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  1. Another variation. I think I like your orange better.
  2. Not a FJ guy but I like to keep a spiked shoe in my rotation and I think those light grey BOAs are pretty fire
  3. SOLD I love this headcover but I am a full mallet guy now. Bought new for more than listed and used only once. Would prefer to sell but I’d consider trades of other interesting mallet headcovers from Swag, TBC or TaylorMade.
  4. This is me as well. 6’4 at +1/2. FWIW I’m 2up on lie as well.
  5. If you have this available, let me know!
  6. Cobra tip would be cool as well but not a dealbreaker
  7. Looking to offseason experiment a little with my Cobra Speedzone. Maybe a Ventus or Graphite Design. Want the following: - 40” length - X Flex - 80g weight - Cobra Tip would be a nice bonus
  8. The Victory HTR Stripe HZ will be something I’ll buy in every color.
  9. SOLD No trades. 35”, clean. No real issues as far as I can tell. I bought this new and my buddy used it for a couple rounds and re-gripped it. Pics tell the story.
  10. Looking for the head only. Good condition, no sky marks/top line scratches.
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