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  1. I play the Snell Black but was thinking of changing to the X for the Winter Any truth to the rumor of a firmer ball in the winter?
  2. Snell Black in yellow until I ran out Bought the Z-Stars in Yellow during the 3 for 2 deal and have been paying them (good ball) I have 1 dozen left and will be ordering Snell Black in Yellow again Snell is the best ball for the money
  3. As someone who sweats a lot and plays in high humidly most of the year this is what I play in: Shirts: Adidas Nike (but only ones with the perforated collar) UA RLX Millar (only have one shirt but love it) The Adidas tend to hold sweat and get heavy so I bring another shirt when I play to switch at the turn Shorts: Adidas Nike
  4. I am going to order the Black anyway but this is just a request for Yellow Black in high numbers. The yellow color used by Snell is the easiest to find IMO. It would make my decision on ordering yellow or high numbers a lot easier. LOL Maybe when you are back to full capacity we can get them. And thanks again for all of the updates
  5. I will reserve judgment until I get a chance to roll them I just bought a PXG 5 months ago so I am not one who cares about looks that much I always like the TM inserts, these look a little different The SplitBack would be my choice out of these pics Look forward to giving these a try
  6. Totally jealous Looking forward to some pics Enjoy
  7. I have a Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge 54* that will be replaced once Cleveland releases this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ8k_b3NAOx/ Already have a 58* CBX2 full face that I love Not sure how long a club takes to go from conforming list till market but I hope it is by the end of the year because I have some credit from a tournament I finished 2nd in and was hoping to use it on this.
  8. 50yrs old 10 hcp 95mph (Driver Speed) I switch between 3 balls 1. Snell Black ( just recently went to them this year and love this ball) 2. Srixon Z-Star (play them when the buy 2 get 1 free deal is around) 3. Bridgestone RX ( this is the ball I was playing before switching to the Snell Black) All 3 balls are great I tested several models out over the course of last year and ended up in the Snell Black OnCore, Chrome Soft, ProV1, Vice, TP5, Z-Star, XV, RX, and I am sure some other ones I cant remember right now. I did not hit the Maxfli Tour, so I might give them a go when I run out of Z-Stars. Heard good things about the Maxfli
  9. MG4+ for Spikeless Adidas ZG21 for Spikes MG4+ is a little more comfortable
  10. I was close Hurricane Ida Finally got to use them last Sunday Very comfortable Forgot they were on
  11. Anyone know how long it typically takes for a club to go from the conforming list to market? I was looking to upgrade my old CBX and I am trying to wait this out
  12. I was gaming 2 putters A PING Kushin Sigma G for the summer greens A Spider Tour Black for the winter greens Both 34in I now have a PXG Spitfire with the weight kit As the greens slow down or speed up I change the weight So far so good
  13. Always played with cheap sunglasses($19.99 specials from the big rack that spins) Broke down and got the Oakleys Had a good deal on the Bay I am sure it will rain for at least a month now PS They are the Prizm golf non-polarized lenses Always played with Polarized lenses so will report back on how it goes
  14. Lamkin Sonar+ I had Golf Price CP2 grips but them became slippery in the summer with 100% humidity in NOLA Love them and will replace them with the same if I am able to. I had an MCC Align grip on my driver and it was great until I changed the loft on it and had to replace it. Only grip they had was the CP2, so that is on my driver. May go back to the MCC Align grip in the driver. My irons will be the Lamkin Sonar+ until they need to be replaced. I am going on a year and they still are good to go
  15. Always played with cheap sunglasses($19.99 specials from the big rack that spins) Broke down and got the Oakleys Had a good deal on the Bay I am sure it will rain for at least a month now PS They are the Prizm golf non-polarized lenses Always played with Polarized lenses so will report back on how it goes
  16. MG4+ for Comfort (spike less but I have never slipped) ZG21 best traction around The ZG21 are almost as comfortable as the MG4+
  17. It said signature required on mine too, but the FedEx person left it on the doorstep and I did not sign for the weight kit. I had to sign for my putter when it was delivered. I don't have a problem with that
  18. Ordered some weights from PXG for my putter I ordered on the 28th of July Got notice on August 3 that it shipped FedEx was going to deliver on Sunday the 8th , then got notice it would be delayed until Wednesday the 11th and they arrived today the 10th I am glad I go them but WTH? This was the total opposite experience I had ordering my putter I am glad I did not need to be here like when I ordered my putter because I would have missed it and had been super hot.
  19. MG4+ are super comfortable I never had a problem with the traction The weather has been horrible this summer and I may have slipped once the entire time. Also played in the mountains of NC and never had a problem there either The most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn. IMO I am playing ZG21 only because I could not find my size in the MG4+ If you want traction grab the ZG21
  20. My home course is like a bowling alley lined with trees I use a 5 iron(was a 4 iron) choke down, ball back in the stance and you have to sweep the ball Do not hit down on the ball, sweep it like a wood That is the method I have been using for years Everyone has a different swing so you have to find a technique that works for your swing and can be consistent Then again, you can grab a six-pack and a chainsaw and go to work at night
  21. https://pluggedingolf.com/pxg-battle-ready-spitfire-putter-review/ Spitfire review Would have to disagree with how they describe the sound of the putter as a "thud" When I see someone say "thud", I think a low pitch sound. My Spitfire is not low pitch sounding Mine sounds like a "ding" a loud "ding" Like an old PING Rite IN 5 It sounds like a "thud" when you miss the sweet spot Other than that, good review.
  22. I wouldn't even take a free bowl of soup with this hat
  23. The Vice balls are sold at Wal-Mart You don't have to worry about shipping them to you
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