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  1. They will need to spend some coin to get those greens back to playable. They should reconsider their managing of the place then because it has been managed by Troon for a bit. When we were warming up all of us were like eeks I hope this is just the practice facility and they starters had all sorts of excuses that it just looks bad but they play well. There were a couple greens you couldn't keep the ball on if you putted downhill. Number 1 and 4 I remember off hand. Never seen so many 4 putt bogeys in 1 round.
  2. It's dogshit and id avoid it at all costs unless it is free.
  3. Depending on how many guys you have all I can say is good luck finding several tee times grouped together. As you know everyone is teeing it up these days. There were 2 other large groups at Eagle Mountain when we played there.
  4. I second this. Course completely dead and greens look like USO at Chambers and is basically mud/dirt painted green. I heard a rumor course sold and they have just let it go because they DGAF! Avoid for the next while as it will take a major renovation and costly. Its too bad it was a good course to take out of towners on that didn't want to spend a small fortune. I played with a group of 16 guys on April 30. Everyone was pissed for what they paid for it and the horrific conditions.
  5. We don't like ruining a good narrative with facts. Butch called it like it was and Rickie folded rather being a Kardashian Social media guy vs stone cold killer golfer. In reality though can you blame Rickie for wanting to live the social media rock star lifestyle since he is already set for life whether or not he makes another cut ever? The whole point of playing pro golf is to make a living and he has done that to support himself until the end.
  6. You guys are blaming it on drugs when the real issue is they don't want to deal with Japan and CV19 restrictions.
  7. It wasn't even a year ago and he was in Winged Foot. Guys have ups and downs. It is part of the game. He will be fine.
  8. Japan locking down again........ https://sports.yahoo.com/tokyo-japan-third-coronavirus-covid19-pandemic-lockdown-olympics-months-away-ioc-193238939.html
  9. No doubt but I dont think there are that many world class golfers who post much on this forum. I always hear this and that but they would be on TV if half as good as they claim. Kang hangs with her BF if the course isn't stretched out too much and beats him a decent amount. I'd consider him a world class golfer.
  10. Hundreds lol. When they go 100 holes in tournament golf and only have 1 bogey with about 39 birdies plus all the eagles let me know.
  11. I dont think there is anyone on the forum that could beat her. However there are plenty that think they know what she should do with her game/swing and have wrote her off.
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