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  1. Once I saw free shipping, I went and ordered 2 doz Black in high numbers I too am holding out hope for yellow in high numbers I think Dean and them have there hands full just getting normal supply.
  2. Trial and Error It took me about 6 to 8 Months of playing different balls to find one for my game I actually like 3 different balls and depending on the price, I play each one 1. Snell Black 2. Srixon Z-Star 3. BridgeStone RX I played the Callaway, OnCor, ProV1, Vice, TP5, Srixion, Bridgestone and others. I found the Bridgestone on sale and was pleased with them. Then I did some research on the ball, and them started playing balls with similar characteristics such as compression and layers. The Bridgestone were a pretty penny so I went looking at DTC and found the Snell That was my ball It was a process but I feel I can play all 3 balls I like and get the similar results with all 3 of them Make sure you test the ball in the wind. That was a difference maker in the balls that I tried I liked the OnCor ball but the wind just ate it up. The Snell and the Srixon ripped right through the wind I am currently testing the Maxfli tour as Snell was having supply problems Good ball but I like the Snell Black better and will be going back to them once I am out of the Maxfli balls I am interested in the new Bridgestone ball I have been reading about in the other threads Good luck finding your gamer
  3. I am currently playing the Maxfli tour Matte White Great ball but the Matte white gets dirty very easily I hit a couple of trees and the ball holds up well, doesn't seem to scuff too much The white does get dirty very quickly I like the ball but I like the Snell black better
  4. Of course, I had to run my mouth in this thread about how automatic the wedges are out of the sand and then proceeded to skull 2 bunker shot over the green last weekend. Happens every time I was running my mouth about my new putter in another thread and haven't putted good since I may just observe from now on
  5. I have the CBX2 Full face 58* I find it to be automatic out of the sand I use it around the green and I can open it as needed. Have yet to find a shot I cannot hit with it I am not the type of player who does full shots with wedges so I cannot speak to that The only problem with it is operator error
  6. What is the difference between the 2019 and 2021? The Tour ball not the X Besides the color choices
  7. Went and picked up 2 dozen Maxfli tour for $60 at Dicks Matte white They had yellow, which I normally play but I liked the look of the Matte White Only played a few holes so far, but they do stop as well as the Z-Star on the greens I have some Z-Stars left over from the Father's Day deal so they will be going head to head with them I normally play the Snell Black or the Z-Stars when they have a deal. As far a durability, I nailed a tree on the 1st hole with the 1st tee shot and the ball did not have a mark on it. So far so good. Maybe a little shorter than the Z-Star but I need more testing The real test will be into the wind. Tough to beat the Snell and Z-Star or the Snell in the wind Will report back
  8. I have a Cobra Fly Z that I bought because I hit my friends Fly Z and hit it so good I bought one several years ago I went to go and get fit this year because the club is 7 years old and I thought i was missing out on some distance. After being fit, the fitter told me to keep my driver because spending $500 on a new driver would not make a measurable difference ( at least a $500 difference) I bought the Fly Z because I played with it before I bought it and saw the results. After being fit, I now know that I need a driver at 9.5 degrees of loft, 60g Stiff shaft, and 45.25 inches long. In other words I lucked into the Fly Z Go and get fit at Golf Tec, Club Champion or whatever is close to where you live. You will get an idea of what fits your swing, then you can look around for a good deal on a driver on eBay or pre owned that fits you. Also if you play at a club, try the demo clubs out on the course. Find a Demo that fits you. The club should have several options for you to choose from and begin to narrow down your choices. Or do what I did, hit your buddies clubs Good luck
  9. good point I forgot about the grips Old PP PING putter grips are awesome
  10. I played the original Sigma G Kushin for several years ( just got knocked out the bag this year) I tried the Sigma 2 and was too mushy. It had no feel to me. The most recent one is a lot better than the Sigma 2 The ball had a great roll to it, but I had trouble with distance control. The ball flew off the face for me. I still like the original one the best in terms of feel off the face.
  11. I am waiting on this one to come out https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ8k_b3NAOx/ Hit the conforming list in July Not sure how long it takes for a club to go from the list to the stores Was hoping it would be sooner rather than later
  12. Another vote for the CBX 2 I have a 58* and it is the most automatic wedge I have ever used out of the sand I am waiting for the updated CBX to replace my 54* https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ8k_b3NAOx/ ^^^ this one to come out
  13. This ^^^^ I play the Snell Black or the Z-Star when they have the deal. That's it I know how each ball will react to the shots I hit I took the time to find my ball I played round with almost every ball I could find I did not test the Maxfli, but I am almost out of Z-Stars and will give them a whirl
  14. R580 It was the 1st driver I hit straight on a consistent basis I was hitting a Callaway Deuce before that because I could not hit a driver Ended up trading it in for a Callaway X which I loved also
  15. Posted on July 5 Is it typically 6 months for a club to hit the market? I am trying to be patient I have some credit at my pro shop that expires at the end of the year and was hoping to use it on this club. I have a Callaway CB wedge 54* and a CBX 2 Full face 58* and was looking to replace the Callaway wedge. The CB wedge is fine but the CBX is better.
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