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  1. I’ve carried this bag for about 60 rounds now and it’s been nothing but phenomenal.
  2. This happened to mine after a few rounds. It won’t take it all off but I used a magic eraser with a little water and it really helped. I make sure to wipe them down with one after every couple rounds. Mine have about 15-20 rounds now and look fairly good considering I walk.
  3. $140 Brand new, untipped with a Ping 410/425 adapter. DTG Tour Velvet 360 style grip. Length is 44.5” grip to tip.
  4. I placed an order for a driver headcover, no label on March 3rd and it hasn’t shipped yet.
  5. I ordered way too much with this code
  6. I originally thought I’d go for those but since I primarily walk, I’m waiting for the black colorway.
  7. Nike could do these colored bottoms like was done on the Seamus collab. Put a clear covering over the design. Not sure the durability of that technique but it seems like the way to go versus foil
  8. It def will get dirty but for reference mine goes in the back of a pickup truck so that won’t help.
  9. My Cobra 5 wood fits pretty loosely in the fairway cover. I have the Old Glory “Natural” edition. Should be fine but something to consider, especially on a 7 wood
  10. My swing is awful right now but here’s a peak into the sound of the Max for anyone who was curious. No hotmelt, totally stock. IMG_1107.mov
  11. The last few things I’ve ordered from NDC have taken a solid week or more to ship
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