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  1. Went to Piretti yesterday for a fitting. Really cool experience and the people couldn’t have been nicer. Was torn between the 488 elite and firenze 303. Ended up with the firenze. No toe hang suits my stroke best. Some really pretty putters in there!
  2. Odyssey Two Ball Tour Lined 33-34". Needs to be in good condition
  3. Wow. Let me take out a second mortgage real quick.
  4. FJ premieres are my favorite spiked shoe right now with adidas tour 360 right behind it. FJ looks better, more stability but sizing is tricky. ecco s three are hands down the most comfortable shoe I own. Great grip too but lacks a little stability for me. Gallivanters are good but the outsides of the shoes are starting to wear out. It’s as if they force my weight to the outside of my foot (never happens on other shoes). Great grip but they pick up every leaf and pine needle on the course
  5. Probably easier to just buy a pair of spikeless shoes
  6. I’m a 9.5 in adidas, 9.5 in Gallivanter and 9 reg w/ thick socks or 8.5 wide in premiere
  7. Snag a big towel from hotel and drape it over the woods. Only way to go
  8. Mine has held up really well in the rain. Had it for 2 years and love it
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