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  1. I was more happy that wifey was finally supporting my amateur golf career.
  2. honestly plays well i don't even notice a difference weight wise given that I have the gravity grip / stability shaft. we're also talking maybe 2g if that at most tht the vinyl added.
  3. Wifey got that for me for the X-MAS i was ok with it until found it was 179 dollars.
  4. Thank you! going to give it another go and shoot some pics completely blacked out. if you guys have any suggestions on how to get in the cavity for a clean wrap i'd appreciate it!
  5. evnroll gravity gripp with stability shaft. not sure if the gravity grip is countering the the stability shaft but so far it's been pretty solid.
  6. Thanks i'll take a look into it i used some left over vinyl i had gotten from Michael's was pretty stretchy when hit with a blow dryer. Used the putter for a full round today. tape held up pretty nice, maybe i'll keep it and see how long it last for. just glad the sun isn't in my eyes when I'm putting....
  7. Ah so nothing is covering the face, the wrap runs the edge and gets tucked between the face insert.
  8. Before you say anything, I know! it's not perfect but it was just a little experiment. I had some extra vinyl from my daughters arts and craft and I said "hey why not wrap my putter head!" and so I did... took about an hour and it was actually looking pretty good dang good but had some trouble getting a clean stick inside the cavity. So just cut the outline around it and threw in a little chrome accent around the base of the putter. I'll mostly end up peeling it off but I think it really has potential... All comments welcome! Cheers!
  9. Some hope of the type being removed. Didn't realize this but the Japan version of the mp20mmc had the same mizuno pro type. Maybe they will remove for US version?
  10. how about some BLACK CHROMOLY or MIZUNO BLUE to match those awesome wedges you bought last year.
  11. That's your heart rate when someone looks at your bag with disgust
  12. J think that's a design fault these days... It's always just screaming at you. Design professor always said "God is in the details" "less is more" and the best line I live by is "the seduction of reduction" We all know Mizuno. And honestly IMHO if you're going to be playing these irons you're not looking for loud marketing. Just clean esthetics,solid feel and sound. I think the two company that hit the mark this year was Titleist and TM.
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