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  1. I am not technically on 5 but there is a dirt trail on the left side of the tee box that I live down past. It is a 5 min walk to the 5 teebox/4green. I thought the greens were pretty good especially for this time of the year at EM. Almost a week makes a big difference!
  2. Update on Eagle Mountain. It was painted dirt and completely dead in May. I though that was a long uphill battle to get it back and wouldn't happen until next year at best. Well my buddy told me it was back since he lived by it and I played there yesterday. He was right it is green and lush and in great shape. There is rough on the sides of the fairway so it is like a USO lite setup now. Ball does not bounce to the center of the fairway like it normally does.
  3. The real reason he isn't into the RC that much is he wants to get paid for it.
  4. Europe is going to get beat handily this year! Berger, English and Scottie were picked because the players on the team wanted them.
  5. He should get out of there with a 6 at worst so not total meltdown. He has to be rattled though.
  6. I'm surprised all the people saying NA should have been picked when he isn't even good enough to play blades.
  7. There are a lot of people that not only think they can do a better job, they are unfamiliar with being a Captain and what that means. It is a product of this woke environment we live in where the public think they have a say in everything.
  8. The whole rah rah crap and supposed attitude is just fluff. In the end the golfers who play the best golf will determine the match. Way too much is being thought about what it takes by a bunch of forum defense. They are just playing golf and yes pretty much every player Strick picked is a good choice.
  9. Kiz and Na would have been terrible picks. You could argue for NA because he is hot but KIZ has played horrible all year except lucking into a win and he even says he can barely compete on the long tracks anymore.
  10. Doesn't consistently shoot low enough scores would be my guess.
  11. If your whole match play record is based off of a short course like Austin CC, does it make you a great match play player or just on that track?
  12. FedEx cup is a bit of a carnival game. Look at NA's 2 performances on big boy bomber course like they will play at. The USO and PGA NA missed the cuts by a mile. Scottie smashes him accross the board and isn't losing many strokes to him on the greens despite picking up 5plus in approach on NA. Scottie beat Rahm and Poulter this year in match play. Strick knows what he is doing.
  13. This whole Na and Kiz hysteria was never even close to a reality.
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