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  1. Francisco Molinari looks EXACTLY like my late father when he was that age. Eerie actually.
  2. Just be sure that the relative humidity isn't your cousin and you should be all set.
  3. Cleaned up again. Another reminder for those who missed this. Yes indeed, I did miss it. Where is there a rule that Tiger may only be lauded? I stated nothing profane and even acknowledged that I was happy for him but my posts got zapped. Keep responses on topic about golf. Responses about Tiger's win are off topic? Cause I mean, there's a ton of posts about that in here. That means no discussions about religion, football, Tiger's alleged indescretions, . Since nobody's talking about football and religion, you really mean solely, Tiger's indiscretions. Look, I'm not trying to
  4. Funny, nobody seemed to read the part about where I said I was happy for the guy.
  5. You should learn to separate the golf from real life stuff. These are human beings who are flawed like everyone who will ever post on WRX. I’ve done things this WEEK that I’m not proud of but I guess you’re perfect right? Have you been carrying on multiple sex escapades on-going for years and fully intend to continue until your wife discovers it? If so, then you're a scumbag too. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, this one's way more than a bad decision.
  6. It's funny how I find myself happy for the guy even though he's a colossal scumbag who, if he treated my daughter like that, I'd as soon take after him with a ball bat. Congrats Tiger, I suppose.
  7. I practice at the range and play golf on the golf course. I get very little out of playing multiple balls with less than 100% concentration on any of them. I definitely don't care if others do though.
  8. This year I joined a nice private course which means deep rough off the fringe of the greens. I've developed a reliable, consistent shot to deal with the short shot around the green out of deep rough. I play the ball well back of my rear foot and reach back with my Reid Lockheart 60 degree wedge. The hit to the ball is very steep and it seems that the ball comes out very predictably with a nice firm swing that doesn't get caught up in the grass. It's saved me many times.
  9. My son had a lousy coach and it's frustrating esp since I'm a high school teacher and have helped out the golf coach for years. We once had a kid who could break 70....the best high school player I've ever seen. He's a teaching pro now but anyway, his right grip was way too strong but coach and I agreed to stfu! We'll let Butch Harmon correct that :) Good luck to OP. I'm very direct and I would absolutely confront this joker but at least speak to the A.D. The problem that A.D.'s have is that sometimes the list of coaching applicants totals one.
  10. When my game abandons me, I abandon it for a few days. I always come back playing well.
  11. I didn't lose the big grip because I've hated them from the first time I held one!
  12. It's only annoying because you let it annoy you. All that stuff use to bother me then I figured out if I wasn't concerned what another in my group was doing I enjoyed my round a lot more. At the end of my round I can post my score and feel good about . Why be annoyed all of your round when you should be out there having fun. Yes I am one of those "why-should-you-care-about-what-another-in-your-group-shoots crowd". That doesn't mean I don't play be the rules. It means I've found the best way for me to deal with those that don't. I would get worked up everytime I'd go out if I cared what another
  13. You'll quit the league over one questionable instance?
  14. But I don't bring my politics to GolfWrx BECAUSE IT DOESN'T BELONG. I'm sorry if our sport is not woke enough for the bien pensants at the New York Times but I guess that's just a cross we'll have to bear. Newsflash: you brought your politics to Golfwrx.
  15. I joined a beautiful private course this year...the tees are pool table tops, the greens are speedy and perfect, the rough is lush without a piece of clover anywhere. Last evening, I was out for a ride on my Harley and stopped by my old muni course. Had a beer with a buddy and stood beside the first tee that looks like my lawn and the practice green that's burned brown. Just how the hell am I ever going to go back to that?! Find a private course you can afford OP. As folks have said, you won't regret it.
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