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  1. I have that wedge... its not raw. That is chrome. Still nice. I have a callaway forged raw wedge from 2017 or 18 and its fully rusted out. big difference.
  2. I didnt spend a $1000 on a driver. I spent it on the tees. The driver is $7000 now... i cant afford that. Each round cost $550 now. This will be us in 2024 at this rate lol
  3. Heres my $1000 take it callaway... now hand me my golf tees.
  4. I heard its called taylormade redhawk... you hit a drive.. a redhawk is guaranteed to swoop in at the peak of the shot and carry it and extra 10 to 20 yards depending on which version and shaft combination you bought. If you buy redhawk ball you can add extra 5 yards or the hawk can place whatever spin and shape you need on it.
  5. If your not sinking putts all the time its fake.
  6. If i stamped titleist on my forehead... would you pay me a fee?
  7. Im very much like you... i shot my first 79 this year and usually im somewhere in the 80s... a bad day is 89 to 94 for me. I agree with you that an average round has mostly everything working except for maybe one thing that day... pick or choose which area that might be. I do everything pretty good just strong points flip flop each round until i get those rounds that it all seems to be going well. Notice those rounds are just very fluid and almost boring as if there is nothing that can go wrong lol but we all know very much can. Then their is that day when everything is a disaster and your head isnt there either. I just tend to realize it sooner now and give in to the thought that today just aint my day but lets try to salvage the best we can lol. I get over it by knowing next time out i will be more ready and tuned in and like you it makes me want to play sooner whereas a good round holds me off a bit more. I would say i take my scores pretty serious but you wont catch me snapping clubs or nothing like that.
  8. I think we would all benefit from even stickier stickers on all golf clubs.
  9. I know how that feels. Sometimes you buy stuff and dont even want to use it lol. Also... can we just all take in how good titleist balls are in general even beside the prov.
  10. I love callaway, odyssey, nike, scottt cameron, bettinardi, mizuno, gfore, footjoy. I dislike Titliest clubs not balls. Player a set on rental. Driver was ok irons t300 irons felt terrible. Ive hit their smaller offerings. Feels outdated to me. Pxg? Tottaly off puting for some reason. Taylormade? Never really cared for their stuff but some irons are intresting. Never hit though. Ping? Same as everyone else. Too chunky in all lines except blueprints. Wierd chunk missing is odd but maybe i can get past that. Cobra? Some of their stuff is ok but seems cheap sometimes? Sorta plastic-y I like to just stick to what i know feels works and look right.
  11. I wonder why him and mizuno didnt mesh the way srixon is? Like why he didnt sign with them? No offering?
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