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  1. Watching the Senior open and Kelly did one of the most disgusting things I see golfers do and never seen a tour pro do it. Why do people lick their golf ball or like Kelly put the whole ball in your mouth to clean it? Freaking disgusting. That ball has been rolling through goose feces and other mud, Fertilizer and other bacteria. Don't be that guy.
  2. Well..... Swing your swing. Drive for show putt for dough He should hit long iron or 3 wood because they are easier to hit than driver.
  3. It was a nervous move there. Even the guys who dunk it from a lot farther put on that hole going for it in 2 get up and down for the same par that Rickie made a lot. I've played that hole quite a bit and the second shot is fairly straight forward with a lot of green between the water and the green. He would have got his card anyways IMO if he went for it and dunked it which would have been a horrible shot. Probably was a 4 iron for him.
  4. With a sand wedge because he was 220 out and the water was probably from 150 to 190. Nervous move
  5. Let alone making Rickie money. I think Rickie is one of the most overrated of all time but he has had a real successful career considering the only reason to play pro golf is to make a living. He is a filthy rich from golf.
  6. The odds on this are right up there with the many deer, elk and sheep tags I apply for every year.

    Louie O

    One idea i have heard is he has one of the flippier(if thats even a word) release for a PGA player which tends to break down more under pressure. I think this tournament is the one he really choked on vs other ones where he was never really in it. So many others were .25 inch or less on putts for the win.
  8. Louie won 1 right away in dominant fashion and people were like he is going to win a lot of these. Granted he easily could have 5 or more but he hasn't even won another PGA tournament. The article about burnout and motivation is so true.
  9. Considering Phil and Tiger are the only golfers in the past few years to win more than 4 majors, I'll say no. I'm sure when Rory won the PGA in 14 people were saying would he get to 18 majors.
  10. No matter what sport or who it is there is always someone complaining about the play by play or announcers.
  11. IMO it wasn't that great of a tournament. Very little drama. No real tough shots that if you miss could derail your round. Slow soft greens made for a course that played like a low tier PGA event. Course was defenseless vs today's players and most of the bunkers weren't even in play unless you totally hit a Word not allowed shot. Course was one of those that there isn't really any huge numbers out there unless you totally mess up but hard enough that you aren't going to be able to go super low and catch people.
  12. Shotmakers was the worst show ever. I'll pass.
  13. Royal St George could be thrown out of the rotation in my opinion. They never got it firm and fast and it played like a local watered down muni. The Brittish Open is becoming too easy without horrendous weather as these courses aren't keeping up with the evolving players and equipment.

    Louie O

    If you are a SG fan he hasn't been elite with ballstriking in his career but around number 60. I didn't fact check that but Brandel pointed it out. He does stand up on it a bit but it is a very sweet looking swing!
  15. I think it was too conservative unless his next club was a 3 wood which I'm not even sure would make it in the bunker with how soft it was. 18 was a birdie hole yesterday and he had 200 yards into it. He hit his birdie putt short dead center though.
  16. Give me a break. That take has been around long before NLU. Johnny Miller, Elk even Britt golfers like Rose and many many others have talked about it. It was also all over when Westy, Rose, Donald were number 1. For the record I just listened to round 2 recap and didn't know they went into detail more. I had only listened to round one and it was a brief sentence but they poached it too!
  17. Probably thread worthy but why have the English men struggled to win this event outside of Faldo?
  18. It might be getting discussed somewhere but what did you boys think of those low stingers off the tee and even on at least 1 par 3 Lowry was hitting? Awesome I thought.
  19. Cam Smith is easy winner combined with the caterpillar.
  20. He isn't as good as people think is the cliff notes.
  21. I took him in one of my 2 pools. Thanks for the suggestion.
  22. Just wait until you have to pay to stream NFL games that aren't in local area. They teased it with the test last year.
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