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  1. I almost bought a set of fake mizuno mp20 locally. Met up with a guy, first thing I looked at was the serial numbers, it was big and more pronounced than what I’ve seen from mizuno, checked out the faces and damn, bad milling, rough faces, uneven mill lines, it was just bad lol.
  2. Sellling a Scotty Cameron circa #3 plays at 35” with new pistolero grips $300 shipped. Keeping.
  3. I think it was tanna farm in geneva if I’m correct, 1st hole was a par 3 over water and yes my first shot was straight into the water lol.
  4. I was the OP that started the thread in good deed trying to help members not to get scammed with those great prices. welcome back! I’m sorry real JEFFSBARNES and hope everything goes well for you, seems like you’re an excellent member with a lot of backing from other members, stay safe! Mods, if you can remove this thread, that’ll be great, thank you.
  5. Scammer Jeffsbarnes selling items for cheap but locked all his post and only DM and only excepting Zelle as payment. DO NOT BUY.
  6. Got a deal for stardry bag, set of Titleist cb 716 4-pw, Titleist 915 driver, 3wood and a 3hybrid all mint condition for $300.
  7. 2020 Scotty Cameron special select Newport 2 plays at 34” Master theme putter with matching Scotty Cameron dancing headcover, both are brand new. or best offer Now $925 shipped
  8. Sorry I would like to sell them together.
  9. My ego said im good enough to play these, my scores disagreed! Mizuno MP20 4-PW with DG tour 100x, standard size golf pride, standard mizuno specs. $sold!! shipped. any questions please ask.
  10. Have a few items for sale. 2-Titleist 718mb 3iron with project x 6.0. $100 shipped. 3- callaway md4 52* and 58* wedges $150 shipped. 4- mizuno forged 919 g-wedge $100 shipped. 5- Scotty Cameron 72 and sunny, excellent condition $sold! shipped. 6- Scotty Cameron 3 pistolero grips, $sold shipped.
  11. 30 and 10-12” of snow in chicago.
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