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  1. went for a fitting today at CC looks like apex 19 is still the clear winner between all the irons. but i did get a little intel that the apex pros are getting updated and no longer getting produced
  2. if based on aesthetics zx7 is a no go. almost like Srixon's designers got a little carried away and lost that clean look
  3. That's interesting... Because 770 is at 33* vs 31* for 921. I think im just going play out the season with the Apex and get something next year. All this new gear coming out is giving me buyers anxiety.
  4. OH interesting good to know
  5. i agree they did slim down the length... i play the apex 19 and they are almost as compact. just saw a vid with the TXG guys turning down the loft of the 770 and they play exactly like the 770 just with a smaller head. I tried the 921 and i would say extremely forgiving. thing shots, heel shots toe shots all feel within 5-8 yards of center strike. Not sure about soft... as i equate that more with sound. honestly hit anything out the middle and it will feel soft lol... p770 are just so sexy.... nice thin top line and not so clicky.... i didn't get the best di
  6. I shape the Apex pretty easy. What are your thoughts on 921 forged or mp20 mmc?
  7. YES! finally I think that's what is frustrating when people generalize handicaps with the type of irons they should use. I'm playing to 10 now and I can honestly say that the only thing that I generally give up 5 strokes to bad drives and putts.
  8. Nice what was the up charge on it? Just saw a recent video of the TXG guys tuning P790 /P770 irons down to the same loft 28* 6 iron results were pretty identical so I'm thinking I'll end up doing that. 770 power lofted to 790. With current nippon modus 105s. Considering combo 4/5 iron in P790 but haven't decided. I also tried miz 921 forged. I was leaning towards those also but for whatever reason Im not willing to pull the trigger on them. Something about mizunos that I just don't really care for.
  9. Ping g400 max 9* with ping tour 65s shaft. I was playing old Epic 9* with stock hzrdus t800 55g stiff shaft before and hit bombs with ability to shape the ball pretty well. Gave it away for some reason lol! Ping driver has been solid this season averaging 275. Been able to drive a few greens in the 300 range the last few weeks and yesterday was my longest yet at 326 for an eagle putt! Looking forward to the 425 but I think this one is going to stay in the bag for a little while.
  10. Never tried the FT. maybe I'll give it a test.
  11. I mean of course I care about those numbers, I like everything about the numbers I'm getting for the 770 except for that carry number. So I was considering getting them and going 1.5 degree strong. But not sure if that made sense.
  12. I took the 790 out of the comparisons because of the length of the club face just didn't suit my eye . I bought a set last season played a couple of rounds with them and everytime I set up they just felt more and more chunky. And because I'm interested in the 770s lol. Icould argue the importance the club number both ways. Yes I agree as long as it hits the distance, but at the same time I don't want to have pull a 5 iron 175 out.
  13. playing off 13 with nippon modus 105 stiff non pro apex 19. driver was the issue and now short game gotta love golf hence the Handicap. maybe it was a bad day? maybe some wind? i don't know lol i was testing my buddies muira blades averaging 145 8 iron carry with c taper 120 2 degree flat. i've always been on the fence with a heavier shaft even though i feel it helps my tempo a little more. maybe i should just wait it out. i just get caught up in equipment hype and these irons are exactly what i wanted visually. I had the p790 for one round before i sold t
  14. dayvei214

    PING G425

    looks like japan got the product in hand and demoing https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=g425
  15. Here we go again. lets start by saying JEBUS those 770 are gorgeous minus my carry on them. Really want them but here is my dilemma, CF19 167ish carry on my 7 iron it's my go to 175 out. demoed a 7 iron and i got 150/152 every time. Distance dispersion on them are great but i don't think it's going to help my handicap having to hit 6/5 irons 185 out. if i picked up the TM and power lofted them by a degree or two is that going to change playability of the club? Man i keep thinking about these irons and i want them bad i just can't sacrifice that yardage...
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