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  1. I have recently changed putters and it made me realize that I am not very good at reading greens Putter is going right where I aim it. So changing putters has made me realize I need to read greens better.
  2. I had ask this question regarding another club and was told this is GOLFWRX, we buy even if we don't even need it. In all seriousness, I would upgrade the full face is awesome, but maybe wait a few weeks to make sure there is no CBX 3 Good luck
  3. The Snell Yellow is the easiest to see IMO I am the only one in my group that plays a yellow ball so It is easier to spot when playing I really like the back and yellow Truvis, especially when putting but I hate the Chrome Soft ball Then again there are always these:
  4. In my experience, these to fly low compared to other balls I have played (Bridgestone, Srixon, Snell) Other than that, they were great. Long, stopped on a dime, felt good off the putter
  5. Academy Sports Ordered online and they came in 5 days It now shows them out of stock Dicks has them in stock for delivery only
  6. I have the 58* full face CBX 2 and it is automatic from the sand I am hoping they don't come out with a CBX 3 because I will have to get it
  7. Look what came in Cant wait to put these on the putting green I have played the Q-Star before but I like the Z-Stars better
  8. My Wife knows better than to get me a golf club. She has no idea about golf clubs She is a tennis player. I have no idea what tennis racket to buy her. So I treated myself to this:
  9. Cobra Fly Z ( I will hit this driver until the head falls off) PING G400 5 wood Will be looking to replace this next year with a G425 5 wood
  10. I used to use them exclusively as well. My hands sweat and I really like how they perform. Agreed that I wish they sold them as a single. My hands sweat so much I was carrying powder in my bag to keep my hands dry I just ordered a pair of the rain gloves from Foot Joy to help out I was going to wear both of them because I sweat so much It was 105 heat index this weekend when we played this weekend in NOLA
  11. Mizuno Elite is 2 for $25 and they are pretty good Sometimes GOLF Direct Now has the PING Sport tech 3 for $25 and they are really good if you want to spend the money get the PING tour glove. I splurged on 2 of them and were very pleased with the glove
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP6FCWqN79e/ More pics
  13. To each his own The MG4+ is $185
  14. My gap wedge is from the iron set 54* Callaway CB 58* Cleveland CBX 2 full face I use to play the same set. a set of Volkeys Then I played the CBX and it was so easy to hit, automatic from the sand I broke the shaft in my CBX and when I went to to replace it, the Callaway CB was on sale Been playing the different set ever since I am getting use to it as each different club in my hand makes me think about the shot I want to hit with that club.
  15. Cobra Fly Z Driver I went for a Driver fitting and the fitter tuned the loft down to 9.5 told me to keep hitting the Fly Z until the head falls off. I was getting the same numbers as PING G452lst So I went and replaced my putter which was a PING Sigma G
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