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  1. They should be... I just ordered 6g from TM site on Monday arriving Thursday... just use the search button on their site... spider weight.
  2. Wishful thinking... most likely just the grey color code name they are using.
  3. Still no solid metal milled face from what’s out there... disappointing.
  4. I’m thinking this upcoming week is pre sales and will be Feb... not March
  5. Should be fine to post... for F*cks sakes it’s only till 19th next week they will be showing them off. When does everything else leak pictures but this putter?
  6. Some thing must be coming... spider x putter link on Taylormadegolf site has no results... every other putter link has been working. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/taylormade-putters-spiderx/?view=grid
  7. Just update.... I believe Costco has only a limited number of Lefty putters online only right now if anyone is interested. https://www.costco.com/kirkland-signature-ks1-putter---left-handed.product.100716973.html
  8. I will take your review with a grain of salt when you say you play 6 times a year and then go on to say you can make a lot of different grinds work. For your last comment about returns, sounds like you are one of the many that should have your Costco membership pulled. As far as the wedges, they are a great value, and can’t comment too much on them with only 1 round in with the set. 52 was money for me 90yds out on only 2 shots landing within 5’ both shots, with the 56 out of 1 bunker landing it 2ft from the pin. 60deg haven’t touched yet. They defiantly feel a lot lighter
  9. Core is confirmed new in the V2... now we need confirmed comparison distance and spin numbers
  10. Yeah I don’t think the balls are updated yet... end of the year or early 2021 the updated ones will be released I thought.
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