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  1. What are the iron shafts w/grey GP grips in top pic off to the left?
  2. Great price on those TS2 heads! Ive heard nothing but great praises about them.
  3. More important question is: Is your foundation actually curved? Or is it camera trickery? If it is round that has to be one really awesome house!
  4. Those 770s shouldnt last long. Far superior to the 760s imo. One of my (many) dream sets is a blend of 750s/770s.
  5. Maybe to distinguish it from the 9??? Some put a dot or a dash under the 6 and/or 9 but like the saying goes “there are a million ways to skin a cat” Either way they are awesome looking! These Uniteds remind me of Orka irons and correct me if im wrong, they are both European brands not so prevalent here in the states. Both great brands they just dont vomit nonsense marketing all over us like some others do.
  6. Com’on WRXers. How are these still available??? This is probably the last new set in existence. Id buy them but with the wifes current mood being stuck home with the kids she would for sure go all “Elin” w/the 7 iron if any clubs showed up at the door right now.
  7. I definitely suggest checking out Zen Golf by Joesph Parent. Interesting book on the mental aspect of the game and actually some of the info can be used outside of golf in "the real world" (if you are interested in going out there for some strange reason)
  8. I have to agree with all the positive reviews here about these. That and they look 100X better with all the orange gone.
  9. Sweet looking irons! I say you keep them and practice hitting them more. Eventually it will click and you WILL be able to hit them.
  10. Another option if you dont have the slope and are truly in the lowest area around is something called a “dry well”. You basically dig out a pit where you want your water to collect (away from any possible future or present structures or driveways). Ones ive done in the past have been roughly 7’x7’ wide and 3’-4’ deep. Being a single family home on a city lot you can probably get away with putting in a much smaller one. Line the pit w/heavy duty landscape fabric then fill the pit up with 1” stone or crushed concrete. Run your drainage tile to the top of pit then a layer or two of heavy landsca
  11. So the wedges are still cheeper to buy separately? $170x2=$340 or the pair for $360??? we arent here to give you a hard time its just “when you confuse them you lose them”
  12. I hate that sinking feeling in the stomach when the wife gets too close to my bench in the garage. My natural reaction is to throw a smoke screen soon as she crosses “the red zone” (if im around). Usually claim there is a big snake or spider near by. That sends her RIGHT back inside the house. Though im sure she is starting to notice there always seems to be a critter when she gets near my bench.... Time to shift spots.
  13. Hands down one of the most over looked, best feeling and most predictable irons available. Wishing i never got rid of mine and going to order another full set of the MBs once im done deciding which shaft to go with. The finish is also the real deal, i beat mine like a drum for over a year and the finish didnt look much different from the day i got them.
  14. Small butane torch, an insulated leather glove and a bit of patients my friend. Kinda hard to mess up irons and steel shafts. Just dont get them so hot your hosels turn blue...
  15. You sir win “WRX-er of the year” for this. Not sure if that title exists but you got my vote and im sure a bunch of fellow WRX-ers would agree. Now i hope someone sets their pride to the side and takes you up on your offer.
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