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  1. Based on that maybe I just have poor technique lol... I play off 11 driver has always gone through huge swings of confidence and "I have no clue what's going to happen here..." I don't doubt the 425 is a good driver. Perhaps I just need a little more time to figure it out.
  2. It does really don't like it... I got mine from the PGAS so considering returning it for 10* LST for sake of the sound... I don't know why but when I put the 425 max behind the ball it doesn't scream "I'm going smack this ball to the moon" g400 max with tour ad shaft I knew I could really get at it.
  3. I went to the range again with the new driver. I have no clue why but I just can't launch the ball! Started getting better towards the end but compared to my cracked 400 max driver which ping sent back to me I was loosing about 20 yards/ irratic dispersion. I feel the extra weighting this year is throwing me off so I ordered a 15g from Bob's. Not sure sure how different the shaft profiles are but in my 900 max 9* I played Tour AD 7s and prior to that, ping tour 65. In the 425 (9*) I'm testing stock tensei orange av 65 / tour 65 while I wait to get the Tour AD re-tipped. What do y
  4. i cracked mine and ping gave me the 425 MAX... sadly for some reason i just can't hit the 425.... yet.... nice looking metal but jeeeezzz talk about left side bias for me with this. i feel like Bubba.
  5. Played the z565 solid irons probably one of my favorites but overall just wanted something a little more compact. MMCS are nice really leaning towards them especially if lofting them a degree stronger won't hurt the dynamics too much. i'm interested in the ZX line and was considering the zx7 but haven't had a chance to hit them. I'm a believer of getting better to fit the clubs you play in moderation. EX moving from GI irons to something to Players distance. sure you may suck for the season but if you put in the work to the change will come to adapt. I asked PGAS to hold the 425m
  6. Thank you! i've always had an eye out for the MMC since the mp18 but never felt confident enough until this last year. I mean don't get me wrong I go through weeks sometimes wondering why in the world I play this game and why the hell my 7/8/9/P all going the same distance.... but when it resolves i can say i feel confident enough to want to play blades lol... I play off 11 primarily because of my chipping and aggressive lines but I like to have fun lol. What's your handicap and your average carry for 8 iron? thats my general gauge because most the course around me here in NY rev
  7. How's it going folks! Two decisions need to be made here. Cracked my g400max and ping is replacing with 410 but PGAS is going to offer a credit to upgrade to 425 for $150 bucks. tried the LST and and MAX both had pretty decent spin numbers around 24-2600. love the feel of the LST and sound, but LST I feel would get me feeling pretty nervous at the tee box. so leaning towards the MAX what do you guys think? Second is a new iron set. Currently gaming Apex 19 with Nippon Modus 105 S. Solid set of sticks but looking for something with a slightly tighter disper
  8. Every now I then I get a 200 yard 7 iron rocket. But on the flip side launch is high and landing is soft.
  9. Kept the Apex. I do get some wild hot flyers with them every now and then but I'd like to believe it's my ball striking. Looking at 921 forged now lol I need better dispersion! And for some reason I can't stop hitting this annoying draw
  10. Interest in a trade for ping driver? I have a 2 iron upgraded UDI with tour ad85. Thanks!
  11. 2020 P790 2i UDI 9/10 condition standard L/L with TOUR AD-85 Stiff FLEX. New black and white golf pride mmc grip (standard size) 275 OBO SHIPPED CONUS. Will consider trades! Or 200 for iron with tt 105 S (shipped CONUS) 175 Head only It's a sad day for me but I realized as much as I wanted this unicorn to work its just doesn't fit my game. Used 1 round and maybe 10 swings at the range and it's just not the right fit I know it will be better in your hands than mine.
  12. went for a fitting today at CC looks like apex 19 is still the clear winner between all the irons. but i did get a little intel that the apex pros are getting updated and no longer getting produced
  13. if based on aesthetics zx7 is a no go. almost like Srixon's designers got a little carried away and lost that clean look
  14. That's interesting... Because 770 is at 33* vs 31* for 921. I think im just going play out the season with the Apex and get something next year. All this new gear coming out is giving me buyers anxiety.
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