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  1. I go 46 pw... 52 as like a approach wedge and standard short game shots into and around the green... 56 pm2 grind for sand and other around green shots or coming in from 50. Then 64 for fun and when i have some trouble that i need a high soft landing or really short sided... sometimes i can kinda pitch with it too but dont really mess with that. I use the pw when i want to make the ball run to a back flag instead of fly it there. Tiger and few pros have so many spins and shots in the bag for short game shots that they only really need a pw and then 2 other wedges... i dont really blame them. When u have too many choices sometimes you force the most difficult one and mess it up.
  2. Rusted wedges spin more... no they dont... other wedges and irons are too shiny... no they arent. If your paying attention to shine so hard you probably shouldnt be golfing. Its just a preference not a game changer. Spikeless shoes are just fine... sometimes spiked holds you a little too stuck to the ground lol i own both and like both though. Tiger woods is overrated.... ok that ones a lie.
  3. Id pay $1000 for wood tees that say Tea Time on them.
  4. Id call it a H grind for half grind.... or m grind = moon grind ... toe nail grind? Nah.. maybe jealous grind because other companys are getting so jealous mizuno made such a soft good looking wedge.
  5. Perfectly said. Theres a perfect fit for everyone. Stay in what feels right. Even the best in the world go back to what they play best with. Tons of evidence of this being true.
  6. So less offset... makes you want to bend them lol. I hate over offset but some is good. Too less of offset and the iron starts to look confusing to me. I think most newer set have the perfect amount.
  7. Got mine the other day. Got copper 52* and shiny satin chrome which looks amazing and underrated. These are very very soft but with alot of feel. Outstanding. Great weight to them. The standard grip is just ok to me... a little bit too thin. Needed a extra wrap or 2. These seem to be 10/10 so far very happy. Here are some pics...
  8. They are probably very similar... maybe just feel change. Could be better could be worse. I thought the jpx 19 hm pro felt outstanding... i never hit the 21s but im sure they are great too. My brother has the prior hmb and they feel pretty good i just like smaller irons.
  9. Pretty much all equipment is going to play pretty well now... its a matter of size feel look. Can it be some of these guys prefer ping? Probably. Im sure they have options to be staffed by any company just not paided highly enough on their minds sometimes. Me personally id only want callaway or mizuno or a mix of the two. I do think the bprints and the i59 look great though.
  10. Man the script placement is terrible. Shouldnt even exist... has this been said? Lol all jk aside... the 223 looks very jpx line-ish. Also.... why has hmb in mp lineup? Why not just 221 223... jpx has hot metal and hot metal pro and the mid cap one then the blade. These companies making too many clubs. In 5 years there will be no new exciting designs left for any clubs because 5 different verisons of irons and drivers come out every single year.
  11. I agree... besides blueprints all their irons seem on the big side.
  12. I started shooting my best scores with heavier shafts... 120grams.... i also have lightweight shafts 97g i can shoot good scores with but i notice my best is the 110g to 120g. I really am fit to 110g and it's probably best for me but i got one set of irons at a good price with rifle 6.0 so i think those are 115g? Another set are modus 120g and the third set is nippon pro 97g. I never even thought i would be able to swing a heavier iron shafts but to be honest its not that much different. My best rounds go to the heavier shafts. I think flex and trajectoy has a bigger impact on iron play. Most shafts for me only brought flight down a little but enough to help alot. Also to be fair the heavier shaft weights i play dont particularly seem super heavy and ive swung other same gram heavier shaft that felt wayy heavier.
  13. I have g4 white embossed with the skull with tees... and tarlow all white... i played a round in g4s and they were very comfortable and stable right out of the box. Now i haven't played in the premieres yet but i can say putting them on they feel less comfortable to me... more stiff... and maybe a little less comfortable in the foot bedding but like i said i havent played in them yet.
  14. Thats just soooo better then what they did. Thats a shame. I dont even mind the one in the heel but the no script one is best of course. Why the toe though geez? If u and i can figure out why cant the actual company?
  15. Yeah those jt titliest are too nice. This is true mostly everything is at least decent...its basically just on looks and feel. The 18 and 20 mmc were miles ahead on looks vs these 223. Kinda odd but cant make beautys every year i guess lol
  16. Cally mickelson 2.0 wedge.. bought a extra one as backup... callaway md4 52° had before sold and have again and just ordered mizuno t22 52° 2 of them same loft different colors... and last but not least... i had a nike covert driver and whole matching set which i sold... i saw the covert driver i had on craiglist in like new condtion for $60... yeah re bought that too.
  17. And my early response is... ew. Said that the last few years though until i was in person.
  18. In my mind i allways want the newest clubs to look great to me 1st and then if they perform great then great if not then thats a no go even if it looks perfect. I cannot play ugly clubs i just cant. I need to feel great about my clubs look. Its a look great feel great thing. I feel this offering doesnt look as good as the mp20 or jpx 21. I highly doubt they preform any better either... even if they did probably not by much. So thats my thoughts on it.
  19. Im not really impressed with these new mizuno irons. We all know they will feel pretty good but imo they look wayy sub par from the mp 20 and 21 releases. The only ok one to me are the 221. If you allready have hmb or mmc which i have mmc mp 20... id say skip this release. I also think the feb release time is to give themselves a break... pretty sure they have been overloaded with orders since january 2020. This helps them catch up probably.
  20. Ive played mulriple nike, Callaway irons... ive hit taylor made and titleist. The best and softest irons ive ever owned are mizuno. I have mp5s and mmc20 both feel outstanding vs other irons ive ever hit. Now... despite what is said... cast irons actually seem softer to me most of the time then forged... but if you come across the right forged irons they can be just a soft if not a tad more soft. I think that because of the spring like effect from cast irons it feels trampoline like and there fore soft... where as strike some forged irons bad sometimes and it can hurt... specially blades but not always the case. My mizuno mp5 feel like butter all over the face. Never felt a stinger with them. My mizuno mmc are just as small as anything and unless a hit real thin they always feel great. I played callaway apex 19s that i thought felt like a rock on every shot. Ive played some of their cast offering and they felt forged. I currently have cally xforged/MB 18s that feel very soft. Any set from any maker can feel very soft or harsh it depends but mizuno does tend to be consistently soft and unique feeling. I do belive their grain flow forging process really does make a difference.
  21. Ordered mine... two 52 degrees... one copper one shiny satin.
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