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  1. If you are asking about fairway woods, then no. I tested the Maverick std, maverick SZ and Epic Speed four woods. No statistical difference in my swing. All three averaged 254 yd carry, spin was different by a few hundred rpms but statistically insignificant. The Maverick SZ launched a bit lower vs the std Mavrik with the Epic Speed in between. However, I could hit any of them high or low. All the reviews state the Maverick and Epic Speed are a bit draw biased than the Maverick SZ but TBH, all three were drawing for me... I am coming to the conclusion that the variance in my swing are likely normalizing the small advancements in clubs year on year.
  2. Let me know if you have one for sale, prefer the stock KBS graphite shaft in S flex.
  3. Purchased a mint 10.5* head on a whim a few months ago and threw in a Speeder 661 Evo V shaft in it. After multiple LM sessions and two rounds, the M2 driver has zero trouble keeping up with my gamer (TSi3 + Fuji Speeder 661 Evo). I love the 'soft' feel with the M2....its like hitting marshmallows even with cold TP5X balls. The only downside (from LM data), on equally good swings, the M2 has roughly 300 rpm more spin vs my TSi3...but that could easily be due to my swing since the variance in my swing more than make up for such small differences.
  4. Lots of great info from others on your question. My 7 iron numbers are (CS=85 mph / BS = 118mph / Carry =172 / Spin = 5100), standard Mizuno MP64 7i loft / lie. I did the experiment of using 8i X100 shaft in my wedges, hated the feel, so switched back to my KBS 610 stiff wedge shafts. I am a sweeper and not a digger and feel player. The 8i X100 shafts felt 'dead'....however feel is a personal thing, so your experience may differ. The spin was statistically the same....
  5. The head weights from the previous Mizuno fairway woods will not work for the STZ 3 wood. I just tried installing the RBZ / M4/ M6 head weights to my STZ 3 wd and the weight dimensions are all wrong. I was able to remove the stock weight by applying som heat to the screw....it came off easily afterwards using a T20 Torx security bit. Will visit local club builder to insert some hot melt since heavier screws are not available for the STZ (confirmed with Mizuno USA).
  6. Are you willing to split the head and shaft? If yes please PM me the price for the head only shipped to 45243
  7. Was the TM R510TP until Cobra Bio Cell + blew it away. The head + the Ozik 6Q3 shaft are a beautiful match for my swing.
  8. My daughter's driver ss is approx 85 mph and she does well with the Tensei Orange in R flex in a Ping G400 max head. It ballooned too much for me...however every shot was straight. My driver numbers are - 102 mph SS / 14* launch / 2504 spin. I game a G410 9* head and tried these shafts- 1. Tour 65 S - Mid launch, good distance and stability. However everything was average and the feel was a bit harsh. Generally straight to slight cut. 2. Matrix Red Tie 7Q3 S - Mid launch, great distance, super stable and very smooth, small cut 3. Aldila VS Proto 70g S - Mid Launch, good distance but was missing it both ways 4. Fuji Fuel 60g S - Low to mid launch, great distance, extremely stable w a kick and consistent direction (straight to very slight cuts). What really surprised me was how smooth it felt. #4 is my gamer shaft and #2 will be backup for days when I need a bit more swing weight to control my rhythm.
  9. I recently switched from MP-32's to the MP-67's. The transition was smooth and the 67's are amazing, the feel is close to or even slightly better vs the 32's. By the way, I use the Projex X 6.0 flighted shafts in both. Another set worth considering are the Bridgestone cavity backs, I have the j33's as my backup set and they too are terrific. They have a bit 'click' feel as compared to the Mizuno's
  10. A few months ago I did an extensive LM test at local fitter with an outdoor driving range (so that we could see the actual ball flight). We used range balls so please take the conclusions based on that variable. I saw at best + 2~ 5 yards of distance gain on average relative to my gamer. I was all set to spend money to a new driver but the fitter dissuaded me (I am sure he was chided by his boss). My gamer driver swing numbers (averages): ball speed: 156.3 mph, launch angle: 14 deg, spin rate: 2500 rpm, carry: 263.3 yd Gamer: Cobra Bio Cell + with stock Matrix s flex shaft Drivers Tested: Mavrik reg, G410 Plus, G410 LST with some of the stock shaft options. Only driver that offered enough statistical differentiation to my gamer was the G410 LST...approx 250~325 rpm less in backspin. No difference in carry distance but likely more roll out. However roll out is also dependent on the softness of the fairways, any slope on the landing region etc..
  11. This year has been a disappointment for my game. Limited practice (due to baby) lead to some of my highest scores. So bad that I have decided to get rid of all my sticks and take a sabbatical over the winter. Come spring if the desire is still there, I may buy a new set. Anyway, here is the first of my sales...All PRICES ARE PER THE PGA USED CLUB GUIDE. Best offers are encouraged. Prices incl. shipping CONUS. US only Taylormade R510 TP (10.5*), Fuji Speeder 757 R Flex, 45in, Std grip, non TP HC. Hard to find in this loft / R flex, great combo for smooth swingers. Club head has a pop up mark near the toe & a couple of mm sized paint chips near the TP sign. They are filled in with a sharpie. - $69...drop to $60 Taylormade Burner 3W (15*), 43in, Aldila NV75 R flex, Mid grip, HC. In great shape except there are a couple of 1in long scratches on the crown near to the shaft which are in the clearcoat only. Not visible at address but can see them close up. Sole is clean. - $ 60 Taylormade V steel 3W (15*), 42.5in, Stock steel R flex, Mid grip, In pretty bad shape, a perfect candidate for those who are not bothered by some scars. - $37 Nickent 3DX Pro 3W (15*), 43in, Stock Aldila VS Proto 85g S flex, Mid grip, HC. Great shape w limited use. A real rocket launcher! - $65 Nike Sasquatch 7W (21*), 41in, Dyn TT Lite XL S flex, Mid grip, HC. Hated hybrids so tried out a 7 wood. Great club for second shots into par 5s. In great shape, even has the clear tape on the sole. - $41 Mizuno MP 60 3 Iron, DGSL300, mid grip, 40in. Great shape, 1 round. Paintwork removed from club for a great look - $25
  12. ranesy

    Mizuno Wedges

    [quote name='sbguard9' timestamp='1290655041' post='2807714'] In the wedge discussion, it seems like mizuno is almost never mentioned. Why? The new Mp T-11's look pretty sweet! So what's the deal? It's either these or the Tour-s for me... [/quote] Great wedges with un-paralled feel. I have played them right from the start, their C grind works great with my swing. Almost automatic from the bunkers, whats not to love?
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