscles/tendons and the rehab if they do
  3. Id go play a few rounds with them and make the decision right then and there. Move on and not worry about it ever again. Whats done is done. If you decide a year or 3 down the road and they are crazy expensive. Get creative in raising the funds. Or you never know maybe you will be rolling in cash by then and it wont be a big deal.
  4. Meet Hank! My loyal sidekick for the last 9 years now. NEVER a dull moment with him.
  5. I feel your pain! Dont you also love the fact they still charge you full price even when they shut daycare down?? Its pretty much straight robbery!! Its like paying greensfees and not being allowed to play just on a MUCH greater scale. But we are lucky the kids have had somewhere to go. I think hemorrhoid surgery without anesthetics would be more enjoyable than having my 2 hooligans stuck at home for more than a week. Theyd probably literally burn the place down.
  6. 3/8” drill bit= .375” (one of the most common bit sizes like your 10, 13, 15 and 19mm wrenches) .370-.355=.015”= 3/200 of an inch!! Grind the tip most the way flat on drill bit, throw it in yer Dewalt, low speed w/light to med pressure. I typically use some used engine oil (15w40 here bc i always have LOTS of it) and go to town. You really cant mess it up. Like stated before you will be taking down .015 of an inch and yea yea yea i get it 3/8”=.375” NOT .370” so you have an extra .0025” on each side. Need room for epoxy right?? Guess if you really want to get anal about it jus
  7. G30 SF TEC 12* driver and matching 3 wood with both adaptors and driver head cover. Even throw in a brand new Ping wrench with the deal. Sold. takes it all shipped via UPS or Fedex to your door. Figure the funds from this sale can be spent on some jr size clubs or books for one of the local kids programs instead of just sitting in the garage doing nothing. Driver is in great shape with a pin head size scratch in the crown which cannot be seen at address and if you really want to get technical a quick dab of a sharpie and i doubt youd ever be able to find it. Being the SF m
  8. Agreed. They really would be awesome in raw form!
  9. Prices include shipping with tracking to lower 48 via UPS or FedEx (I am willing to ship elsewhere at an agreed upon price) TW Nike Vr Pro irons- $old (A WRX brotherhood deal cheeper than anything i can find on the bay and recently saw a set of heads only in similar condition go for more) Grab you a piece of golf club history thats getting harder and harder to find! They arent brand new and do have a couple war wounds but over all they are in very good shape for their age and have TONS of life left in them. Pics do the talking. Ive had them for over a year and still like to ju
  10. *Take both Vokeys for $100!* Prices include USPS shipping CONUS with tracking. Can arrange UPS/FEDEX if buyer would like at their cost. Fellow Canadians i dont discriminate on yall and will ship north of the border for a couple/few extra dollars. best REASONABLE offer I will be around the homestead and able to ship shortly after payment received First pay/first served. I will NOT hold anything till your uncles neighbor comes over with the cash he owes you from mowing his yard last summer. That being said if you need 5-10 min to log into pay-pal or switch some cash to the "
  11. What are the iron shafts w/grey GP grips in top pic off to the left?
  12. Great price on those TS2 heads! Ive heard nothing but great praises about them.
  13. More important question is: Is your foundation actually curved? Or is it camera trickery? If it is round that has to be one really awesome house!
  14. Those 770s shouldnt last long. Far superior to the 760s imo. One of my (many) dream sets is a blend of 750s/770s.
  15. Maybe to distinguish it from the 9??? Some put a dot or a dash under the 6 and/or 9 but like the saying goes “there are a million ways to skin a cat” Either way they are awesome looking! These Uniteds remind me of Orka irons and correct me if im wrong, they are both European brands not so prevalent here in the states. Both great brands they just dont vomit nonsense marketing all over us like some others do.
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