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  1. Yeah hes a cool dude... like that he just plays what works for him.
  2. Im sure it does have to work to a degree because if it didnt it would cause negative effects which they dont want. Does it drastically improve anything? I doubt it. I think the companys just look for ways to introduce new improvments that can be applied without really harming what the club allready does... im sure here and there they do stumble across something that might make a driver or iron go 5 more yards without going over legal limits.
  3. Chicks dig a long shaft and big head... unfortunately mines is only 45 inches with a 460cc... i should just get the surgery
  4. I thought i was in love with the old spider x... i got one... did ok with it... hit wayy too many putts that blew by the hole which is tottaly unlike me...i thought the distance control for myself was terrible. Gave it back for a new 2018 scotty newport 2... happy now.
  5. Just bought this for $70 bucks.. basically new...
  6. Not feeling the triple 6 on face... these iluminati just wont stop!
  7. You just made the best choice of your golfing iron life... congratulations... superb iron.
  8. I find 3 woods somewhat difficult to hit off the tee as well.. but i can nail it off the deck. Im kinda 50 50 from the tee with it.. can ve good or real bad. I tend to stay away and just use driver or if im trying to put it in play the 3 hybrid... 3 wood mainly off the deck on pars 5s. Its only used maybe 2 3 times a round its crazy.
  9. That ball is guaranteed only going 220 with roll of 30 yards. Boommm ahhhh 190 carry...
  10. I like j day... i think mizuno irons and ping woods would be a nice fit... i can also see him playing callaway but it doesnt seem he will go that route. If hes going to be a free agent on clubs just use the spider or a scotty and call it a jday....
  11. To useee or not to usee... that is the qwuestttionn.... oh nike where art thou... why must thou havft gone good fortnite? Tis truly a willows weaping eye. TF am i saying? Anyways... i thought nike was trash though? Where are those kinda talking golfers at??? Im sorry but too me they were definetly good and becoming even better each year.
  12. Im not really impressed but they allways make solid products. Just more of the same to me peeformance wise. Looks wise i feel is a downgrade but not the worse.
  13. Its like jeez save some iron designs for the future. Surprised they dont just make every single kind od design they can and put it all out in one year! If i ran the company id release clubs every other year and no more then 3 sets at a time... a gi iron a players cb and a mb. Ppl dont need 6 different irons at once. Their iron producing cost most be way cheaper then we think if they are willing to let so many irons be made and then not sell much of one line and be a tottal flop?
  14. I love callaway and i dont think they lool better then any of the recent mizuno irons. Keep your money! Keep your best feel in golf!
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