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  1. I've used it for a few years now but just recently started taking it seriously about a month ago. I like it. The double grip design is clever and is much better than the 3-stick super speed system for cost and space savings. I'm not sure of the exact weights on each side, but here are my numbers for reference (all measured on the Swing Speed radar, unless noted otherwise): Light end: All time high is 137. Hard swings are usually in the low 130's. Heavy end: I don't swing this side all-out. I use it for warming up, but on the odd occasion I swing hard wit
  2. Trying to gather data to see if a correlation can be established between peak speed with the light end of the Golfstick Pro and driver club head speed while hitting a ball (both being measured using the common swing speed radar, but if you have TM numbers, include that as well. Not interested in your super speed stick numbers, as those weigh different than the golfstick pro. Hopefully enough people respond so we can develop a pretty solid correlation. Ex: Peak speed with driver should be x% peak speed with GSP (light). I think this will help establish how efficient an individual is
  3. Hi all, new to the forum but I promise I have read and read and read on this subject but I'd like to hear from folks before I pull the trigger on some 545/565 irons. So, now that the 565's have been around for a while, can anyone say if they are worth the extra $$ over the 545's? I'm an 11 Hcap (formerly a 7.5...long story) still playing my original G15 irons I bought when I started playing a couple years ago. I continue to improve; should be back in single digits soon. My miss is a slight pull; my tendency is to slightly draw the ball, so wondering about the offset difference between t
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