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  1. I put some blue aluminum ferrules on some Mizuno irons but I got the .370s, no issues at all. They look sharp, people compliment them all the time.
  2. 1. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE. Done 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? Yes 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? Midsize, Grey/Black 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Traxion 1.0PT, Black/White
  3. Thanks, I was thinking rattle stop or silicon caulk using some plastic tubing to get it to the bottom. Hopefully this won't be an issue, but seems like it could be a cheap, easy solution to the rattle issue. I like the idea of combining the two to get it to stick.
  4. Curious, would it be possible to remove grip, then add something down the shaft around the tip weight to prevent the rattle? I was thinking some type of rattle stop or even ramming some cotton or something like that down the inside of the shaft. I am building a set now with some pulls and using the Billy Bob brass weights, so curious in case I get a rattle. I didn't want to drill out anymore than I needed to so the tape fix didn't work for me. I just epoxied them in figuring I would just leave them in if I ever pulled them again. On a side note, these pulls have been a pain. The original builder used way too much epoxy and there is a ton inside the shaft, I will never buy graphite iron pulls again, despite the good deal.
  5. eBay Seller information scglfr (18499 ) 99.6% Positive feedback
  6. Thank you Howard, I have some classic plastic black already, so will go with those. Those blue aluminum did look sexy on those Project X 6.0 shafts though I have to say. I had several people I played with ask about them, and comment on how good they looked.
  7. Thanks, I think they look good. I heard they may damage a graphite shaft, but at .370 the only thing really touching the shaft is epoxy, plus they add a little extra weight.
  8. I have some nice aluminum ferrules .370 that I used on some steel shafts. I have heard you should never use metal ferrules on graphite, can anyone confirm this, or is this misinformation?
  9. I ordered a set of used Steelfiber fc115cw complete with grips I like at a good price off eBay. These should be plug and play, so easy installation. My thinking was not to spend big money on something I can't currently test while waiting for this wrist to heal. If I like these graphites, that would be great, but if not I know I play well with the steel shafts and I can drop them back in after the wrist gets strong enough to handle the stress. I will report back on the SF fc115cw later since there wasn't a lot of chatter on here about them. Thank all you guys who offered information and suggestions, I am interested in the MMT, perhaps in the future when I can get a test shaft.
  10. Not to hijack this thread, but I have some nice aluminum ferrules .370 that I used on some steel shafts. I have heard you should never use metal ferrules on graphite, can anyone confirm this, or is this misinformation?
  11. Thank you Jeffrey, I think I will try the fc115. I had the old flighted Rifles back in the day and really liked those, these are the weight I am shooting for, and I can get a set at a reasonable price vs the MMT 105tx ss1 which would be my second choice. If this wrist heals nicely I can always stick the Project X 6.0 back after rehab if I don't like the fc115.
  12. I do like the Project X shafts, I have two RDX driver shafts, both blue and black, and they perform well. My only concern with the Catalyst is the total weight. The SF i95 shafts in my 718 AP2s were fine from a stiffness, flight, and spin standpoint, and they were swingweighted with tip weights to my preferred D4, but I was never as accurate with them as I was with the Project X 6.0 they came with. That was why I was looking at the fc115cw, but the MMT 105tx SS1 might be a better way to go, albeit more expensive.
  13. That is intriguing, did you consider the MMT 125 wedges at all? Wondering how that set up would be.
  14. Thank you for the info. I emailed Aerotech seeking info, but never got a reply on fc115cw. I have researched all of the threads here, but there wasn’t much to help decide if the stiff or X would be better in that shaft. The i95 stiff I have is very stiff, but I load it fine, just inconsistent directionally I believe due to lighter weight. I am concerned that the softer tips in the stiff 115 may get hooky. The Project X LZ 5.5 these Mizuno irons came with were extremely hooky for me, but the 6.0 produces perfect little draws.
  15. Tore a tendon, need to go graphite for a while, after rehab. Currently playing Mizuno 921 HMP with Project X 6.0, and get along great with them. I have a set of Steelfiber i95 S in another set, but they are not heavy enough, much better with the heavier steel. Hard loader, quick transition, 98 mph driver speed. Thinking about SF fc115cw in an X or S with i125 for wedges, but open for suggestions.
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