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  1. I only used a Demo for a few rounds The RadSpeed was on avg 6-8 yds longer than my FlyZ I would think that is due to the club being 46 inches long A Club that long will be harder for me to control on a regular basis. ( I'm not that good of a player) I was thinking I could get a tour length and be in the fairway more often and not lose any distance compared to my FlyZ
  2. It appears that PXG will also add to its Battle Ready Line up On the Golf Digest Hot List, the blade tested was a Battle Ready Closer https://www.golfdigest.com/hot-list/golf-clubs/blade-putters/pxg-battle-ready If they keep the pricing they have now an add a Battle Ready Spitfire, they will get my money They may get it when the Battle Ready Closer comes out.
  3. I have it the regular RadSpeed but not the Tour Length How much distance would a typical person lose going from a regular length driver to a Tour length? I am looking to keep it in the fairway more often, so I am curious about the tour length but don't want to give up too much distance.
  4. Every year I take a new driver I can demo from my club and my Cobra Fly Z driver to my course I belong to when it is not crowded and hit 5 white balls with the new driver and 5 colored balls with the FlyZ and if I don't see a difference in Distance or dispersion I keep the Fly Z. I did this with the F9 , the SpeeZone and the Mavrick. The Fly Z is still in my bag I am about to do it with the RadSpeed and the new Epic.
  5. Was curious how much distance and average person would lose by shorting the shaft? I understand that everyone is different, but I am toying with going to a tour length Cobra in an effort to find more fairways. I hit the ball about 245-250 when I catch it good and my current length is 45.5. The New RadSpeed is 46inch and when I hit it good it went about 8 yds farther than my current driver but I would rather be in the fairway more often
  6. The were at the Edwin Watts Store in NOLA last weekend Rolled the Fang and the wide blade Both very smooth Ball seemed to jump off the face Waiting for the new PING and Spider putters to show up before I make a decision on a new Flat stick. Unless PXG makes a Battle ready SpitFire.
  7. scott406

    PXG Spitfire

    Very nice Thanks for the pic
  8. Anyone try these yet? https://www.uthersupply.com/collections/all-golf-balls I don't know about spending $35 on a surlyn covered ball but to each his own
  9. PING Kushin Sigma G I also use a Taylormade Spider Black when the greens are slow
  10. scott406

    PXG Spitfire

    Can you share some pics? Sounds beautiful I am waiting for the battle ready Spitfire(if they make one)
  11. Cobra Fly Z I have been trying to replace it for over a year and can find nothing else that does the job as well I hit the SZ and my Fly Z was right next to it in distance I am going to demo the Rad XB and see how that one does. I am also intrigued by the PXG 0211, just b/c of the price
  12. Would a fang putter be an option? I have a wide blade PING Kushin Sigma G that I do good with. (could always do better) I have never played a Fang style putter. I am curious about the Fang putters, particularly the MIzuno M Craft VI that is coming out and the new PXG Bat attack.
  13. I play a 58* Cleveland CBX2 full face and a Callaway CB 54* full face I broke my original Cleveland CBX and bought the Callaway used I actually like the Callaway better and have been thinking about getting matching wedges
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