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  1. Thanks for that. I think I'll give a ball change a try and maybe some shaft demos at pgas. The last time however I went in after walking 7200yd course trying to hit balls was impossible. I think I "s" word every single... The tracer history looked like a dandelion half blown.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys sorry for the late reply on these, i didn't get notifications for some reason. Definitely think the spin is the culprit. I would say that I'm an average ball striker going through some swing changes but having some timing issues with the change and notice that i'm adding some dynamic loft. I love the irons, and generally feel like i'm concentrating on the swing more. any shaft/ball recommendations? currently playing TP5X 2019 edition. Thanks again.
  3. Hey there all, I have what i would consider a rare set of of woods. Japan version of Bridgestone Tour Stage x-drive Driver, 3 & 5 Woods Set Graphite Design Shaft looking to sell it as a set if possible. asking 400 OBO Thanks for stopping by!
  4. How goes it WRXers, wondering if you guys can help me out here. I played the apex 19's in nippon modus 105 for a good amount of time and wanted something a little more thin, figure why not iron striking has been great lets shoot for more players irons. So decided on the MP20 mmcs in the same nippon modus 105s. Everything about them is great! love the feel love the look, don't like the distance. Yes i know, I know... Apex 19 are players distance but they were only a 1.5 degree different in loft. So i decided to power loft the MMC 1 degree strong. That brings all the i
  5. Best way I can explain it is like wearing your favorite pair of shoes. Sure other shoes can get a job done but for whatever reason you just feel more comfortable in that pair. Golf is so mental after technique. If the iron boost your confidence and just as a whole feels like your favorite pair of shoes yes it's better. With that in mind however it can literally be any irons. Cast, forged, starter set, used set. The irons that are the best are the irons that are your favorite pair of shoes
  6. been a while but a quick update. found a solid deal on some MP20 mmc for 600 bucks took the dive on them after taking a lesson. All i can say is oh my word.... These irons feel like butter. Had them bent 1* strong and distance / distance dispersion is spot on. Left and right dispersion definitely tightened up for me. I used to think the apex was a pretty slim for a GI Players distance iron but these are just a pleasure to look at down by the ball. Despite them being thinner i definitely feel more confident with them maybe knowing how solid i have to hit the shot just eggs on a little more con
  7. Thanks for the catch been on the prowl for tour ad di shafts online maybe just reflexes. I'll update the post!
  8. I would prefer to sell it together unless someone is interested in the iron with tt 105s. Shaft is 39"
  9. Hello all looking to part ways with this gem. Been trying to make it work but it's just not for me. 275 shipped conus Open to trade with iron + some cash for Tsi 2/3 head only Ping g400 max 9 * Thanks for stopping by!
  10. Ended up getting a new shaft gd ad-iz6 and shot dispersion got significantly better. Launch was a little higher also but overall feeling closer to the 400max. Still hate the sound of the driver though
  11. I think I'll try 10.5 with the your ad shaft and maybe the tour 65 at 10.5... So used to playing 9* never considered having to loft up
  12. Hey there gang wondering if I can get some of your input here. Here's the story, had the g400 max 9* tour ad di 6s. solid set up for me misses were a small hook but overall I'd say i could shape it fairly well. Cracked the crown last month and got the 425 max 9* compliments of Ping and it's been a world of hurt for my driver. I have 3 shafts for it, my original Tour AD which I can only hit if i set it at 10*, Tour 65 , Stock Tensei RAW AV ORANGE the shaft that I am currently gaming (lesser of all the evils). currently have the driver weight moved to draw with standard
  13. I felt the same thing with the 425max... it just feels super heavy. I went from the 26g to a 20g and i wouldn't say i felt it was any more or less forgiving. Honestly IMO for the average golfer forgiveness=marketing. a good strike is a good strike and as the club can help you slightly with higher MOI for better distance on bad strikes, you still won't see huge differences. Don't forget the Tensei shaft is counter balanced so that swing weight drops a little. I put in my Tour AD DI 6s shaft that was playing d2 in my g400max and swing weight changed to d4 on the 425max. saying this again. if
  14. for the love of god PLEASE DO NOT SWITCH speaking from my perspective only obviously.... had the 400max 9 and it was gold with my tour ad di 6s shaft. I don't want to seem like I'm trolling the 425 as i have posted on a couple of the 425 threads already, but i honestly feel the 425 is sub par to the last two gens. Sound/Feel/Sound/ SOUND/ oh and sound... please ignore the MOI jargon and all the marketing hype and stick to the 410 if it is working for you. I'm not sure what it is but i feel that 26g weight is really messing things up for me. I think Ping went a little over board t
  15. Not sure if this is helpful but I play off 10.5. I had the 400max 9* with tour ad di 6s shaft it was my bomber the perfect set up... and then one morning on the range the old boy gave out and cracked it's crown. So i called up ping and 3 weeks later a new driver showed up the 425max 9 degree with Tensei orange 65s. So excited until I went back out on the range with it. Everything about the two heads changed and for me not for the better. Consistency dropped, swing weight changed with Tour AD shaft from d2 to d4. tempo was all over the place. Oh and the sound.... I thought the max was loud
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