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  1. PXG raised the floor for everyone and now they are pretty reasonable. Maybe that was Bob's plan!
  2. I used to love 2nd swing for used clubs. They had a ton of good deals. Now they are ridiculous with their prices on what they ask for clubs. The 3 hat deal they have is pretty good and I still grab those.
  3. I went and got fit the other day and hit i210 and i59. They are fairly similar but I hit the i59 better. Misfits were about the same honestly. I just liked the profile and look of the i59. I would have no problem gaming i210.
  4. We can get into the putting too if you want. I'm going to guess without even looking that 14 greens on that course is about average for the field. What was his SG approach? I mean I saw him stuff one in there while Rory was leaking oil only to lose 1 stroke when it was all said and done. Like I said before Rick puked Sunday. It's not like he shot 4 under and got lapped by a 60. 71 for these pros on that course is a bad round. There is a reason the OU was 6 birdies for him that day in the sportsbook.
  5. The big guy does and has for awhile.
  6. I've stood up for Rickie and his incredible year. This is a puke job. Sorry but it is what it is on a real easy golf course for PGA tour players.
  7. Not sure why you are comparing Tiger to Rory? Rory has about 1 percent of Tiger's drive, competition for wins is not even close, money they make now really kills this guys drive fast when transitioning to other aspects of life. I don't think Rory gets to over 40 wins.
  8. Well they are different players and when Rory shows me half of Phil's drive we can talk. I think Rory's peak in career is over. Don't take my word for it take his. He has said he just isn't as good as he used to be.
  9. I'll take the under please.
  10. Rickie puked and his fan boys making excuses. It was a nice check though. That is all that it is about though.
  11. Rickie puked and cashed a big check. Who would have thought.......
  12. Only if they play blades and have a tour issue SC putter.
  13. Well his coach pretty much said that but in reality who cares as Rickie has accomplished way more in golf than he meant to accomplish. You play pro golf for an income which he is still killing it at. He never had the killer instinct and other walks of life appeared. Dont think there needs to be a poor Rick thread.
  14. Football, baseball, basketball to name a few in the US.
  15. I was wondering the same thing. The one pro I know is price. I went to PXG last week and looked at them. They didn't have any put together but I looked at a 7 iron head. They are a nice looking blade club. I'm trying to talk myself onto them over the T100 or a players CB.
  16. Yes in most cases that I have seen. I had to call a few ranges to find one that was open with the overseed at my normal course going on.
  17. Nice sticks! I wish I knew my numbers on that shaft and head.
  18. There are people on this forum that have been to the RC more than Greg!
  19. If Reed is 7th to 11th in the world he will auto qualify most likely. All I'm saying is he isn't a lock to make the team if he doesn't qualify. He is not liked among his peers and he isn't this unreplaceable piece people make him out to be. Tiger told Reed to shut the f*** up until he gets 74 more wins and 14 majors. Tiger doesn't like the guy and I dont know why people think he does. If JT, Spieth and Tiger don't like you you better auto qualify.
  20. The team is Speith and JT now and TW would side with them. I dont think Tiger thinks much of Reed anyway listening to the NLU pod leading into the RC. I know Tiger is good friends with JT.
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