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  1. How far do you hit that driver off the deck? That is what you are going to be hitting into the greens.
  2. I laughed at the tweets but how does calling NA slow mean that he is back on the sauce?
  3. Seems like 10 years ago when people were cashing the NA and Furyk betting tickets after round 1.
  4. Did you really think Square nosed shoes would give you 10 more yards off the tee? Lol
  5. I have hit thousands off this matt and it has been great. No elbow issues. My elbow issues are from lifting too much at the gym and especially over head presses. https://www.dwquailgolf.com/dura-pro-plus-residential-golf-mat/
  6. Bob Parson. These guys are great. They also have boats, planes motorcycles etc.
  7. If you hang back like I tend to do it is almost impossible right?
  8. How do guys get front foot to unload and rotate? What is the trick to get this move down? Aka Bubba, Reed, Wolff, even Na. I can do it but not consistently.
  9. In person you just have to be careful that they didn't sell several copies of the tickets and whoever gets to the gate first is the one that gets in and the rest got scammed.
  10. Charlie Hoffman 65 in tough conditions round 1 in 2017 masters.
  11. Watch the 82 Players........
  12. The shotmakers 6 handicap gals say lay the juice for a profit and use promo code #symetratourbound
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