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  1. There are rad dads and IG pros playing blades all over. Jon Rahm still isn't good enough but the whole point of selling golf clubs is to make money and the manufacturers want the Bob Parsons (before PXG) and other need the latest and greatest gearheads buying the clubs as often as they can.
  2. No I watched more NFL honestly. I'd be okay if they did a Saturday finish. Summer is better for getting the course firm and fast too.
  3. It is a tough read. Definitely not a cover to cover book.
  4. Bland had to be counting his wallet draining with every shot over the weekend.
  5. Not Rahm. No issues with the switch with the clubs just tweaking the ball to get the right one.
  6. I thought the format changed and wasn't 18 on Monday anymore.
  7. What is the USO playoff format now? I dont think it is 18 holes on Monday anymore right.
  8. That is the whole point. Every one acts like an expert when they are pretty clueless overall just in a hurray to overreact and make some false claim.
  9. Someone tell him it isn't Easter but Father's Day.
  10. Bland shot 155 on the weekend. Still a real nice paycheck for the journeyman.
  11. He is a by a thread still but I expect a bad stretch of holes soon.
  12. Lol When I read this forum and see stuff like this I cringe that these people probably try and coach buddies on the range. Its amazing the lengths people will go to downplay a guy who has won USGA major events at all levels to a guy who looks like he would rather hit stingers on IG and sell CBD shampoo.
  13. Did anyone actually think Henley and Hughes wouldn't fall off?
  14. Yup but it would be great if Torrey was exactly the same but private it would be totally different!
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