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  1. clearly a glitch in the matrix
  2. Higgo, while not on the same level obviously, strike me as a Spieth kind of player. His swing is probably not what you would teach, gets into strange positions, etc. But, good short game (leading putting on euro tour) and a good head. Not that anyone still doubts it, but there is just so much more to pro golf than 'swing'.
  3. "This Is the Average Man's Body" - Graphic renderings of modern males https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/10/this-is-the-average-mans-body/280194/
  4. Cheers, BH. I see he just had another one of 354yards on hole 8, too
  5. Dunno if this at altitude but Wilco sure likes to smack em: hole 1: Shot 1 335 yds to right fairway, 111 yds to hole hole 2: Shot 1 340 yds to left fairway, 247 yds to hole hole 3: Shot 1 339 yds to waste bunker, 93 ft 9 in. to hole hole 4: Shot 1 329 yds to right fairway, 307 yds to hole hole 6: Shot 1 362 yds to waste bunker, 114 yds to hole fairways probably like glass though as per usual
  6. It looks wide open to me at this stage with so many quality players in the mix. Some tremendous pedigree in the group of even par or better.
  7. Bryson is winding you all up :) Even big Phil who was lucky to be born with big useless slow twitch calf muscles is chiming in. Bryson catching some big ones with is latest experiment lol
  8. > Since the release of Off-White™’s inaugural collection fans have debated what you should actually do with the label’s unique zip-tie tag. Some fans choose to cut the tag off citing that it’s unusual or uncomfortable to wear a large plastic tag, while some leave the tag on to hang proudly as a design element. But today the debate is over, as Virgil Abloh’s label Off-White™ recently released a “HOW-TO” video to show what you’re actually supposed to do with its zip-tie tag. According to the video, you are simply supposed to “CUT THE TIE” and “LEAVE IT ALONE.” Check out the video below and le
  9. koepka such an awkward fella. he's got the fashion tag thing on his shoes now but it just looks awkward.
  10. Brooks has never had a coffee or any hot drink in his life? :/
  11. kuch bending the rules again and zinger talking shyte about instagram, somethings never change
  12. azinger: 'folks at home might think the power in the swing comes from the arms and hands'
  13. Rose another one who is becoming hard to watch with all his little mannerisms
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