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  1. People need to post a image of them or move along with all this he said she said…
  2. In need for some led golf balls for this upcoming weekend. Anyone have any let me know ASAP! Thanks!
  3. Callaway ProChrome coming 2022
  4. I noticed that too… even though the auctions have ended I still clicked and reported the auction as counterfeit. No idea if eBay will do anything for the buyers. crappy. Dude is straight up buying alibaba/DHgate fake crap and reselling.
  5. Everyone is waiting on the new 4 piece… probably won’t be till 2022.
  6. Everyone should like the new black color
  7. Oh I did… he said they are real and how could I even tell. I replied stating the obvious that they have no serial numbers, etc.
  8. Is there a shame thread? Like why would buy obviously known fake golf equipment, and then try and sell it as the real thing? These can’t get any worse, and obvious fakes! This dude needs to get shamed, this is very bad for our sport! https://offerup.co/vaOxKcJfPib
  9. If anyone wants to know why the 4 piece have not came out yet… https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/08/16/busted-nearly-10000-counterfeit-golf-clubs-seized-china/
  10. Get yourself a BagBoy revolver bag… you can thank me later
  11. I just picked up these new 4 pieces performance + at Costco this morning, and played a round. Nothing but great things am seeing for the price.
  12. Pictures from eBay… not mine. You be surprised how many people after hole 1 leave the head cover off. Bag chatter.
  13. The worst? Hands down has to be not playing a ball you think your playing… wasn’t a ProV1 after all
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