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  1. Up for trade is a ping g410 LST 10.5* head. Comes with cover. Looking to trade for another driver 10.5* or for sale for $350
  2. Brand new set of 10 black iomic sticky midsize grips. These have not been installed. Price is $100 shipped and pp
  3. I’d go Ventus blue. Feels much smoother than the TP shaft.
  4. Hey guys just had ankle surgery and selling some stuff so these can go to a better place that will get some use out of it. first is a set of Mizuno mp 64 heads. 4-pw in good shape. 9 iron has a small but smooth ding on the face. I do not believe it will affect ball flight or distance. I was planning on raw’ing these heads but have no time now. Price is $200 shipped and PayPal. Add $10 east of Mississippi lastly is a Ventus blue with velocore. I believe it is standard TM tipping, comes with a TM adapter and has a brand new midsize black sticky iomic grip. Looking for $225
  5. Hey guys selling a set of taylormade p760 irons. It’s 4-pw standard L/L/L the 4 iron has a c taper and the rest of the irons have dynamic gold 120 x-100. Has brand new lamkin cross line cord grips with 3 wraps total. Looking to trade for maybe some muiras or sell for $600 shipped and pp add $10 east of Mississippi
  6. Used but in good condition. This thing is getting harder and harder to find. $34” and will come with a head cover. Would rather trade it for a 3 wood or hybrid. $130 shipped
  7. Well I have a tour issue raw face 60 LB-9 and it’s so sick. Less offset and spins like crazy
  8. I have a tour issue LB hi toe. It’s so good and is so different than the retail hi toes
  9. I have a pic of a new hi toe. It’s just the back of the wedge but I kinda like it
  10. I’ve got pics. Who wants my PayPal to see them?
  11. Middle pic is the 9 iron. Just dirt in the grooves. Looks much better in person
  12. In good shape 4-Pw iron heads. I would like to trade for some P7MC iron heads. These are in great shape and I believe it is 1* flat. Since I have to put a price let’s go $1000
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