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  1. Im a slower swinger.. 7 iron about 150... 4iron 180... ive different iron shafts. Nippon gh 95 stiff... nippon 120 xstiff which yes goes pretty high but also the right distance and work well... kbs $taper 120 stiff which was a great combination of lower flight and amazing feel. Didnt feel too boardy at all.. i agree i like kbs alot... but... i found a set of xforged18 irons in excellent shape a few months ago... problem was they came in project x 6.0... which ive heard were supposedly very boardy and only for very fast swings. I ended up buying them to try out and it turns out they are the be
  2. They should just put me in each major... you know to have some real entertainment.
  3. The season should go.... masters may....us open june... open championship july...pga championship august... and have players championship in april. I really hate how the big ones end early too. Then we could have fed ex in september-october. I also hate ending on the open championship the pga should be last.
  4. My driver is terrible hes allways missing his turn...
  5. To me the mmc and tours921 are the exact same size... they also are described as slightly less workable and for someone who likes to hit more straighter shots... i dont know how that equals less forgiving lol? Every iron set can honestly be hit by anyone as long as they are comfortable with them and im not sure why thats not said more by the companys... i personally belive they want you to think only a pro is able to hit smaller irons... its just not true. If i never would have tryed myself i never would have thought i could.
  6. Well that sux. Had him in fantasy.
  7. Weeeeeeeee mizuno weeeeeeeee its all rainbows about these new irons until someone shanks a 221 from 115yards after a nice drive... then misses 4 foot par putt with mizuno 226 putter.
  8. I can confirm... i would say playing the right blade or smaller players cb for myself has actually helped lower my score. I can still shoot a bad score but it has nothing to do with the irons. I have actually tryed to hit bigger headed irons since switching to blades and smaller cbs and have had terrible results multiple times. Not to mention misses that were still ending up the same or worse. So if anything the smaller irons have improved my strikes and misses. Its personal preference. All this pro talk and reviewer talk about dont play a blade or players iron is way off. If you can strike a
  9. They resemble like mp5. If they play like them then....you definely want a batch of them. Heres mp5 to compare to 221.
  10. I think they are just a touch hotter for whatever reason. They are smaller but a touch more length or at least the distance retention off misshits is so good it propells them above. I think everyone expect the hmb to be longer then mmc.
  11. They actually have the slant neck version still available on dicks and golf galaxy. Golf galaxy has a better return policy though. Yeah so far im enjoying it. The funny thing is... its somewhat like the 7 versions except connected at the back. It does give a bigger overall appearance though which im not a fan of big putters but it plays great and doesnt over hit if you know what i mean.
  12. Thw rusty copper look would be so cool.
  13. Got this bottle opener recently... love it.
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