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  1. So basically, Bryson is complaining because "he's looking at me"....when (a) he is paid to be looked at; (b) he (the cameraman) is paid to look at him; and, © I guarantee a producer was in the cameraman's ear telling him to "stay on Bryson." Sounds like a complaint ("he's looking at me") my kids would have in the back seat when they were 5 and 6 years old, except way less mature.... I've really, REALLY tried to find a way to like Bryson, but I think this just about seals it. Tool.
  2. The discussion of "speed" and greens is so, so frustrating IMO. The reality is that stimp - looked at in isolation - does not really tell the full story. It's one thing to roll 14 on the stimp at a course with very flat greens; it's something totally different to be rolling 14 on another course with severely pitched putting surfaces. The Stimpmeter reading, in my opinion, really needs to be looked at IN COMBINATION with the PITCH of the putting surfaces to have any real meaning. The Tour has recognized this (sort of) in dictating its course design requirements to architects - for example,
  3. It's the right decision. We'll hopefully get back to something resembling normal next year, but for now there are too many moving pieces to try and move forward as though nothing had changed. As much as it makes me cringe to say it....good for the USGA.
  4. Any live golf is good right now...so I'm a huge fan of this!
  5. Agree with this. Plus, the Masters always has a much smaller field (I believe this year's is 96, and that's actually LARGE for Augusta) than the PGA (136, excluding the 20 club pros). But if you look more closely at the Masters field in any given year, the number who can REALISTICALLY contend is actually quite small, when you take out the amateurs (5-6 every year), the rookies (last rookie winner was 1979, so those 15 or so rookies every year don't really have good odds), the older champions who can't really compete any more (Woosnam, O'Meara, Lyle, Couples, Olazabal, Crenshaw, Stadler, Zoel
  6. About 12-13 years ago, I was at Mission Hills CC (Rancho Mirage, CA) hitting balls one early Spring afternoon, when all of a sudden an older gentleman with white hair, purple pants/shoes and a bright yellow sweater drove up in a custom golf cart, and took the spot just to my left (just behind me, as I was hitting). While I knew exactly who he was (I was about 35YO at the time, and had played and followed golf my entire life) I certainly wasn't going to bother him, so I got back to hitting balls. After about 3-4 minutes, he said, "Excuse me young man, but you look like you know a pretty dece
  7. While I'm sad that this year's Open Championship has been canceled, I'm excited that next year will still feature Royal St. Georges. It's a great venue that is always enjoyable as a viewed. But even more important - that region will still benefit from the revenues generated during the Open, albeit a year later than normal. Probably the best decision all-around - canceling this year, but then still sticking with RSG in 2021 before returning to the Old Course for the 150th in 2022.
  8. Now I have more ideas on how to pass time during coronavirus - tonight I'll be watching the 2002 rerun of Mexico vs. Guatamala in the Tecate Cup. Tomorrow, I think I'll be researching Len Mattiace's ballstriking prowess...oops, gotta run - only three minutes left on the latest eBay auction for some sweet iron covers. Wish me luck!
  9. What a bunch of f'ing douches on this site...wow. I hope the Love family gets through this okay. Have always been a fan of him both as a golfer and a person.
  10. Currently sitting between 2-4 cap, depending on how much time I have to practice and play. At my best I was +1, but that was pre-kids, and game has never been close to that since they arrived on the scene. Playing Mizuno MP-4 (4-PW) with Project X LZ 6.0, and MP-20 HMB 3 iron and pretty happy with them. Love the feel, workability, and distance control. Will probably make my way into a set of Mizuno MP-20 MBs at some point, but will likely wait until I can buy a gently used set. Definitely also interested in hitting the Ping Blueprints though - my fitter had me hit the i500 a while back,
  11. I'd have to go with Rory, but I think the biggest reason is because of his BALANCE throughout the swing. Sure, the mechanics and motion are absolutely beautiful to watch, but I think his incredible balance is the key to allowing everything else to happen the way it does, mechanically. I'm always amazed to watch his follow-through and how it finishes so cleanly, crisply and consistently each and every time. And I find the more I simply try and focus on staying balanced in my own swing, I see big improvements in my ball-striking.
  12. Mack Daddy Forged with S400s - using a 50, 54 and 60 and really love them - especially the 54 and 60. The 54 is maybe the best wedge I've ever carried - use it for just about everything inside about 105 yards with the exception of flop shots and bunker shots. Great feel and accuracy especially on half-wedges (that shot used to be my achilles heel) and low spinners. Can't even guess how many strokes that 54 has saved me since I put it in the bag about 2 years ago. Thinking about replacing the 50 (considering the TM MG2 and the Jaws) - for some reason I'm not as comfortable with it as I
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