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  1. Im glad someone else is saying it now... i have mizuno mp5s which are blades and i have mmc mp 20 which are margionally bigger then the 20 blades barely. Both of my irons are great and play as if they are gi irons that can be worked more severly and virtually no ballooning... maybe once a round maybeee. Granted the mp5s are know to be one of the most forgiving blades probably ever... but... they are smaller a touch barely side by side to the mmc... so they are blade size. You wouldnt believe i hit the blade further then the mmc but its true. Mark crossfield touched on this and its true... he s
  2. So from what i read on some reviews of this perticular iron set is that for a mizuno its more on the harsh side which is why you might be feeling stinging in your hands and also not as forgiving as some other irons that are this sized. I play mizuno mp5 blades and mizuno mp 20 mmc and i can tell you they are small and not at all harsh feeling except for extreme bottom hits and still then they dont sting just feel a touch harder all while being very forgiving for their size. Sounds like you just landed on a bad set mixed with the fact that your re entering the game. The best advice i can
  3. Some blades are a touch more forgiving and not soo stingy on the hands. I prefer these kind.
  4. Im here to tell you.. unless anybody is a self admitted really bad golfer... the gi irons arent going to reroute a really badly pusher puller hooked sliced shot. Like its been said your not looking at more then 2 strokes unless your a guy that duffs everyshot lol if anyone is thats ok... heres a orange and a little tropthy. Anywho... i prefer feel and looks over maybe just maybe a stroke or two.
  5. Maybe they did it because your lieng that your will smith!!
  6. Jason day has stopped appearing in taylormades video posts on youtube about new clubs or tips... i think he is on his way out from taylormade possibly? Also... in one video before he stopped appearing it appeared that dude that thinks he owns taylormade in the videos got testy at jason so jason was kinda annoyed... tottaly agree with jason on that one. It was the putting tips video... talking about drills.
  7. So im in the rough yesterday... i have a shot 153 to pin... i pull 7 iron thats my 150... now usually i might land around 143 to 148 if i really strike it maybe it just flys the 150. Today though out of the rough i flew over the pin hit the back left corner of the very very small green and bounced about 8 yards over. So i thought this isnt suppose to happen with players clubs? it was 72 degrees finanaly so maybe the ball flew more? The green were running quick so i understand the bouncr off... but to fly it about 158? I just thought this was eliminated in bladish irons? Also i have mp5s that
  8. Thats your putter not your sons dont lie lol
  9. Actually they are... its copper magic dust. I have them too they are great.
  10. But isnt that what makes it special? The fact that a strike doesnt have to be absolutely perfect to feel great and at the same time still gives feed back of spot hit.
  11. Was thinkin the same thing earlier today after a round. I play mp 5 blades and mp 20 mmc... the mmc and blade do the same thing. Ive had gi irons and they felt different but again same thing maybe small minor differences that to my game almost dont matter. I will say gi irons balloon on me a bit more then players irons in the short clubs. I think some blades have actually progressed. I think they are much more playable and forgiving then most people think. I dont think they arent like they used to be. Yes fittings seem to be a touch over-rated. I think you need to land
  12. Lol thank you. I must say this is intresting though. Jinkys. Whoever solves this mystery sure will earn themselves a scooby snack!
  13. Honestly most of the time if your even a decent iron striker i dont think the gi set is going to improve you over the player irons set. You can still miss either set long or short or left and right. Ive player both and ive missed both the same ways. Actually ive scored my lowest with the players set and not im playin mp5 blade. In all honesty the mp5 blade is about the easiest to hit blade their is. That being said its still a blade but i havent seen my scores change. I think score differential comes from short game skill and short game equipment honestly.
  14. I have dealt with this before. I had honma irons and they were great like you say... great flight and a club longer with really nice accuracy... but one thing.... no feel. To me when you stike a ball you should know where and depending on where it should have a out of body feel center contact. Off center should feel more harsh but not hurt imo. I do belive shaft can have an effect on a club heads feel so your not insane. Also... i do belive forged feel is a touch overrated. Some are better then others but playing as many gi cast irons compared to forged players... some cast felt better im
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