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  1. MG4+ shoes The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Go to PXG and take a look at some of the deals they have on putters( if you like PXG)
  2. Snell Black and BridgeStone RX I am testing the Z-Stars so this might change I find the RX (yellow) a little hard off the putter and that is the only difference between the Snell and the RX. Besides the price difference
  3. I switch between Sirxon Z Star and Bridgestone RX last year I just had a driver fitting so my swing speed is 96mph and I hit it around 240 This year I am testing several golf balls so I can stick with one for the year So far the Snell Black is the winner I had a dozen Elixr from OnCore, which are nice but do not travel as far as the Snell (IMO) The RX was too hard off the putter for me I am playing the last of the Z-Stars I have left, then I am going to order a couple of dozen Snell Blacks for the summer I have not tried the Vice, might
  4. Glad I am not the only one But I am looking for the BR Closer or a BR Spitfire ( I know the Spitfire is unlikely)
  5. Very few straight models The ones they have look like garden tools Was looking to upgrade but every wide blade model is for strong or slight arcs Of course if they are as soft as the Sigma 2 line it wouldn't matter How about a Vault 3.0?
  6. More like a full 7 iron swing Yes I will club up (50*) and use a 3/4 or 1/2 swing I was referring to myself as an 11hdcp Everyone has different strengths to their game and hitting a full shot with a 58 or 54 degree wedge is not my strength Too each his own
  7. This is on Wayne Player not OnCore the company The people at OnCore, if they were serious, should dump Gary Player and his moron son Wayne Wayne Player sounds like a total jackass
  8. I have a CBX2 58* and a Callaway CB 54* and they both work well for me I use the CBX out of the sand around the green and the CB for long chips I try not to hit full shots with either wedge. That is just not something I think an 11 handicap should be trying. I find both wedges very simple to use and they get equal amounts of spin If I was forced to choose, it would be the CBX only because I like the satin finish
  9. I bought the MG4+ and they are the most comfortable shoe, much less golf shoe I have ever worn. I have played in wet conditions and have yet to slip or have any trouble with the waterproofing When I am done with this pair I will buy another pair without a doubt
  10. If you are not a teaching professional I do not want your opinion on my golf swing. Even then, I will pay for a lesson before I listen to you tell me what to do in the middle of a round Let me figure it out, and if I can't, that's my business I also don't want to hear what your problem with your swing is. Big ball markers suck also
  11. SUB 70 also makes putters Decent price too
  12. I had the test pack of the Blacks and the X. I also had a dozen OnCore Elixr and I like the Elixr but in no way was it close the the Snell The Snell was at least 10yds longer off the tee (Black) The Snell Black had more spin but the Elixr did perform well. It is a good ball, but I cant get over the distance I get with the Snell off the tee. Next test with the Snell will be against the Z-Stars( last yr model) I bought when they went on sale So far the Black and the RX are my 2 favorite balls The Snells get the nod on price and they feel softer off of the p
  13. its on their homepage https://www.cobragolf.com/ 4 new driver colors
  14. I have not tried the NUUN tablets but just got some in a basket raffle I won I had no idea what they were but will try them this weekend in my water bottle Thanks for the info
  15. I had a Driver fitting at GolfTec and the fitter told me to keep hitting my current driver. I was "fit" into a G425 LST . The fitter said he would like to sell me a $500 club but that I wouldn't see a noticeable difference between the new club and my old Cobra Fly Z. I appreciated the honesty and will now go back to them when I am ready for a putter fitting. But what I did get out of the experience is my exact measurements for when I decide to buy a new driver.
  16. I was waiting for the Battle Ready Closer to come out I am playing the PING Kushin Sigma G I like the wide blade style the best I am a straight thru putter so I need a face balanced putter with a double bend shaft Will keep looking to see what pops up but appreciate the input
  17. I posted earlier in this thread that I hit the Cobra FLY Z Was never fit for the club just always hit it better than any driver I have ever hit I finally decided to see what is out there. So I went and got a driver fitting I went to GolfTec and hit the SIM, Epic and G425 and the fitter placed me into my driver I currently hit I had good numbers with a PING G425 LST but not good enough to justify $500 The fitter told me to drop from 10.5*to 10* or 9.5 and Choke up on the club as 45.25-45 inches is a preferred length The fitter was honest enough
  18. Is there going to be a Double bend shaft for the 2020 Squareback? All I can find is a plumbers neck
  19. Personally I like the Mizuno Elite glove. I get them 2 for $25 American at my local golf store
  20. Got a trial pack for X-MAS and finally had a chance to put them in play. I see in this thread that most everyone is getting more distance with the X but I am actually getting more distance with the Black. Not a lot but noticeable. ( Maybe I just cranked the ball that day.) The Blacks definitely spin more. The X is a hop and stop for me but the Black actually backed up on a Par 3 green I hit with an 8-iron. Not much difference off of the putter between the X and Black , but definitely softer feel than the BridgeStone RX I was playing last year. I like the softer feel on the putter.
  21. I also switch back and forth between polarized and non polarized when playing golf only If I am doing anything else it is polarized sunglasses 24/7 Maui Jim sunglasses now, I had Costa before both are fantastic For Golf I have a pair of Tifosi sunglasses They have green lenses that are supposedly help you to read greens I still suck at putting so maybe I am not the best person you should take advice from Judge for yourself https://www.tifosioptics.com/enliven-golf/
  22. Cleveland CBX 2 Full face 58* Callaway Mack Daddy CB Full Face 54* I was going to buy the Matching CBX 2 but the Callaway was on sale I am still torn between the 2 Both are very good and very easy to hit. Ton of forgiveness I am leaning towards the Callaway CB as of this moment in time
  23. I think it looks like the Scotty Cameron Concept X https://www.scottycameron.com/concept-x/ Would like to see a battle ready version
  24. Did a birdie tell you if there will be a version of the Spitfire Battle Ready? I like both the Closer and Spitfire models Thanks
  25. 4/5 Cobra Driver Ping Wood, Hybrid and Irons Callaway Wedge Cleveland wedge Ping / Spider putter (depending on the greens that day)
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